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Today I want to talk about following other bloggers. Lately I’ve been trying to spend at least an hour a day visiting other blogs, now usually I just go through my bloglovin feed and when something catches my eye I click on the link. I usually click open a few links, somewhere around 5 or 10 then I go visit those posts and comment when I come across a post where I feel like commenting. Then I go back to bloglovin and continue through my feed until I opened a few links again etc. Now it happened a few days when I went through my whole feed of new posts and thought I want to visit more blogs and that got me thinking about how I find new blogs to follow. I define blogs I follow as following a blog through bloglovin or social media.

How do I find new blogs to follow?
Usually I am not actively searching for new blogs, but I do encounter new blogs somedays. Usually this happens when a post or blogger itself catches my eye somehow. Here are the most common ways this happens:

  • Someone shares a link to a blog post. I spend a lot of time on social media and sometimes a blogger shares a link to a post by another blogger or someone retweets another bloggers post. If the post catches my interest I might follow the link and land on a blog I haven’t encountered before. If I like what i see I might consider following that blog.
  • I meet someone new. Sometimes I meet someone new, usually on social media, and decide to check out their blog and if I like what I see I decide to follow their blogs.
  • Someone follows my blog or one of my social media accounts. When a new person follows my blog or one of my social media account and I notice it is a blogger I might check out their blog.
  • Someone leaves a comment on my blog. I always try to comment back, so if someone leaves a comment on my blog I go to their blog to comment back. Most of the times people who comment are bloggers I know and already follow, but sometimes it’s a new blogger and then I check out their blog and sometimes decide to follow them.
  • Links to another blog in a post on a blog I follow. When I find a link to another blog or blog post in a blog post i am reading on a blog I follow I am usually tempted to check out the blog or post they are talking about. Another exmaple of this is how some bloggers list in their Sunday Post or recap post interesting posts they came around on the blogospehere, I usually try to visit those blogs or posts as well if the topic sounds interesting to me.
  • When participating in memes. Mainly this oen applies to the Sunday Post, some sundays when I have timeto spare I like to check out which blogs are linked up for the meme and stop by some blogs, sometimes I discover a new blog to follow through that.
  • Co-hosted memes. When a blogger I follow co-hosts a meme with another blogger I am tempted to check out the blog. For example I already followed Because Reading is Better then Real Life and when I decided to participate in her Coyer Summer vacation I decided to check out the blogger she was co-hosting it with: Fantasy is More Fun. And now she’s one of my favourite bloggers.

What happens when I actively try to find new blogs to follow?
I find it more difficult to find new blogs when I am actively searching for new blogs to follow, but on the other hand it’s easier as well as I am actively trying to find new bloggers. I usually go visit some blogs I know and check out who comments on their blogs or I check out their blog rolls and see if there’s a blog that catches my interest. Last week I came across a post where someone listed some of their favourite blogs, so I just clicked on all of them and found some new blogs to follow. When i am actively searching for new blogs to follow I am usually searching more for lists or places where I know I can find many bloggers and check out their blogs, where when I am passively searching for new blogs it’s more on a small scale.

So my question to you is:

How do you find new blogs to follow?


30 responses to “About Me: How do you find new blogs to follow?

    • Yeah I noticed the same thing, when I am searching for new blogs I suddenly can’t find any new ones. I also fidn most new blogs due to comments on my blog or social media. I recently started checking out blogs that are mentioned on blogs I follow and I found some good new blogs that way.

    • Commenting back is also one of the most frequest ways how I find new blogs, although I also notice that most people who comment on my blog are people I already know. And usually with memes I come across some new commenters.

