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2018 was the second year in which I tracked my reading and I love looking back and seeing what I read. In today’s post I’ll share some of my 2018 reading stats with you.

General Stats

  • Total: 113
  • New to me authors: 24
  • New release challenge: 74
  • New Series started: 34
  • Series finished: 7
  • Standalone Books Read: 10
  • Authors by whom I read 5 or more books this year: Teyla Branton (5), Kelly Jensen (5), RA Steffan (5), Chloe Adler (6), Kellie McAllen (7), Lidiya Foxglove (7), and Carol Van Natta (12)
  • Point of view: 39 books with 3rd person point of view, 73 books with 1 st person point of view and 1 not applicable

And a nice graph to illustrate the amount of series starters and it shows the amount of each number I read this year. Makes sense to see so many books with lower numbers, but also neat to see how many book 5 in a series I read.
Series number

Which genres did I read?

Main Genres
As I read so many different genres I decided to not only track the exact genre, but also some main categories: Contemporary, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery and Suspense were the main categories I picked. I like how this one nicely shows the main genres I read in a year and gives a better overview of the main themes. Most books are fantasy in nature and a nice chunk of sci-fi and mystery books as well. Contemporary, suspense and non-fiction are categories I read, but less often.

sub genres
And the more messy stats that show the exact genres. The first Paranormal one is actually paranormal suspense, the second one is paranormal cozy mystery and the third one is paranormal romance. The first science fiction is actually science fiction romance.

How did I rate my books?

Star Rating
I always feel like the 4 stars is my most common rating, so that fits what this graph shows. That small slice of 4 are my 5 star reads and the even smaller slice of 2 are my DNF’s.Still quite a few of 3 stars too, but no 2 stars at all this year, which is pretty awesome.

Which age categories I did read?

Age category
Almost 75% of the books I read are Adult ones, which is interesting to see as I feel that over the past few years I moved much more with my preference toward Adult books, but I still get some YA and NA read as well. And even one Children’s book this year.

Where did the story take place?

Not surprisingly most of the books i read take place in the US with 56 books that took place there, but that means the other half took place in other places which is great too see. Fantasy world covers all the fantasy world and Space covers all the sci-fi books that take place on either another planet, in space or in a spaceship of some sort. Those 2 Japan books are thanks to SJ Pajonas’ cozies. And nice to see that slew of countries I read one book that took place there.

Point of view

Point of view
Seem most of the books have a Female main character, which I had expected. And quite a few Dual pov’s due to a lot of romance books that have that. Some of those are MM too, so I have read about more male main character than the slice of 9 wants you to believe, but only 9 with only one male main character. And I thought the book narrated by a male cat didn’t quite fit in the male category so that got it’s own category.

Type of Romance

Type of romance
One of my goals for this year was to read more different types of romances and this chart illustrates nicely how well I did with that, with quite a big chunk of RH (Reverse Harem) and MM romances as well now. That orange slice is the one FF romance I read and those Polyamory books are all by RA Steffan, as the focus isn’t on the female I thought Polyamory fit better, although actually all RH books are also Polyamory.

How Much Romance

Romance how much
I like this one, it fits what I thought that most of the books I read have some sort of romance with only 3 books I read having no romance at all. But I am surprised at those 25 books with only a hint of romance, as that’s almost one fourth of the books I read.

Source of the book

My goal for this year to get closer to the 50/50 in terms of review copies and I am glad to see how well I did. 56.6% of the books I read where review copies, but that’s pretty close to the 50% I was aiming for. That green slice is the audiobook I listened to through a subscription service. Kinda neat to see I read some won books, but realized I didn’t read any free books this year.

Release year

Release Year
Look at that large amount of 2018 new releases I read and even one form 2019. That purple and light blue slice are 2012 and 2011. Which surprises me that I read some older books too as I often seem to stick to the last few years, which I mostly did, but still nice to see those outliers.

Book format and on which device I read

Bookformat chart
I almost don’t even need a chart for this, but because it’s so extreme it also is very telling. I read only one physical copy this year, which probably show my preference for e-format strongly. And two audiobooks, but I am sure that part will be larger next year now that I discovered audiobooks.

ipad chart
I have two e-readers my ipad and my Kobo on which I read. All the books read on my Kobo or physical books fall under the category evening book as I only read those before going to sleep. My majority of reads are on my ipad, but it’s nice to see I still read 1/4 of my books on my Kobo. And that yellow slice is the two audiobooks I listened to on my computer. Will be interesting to see how that changes next year.

Publishers and self published books

One of my favorite graphs, that shows how much I read self published books. Although I might have accidentally classified some as self published that are actually a small publisher instead, I think I got most of them right. And neat to see Kensington and Riptide as my main two small publishers. And two from Tantor Audio when I got into audiobooks at the end of the year. I hope to see that one be larger next year.

Full length and novella’s

book lenght
I mostly read full length books this year, with some novella’s in there. I started a few anthologies, but didn’t finish them, so they don’t count here.

How many books did you read in 2018? Did you keep track of any statistics? Which of my statistics surprises you the most?


10 responses to “2018 Reading Stats

    • It didn’t feel right adding it in another category so it got it’s own category :). I only started tracking my stats like this two years ago, it makes for some fun end of year graphs.

  1. Mostly, your stats do not surprise me since I visit often and see what you’re reading, but some were surprises when I see them all tallied for a whole year. You now have me curious about my paper, electronic, and audio breakdown and also what the breakdown is on my star ratings. I think most of mine will be ebook and 4 stars. It was a pretty good reading year.
    Hopefully you’ll hit your 50/50 goal this year. You were close on that in 2018
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Review: Untouchable by Jayne Ann KrentzMy Profile

  2. Yay stats post! You read lots of books, and wow, you’re right you really don’t read a lot of standalones! That’s cool that you tracked the number in a series. I love that you read the most of fantasy and sci-fi! Your ratings chart looks prob similar to how mine did. That’s great you had no 2-stars! I’ve also starting reading less and less YA. I keep telling myself I need to stop reading even as many as I do now since they almost never end up being very great for me. Your romance charts are interesting to see. Oh wow, you kept track of individual pubs! I think I read from too many different ones to do that lol. It’s great you read so many self pub though!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Game Review: West of Loathing by AsymmetricMy Profile

    • I rarely seem to read standalone, not really a conscious decisions, but it just sort of happens this way. I thought it would be fun to track the series number this year. I was kinda surprised when i realized I hand’t had any 2 stars this year. I read some great YA books this year, but in general I gravitate more toward adult books.

      I don’t read as many different pubs, so thought it would be interesting to track the exact pub.

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