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In my last Sunday Post I mentioned we were getting rats, so today I am going to show you some pictures of them. We got 4 rats and we named them: Smarties, Snickers, Skittles and Pita. They are all females.
So you might wonder why three are called after sweets and one after a bread, well we did plan on only taking 3 rats. So we came up with the 3 candy names and then I decided I wanted another one and she is from a different mother and we ran out of sweets that started with a S, so we decided to choose something entirely different and then I thought of Pita. I know it’s a bit strange.

So here is who is who is:
The darks grey ones are Smarties and Snickers. Smarties has a white line on her belly, but it’s actually realy difficult to tell these two apart, because they look so much alike. So often I just call one Smarties or Snickers, without knowing who it actually is.
The yellow like rat with the darker nose is Skittles
The light grey one is Pita

And here are the pictures:

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This is snickers
This is Pita
 photo SAM_6559_zps5766042f.jpg
 Pita in their feeding bowl
 photo SAM_6551_zps5111b36d.jpg
  Pita and Smarties
 photo SAM_6534_zpsac9224e2.jpg
 Snickers and Smarties
 photo SAM_6549_zps37177d88.jpg
 photo SAM_6557_zpscdbb2d39.jpg
And our cat Miku is fascinated by the rats and sits in front of their cage a large portion of the day
So that are our 4 rats, aren’t they cute. We get them out of the cage usually twice a day. I made those hammocks on the picturec myself, it was lost of work as I normally don’t do stuff like that. They really like the hammocks and spent a large portion of their day sleeping inside it. Snickers, Smarties and Skittles are now a little over 6 weeks old and Pita is a little over 5 and a half week old now. So basically they are still very young and sleep much, but when they are awake they often are really active. They will grow quite a lot as they become older.


6 responses to “About Me: Rats!

    • I agree, they are really cute. Even I ended up sitting in front of their cage watching them a few times (okay maybe more than a few times).

    • Unfortunately they usually only live 2-3 years :(. I am already loving all four of them and can’t imagine how hard it must be if one dies. They are so cute and intelligent and I like rearranging their cage every time after I cleaned it.

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