  1. I hardly have time enough to visit all the blogs I follow, so, finding new ones ?… Not yet. But when I do (I’m working on it), I’ll go see people who comment on posts that interest me. Or that are listed on blogs I like. If we ended up at the same place, chances are we have tastes in common.
    Recently, though, through cats (who would have thought !), I found a scientific blog that really interests me. Not something I would have looked for, but I came upon it and got hooked πŸ™‚
    Red Iza recently posted…Cat thursday # : cats are still nimble !My Profile

    • I’ve had quite some time the last few weeks, but I noticed I already got behind this week. If I spend time every day to visit blogs I keep on to of everything, but when I don’t visit for a few days I get behind so fast. I recently started following a nice food blog and a travel blog, it’s been ncie to visit some blogs that aren’t about books as well!

  2. I found you through The Sunday Post and I love chatting with you! You are one of the blogs I check out every day!

    I try to comment as much as I can on most of the blogs I visit (I have a list of my favorites that I visit often) but it’s so hard. I found that when i visit if I don’t have anything to say I like to share the post on Twitter or FB. No point in doing a comment that wont make any sense πŸ™‚ or a simple Great Review, it’s nice but most are looking for more interaction so I would rather share πŸ™‚

    Great post and so glad you joined us in COYER this time! It’s been so much fun!
    Michelle recently posted…Happy 1st Birthday #COYER!!! #giveawayMy Profile

    • Aww that makes me really happy :). I try to stop by your blog most days as well, I love your blog. I found you because you started commenting on my Sunday Posts.

      I think sharing the post when you don’t know what to comment but like the post is a great idea! it helps the blogger and shows you like their post, without you having to say anything.
      And I agree it’s better not to comment then comment something that won’t make sense or add anything.

      And I am glad I finally decided to participate in Coyer, it’s been so much fun and I found some new amazing blogs thanks to it πŸ™‚

    • I don’t follow or participate in a lot of giveaway hops, but now that you mention it, that would be a great way to find new blogs. And the bloglovin liked posts is something I never thought to look at before, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. usually through commenting or if another blogger suggests a site. I agree it really is hard to find blogs to follow. I want to follow blogs that will follow my site back and also comment back. it’s hard to find that now…I feel sometimes folks just want you to follow their blog just to show numbers, but won’t return the favor. At this point, I’m sticking to the ones i follow now and if I come across one I’m interested in, then I’ll follow.

    • There are some bloggers for who the numbers are indeed important, but I’ve also met a a lot of bloggers who blog because they love it and not just for the numbers. I only follow someone back if I am interested in their site as well.

  4. I agree with all of the things that you’ve said here. But based on personal experience, I usually find blogs to follow through comments either on my blog or other blogs that I follow. I am rarely on Twitter so it’s hard for me to find other blogs to follow through the said site. Meme hops are, however, a good way to find other blogs to follow.

    In addition, I am a bit wary about people who suddenly follows me because some of them are expecting that I would follow them back. And some are authors who just followed me because they want to me review their books. I find that very rude.

    I don’t have a strict criteria when I follow other blogs. What’s important to me is that I can connect with your posts and that the owner is also willing to interact with me. Blog design is not even an issue for me as long as I have an easy time reading the post. Captchas though are really a pain in the neck. And in a way, that discourages me to visit the blog again and eventually follow it.

    Great discussion, Lola!

    • I find some of my best blogger friends through memes and I think it’s a good way to find new blogs. Although I usually stay away from memes that are too large as those feel a bit overwhelming to me and I can’t decide which blogs to visit.

      I don’t like people who only follow me because they are expecting a follow back, but luckily there are a lot of bloggers who follow you because they are genuinly interested in your blog as well :).
      I often get authors who follow me on Goodreads and then it might seem they are only following me to review their book. It doesn’t happen as often on my blog though.

      How I decide whom to follow is usually more feeling then with critiria. I like blogs that are unique, but I also think that blog design can help me decide whether to follow a blog. Captchas are annoying indeed and I am glad to come across them less and less nowadays.

  5. More often than not, through comments left on my blog. Sometimes when someone follows me, and sometimes through links on blogs I already follow and like (because I figure I trust their opinion since I like their blog!), or if a blogger I follow retweets a blog I am likely to check it out. I am not good about keeping up with the meme lists after I post my links unfortunately. I would say though that 99% of the time, if someone leaves me a blog comment, I am going to check theirs out, and I usually can decide pretty quickly if we are compatible. But I also have like, levels of following too. If I adore a blog and always interact with the blog and blogger, I will follow by email. If I really like it but maybe don’t interact quite as much, maybe I’ll just do Twitter and Bloglovin. It’s like some kind of weird follow hierarchy. Blogs get promoted all the time though πŸ˜‰ I find it hard because I mainly blog late at night, and I don’t want to miss out on finding great blogs and bloggers! Great discussion topic!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Stacking the Shelves and Other Weekly Shenanigans (23)My Profile

    • Comments on my blog are one of the most frequent ways I find new blogs as well. Lately I’ve been visiting some links on blogs I like and I foudn soem great new blogs through that as well!
      And just like you I have levels of following, there are some I only follow on facebook or twitter, or only on bloglovin. There are also a few blogs I follow every way I can.
      I try to interact more, but some days when I am busy commenting on other blogs is usualy the first thing I drop. I’ve been trying to spend at leats an hour commenting recently, it takes a lot of time, but it’s also fun.

  6. It can be hard sometimes to find new blogs as we kind of mix in the same circles. It’s like you find a comfort zone and stay in it. I mostly find new blogs through recap links and interesting comments on other blogs. If someone leaves a thoughtful comment then I like to check out their blog.
    Readathons like boutofbooks are great too so there are 100s of new blogs listed there! Which is a bit intimidating too.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish NewsMy Profile

    • I find big memes and challenges a bit intimidating, because if there are too many blogs I don’t know which to check out and I usually just don’t check out any at all or only a few I already know. And indeed it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone sometimes, because then you know what to expect. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :).

    • I love it when I find a new gret blog to follow because someone left a comment on my blog. And yes I always try to comment back as well, it’s a great way to discover new blogs and keep the interacting going.

  7. I think I stumble across a lot of great blogs by accident, but if I am looking for new bloggers to follow I’ll often go on blogs I like and check out the comments, or I might try searching blogger directories, though some of them tend to list blogs that are no longer active. I also find new bloggers through comments on my own blog, and I definitely notice people who comment a lot!
    Briana recently posted…Doctor Who Review: β€œDeep Breath”My Profile

    • I think the accidental way works better, but sometimes I am really looking for bloggers and it seems more difficult to find new bloggers then.
      Indeed lots of blogger directories have blogs that don’t exist anymore, checking out comments on other people’s blog or lists is a good way to find new blogs!

  8. Lately, I’ve actually tried searching for new blogs to follow (which is how I cam across your blog!), since I know the blogosphere is HUGE, and I want to meet more bookish people.

    I’m the same with the second and third points–when someone talks to me or follows me on social media and the person’s a blogger, I would go and check out their blog and see if there’s some interesting content.

    I also check out bloggers who leave comments on my blog and through memes!

    Since I do try to actively follow new blogs, I also check out commenters of blogs I actively comment on (which is how I came across Lola’s Reviews). πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing, girl!
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…Mini Review: Dangerous Boys by Abigail HaasMy Profile

    • How fun to hear you came across my blog when searching for new blogs! And Indeed I am always looking to meet new bookish people!

      I don’t often check out comments on blogs I follow, i should do that more often as that way you do come across blogs you don’t know yet. Thanks for stopping by Aimee!

    • That’s fun to hear you use most of the same ways as me. And indeed searching for new blogs just doesn’t work as well as randomly finding a new blog!

  9. I am so grateful for bloggers who do weekly or monthly re-cap posts with links to interesting articles written by fellow book bloggers. I’ve been turned on to and followed so many new and great blogs that way. I also eagerly peruse other people’s blogrolls because there must be something about the blogger and their content that keeps this other person coming back.

    • I really like those recap posts with links as well, I often check out the links that sound interesting. Blogrolls are a great way to find blogs as well, I should start looking at blogrolls a bit more!

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