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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

What happened this week?

This week started this week started of on a bad note with a broken teeth and dentist visit, but after that the week got a bit better. It was a great week for work and I got a lot done.

Sunday I was eating my lunch of toasted bread when suddenly during one bite a sharp pain shot through my tooth. I thought it was a sharp piece of bread that hit the wrong spot, but it kept hurting. After further inspection it turned out part of my teeth wasn’t fully attached anymore and I could move it back and forth a bit, which was really disturbing. I called the emergency dentist line and they said it could wait till the next day. So I spent that day eating mashed up food, semolina porridge and smoothie and the like as I couldn’t chew much without bad pain. Luckily the next day I could visit our dentist practice, although I did have a different dentist than usual, who removed the loose part and put a filling on it. The less good new is that it needs more work, as this is only a temporary solution, but that will be next month or so. I hear more about that late this month.

This was another great work week. I did a lot of work on new tours and put two new tours live this week, one for a Middle Grade STEM Fantasy/ fairytale retelling book and one for a Young Adult contemporary book. Both have review copies available in eformats and paperback. I also did some work on tours that go live next week as well as some assistant work. It really makes me happy to have work going so well. I also have an idea for something new work related I want to give a try and if I like it, I might offer it as a service as well, we’ll see how that goes.

Today is mother’s day here in the Netherlands. We ordered presents for both our moms and hopefully they have a great day. It also was my grandma’s birthday and I ordered some cake that’s shipped by post for her.

What did I read this week?

Pretty Little FliersHide your HeartWidderhsins

This was not a solid reading week. I first DNF’d a non-fiction book. Then Pretty Little Fliers got a 2 star rating as it just didn’t work for me. I was in the mood for contemporary romance, so I picked up Hide Your Heart and then my mood changed midway through, so I DNF’d it as well. Widdershins is a book I’ve been reading for a while now and I really enjoyed it.

This week I blogged about:

Review: Black Queen Sovereign by Lidiya Foxglove
Review: Bobbins and Bodies by A.C.F. Bookens

Review: Black Queen Sovereign by Lidiya FoxgloveReview: Bobbins and Bodies by A.C.F. Bookens

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: The Engineer by C.S. Poe
– Lola’s Kitchen: Fried Rice with Tofu Recipe

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunity: Death Island The Discovery by Kelsey Ketch
Review Opportunity: Sheltering Spirits by Lori Allison
Review Opportunity: Replaced Parts by Stephanie Hansen
Review Opportunity: Iridescent by S.H. Everly
Blog Tour: Sleeping Beauty and the Cursed Code by Emma Jean – 5 till 18 June – New!
Bookstagram Blitz: Trash to Treasure by Kelsey Rumburg – 14 till 20 June
Blog Tour: Bea’s Witch by Daniel Ingram-Brown – 21 June till 11 July
Blog Tour: Life and Other Complications by Heather Mullaly – 5 till 18 July – New!

Book Haul:

White Queen FiendCursed Luck

How was your week?


22 responses to “Sunday Post #438

    • I think I was just unlucky that the piece didn’t break off and that’s why it hurt so badly. I need a crown now as well probably, I’ll hear later this month. Thanks for the well wishes, I hope this week is a good one.

  1. When I was still wearing braces, I once broke a string on a piece of mango. Now that was crazy! Just glad they could help you so quickly.

    I’ve just signed up for your tour for Life and other complications. Sounds like a good read!

    Hope you will have a good week Lola!
    Mareli @ Elza Reads recently posted…The Sunday Post #38My Profile

    • Ouch that sounds painful and unhandy to break a string of your braces.

      I am glad the dentist could help me quickly.

      Thanks for signing up for the tour!

    • It’s a shame to have a reading week like this, but I am happy I DNF’d those two books when I did. I have to go back later for more work on the tooth, but at least it works for now.

    • The temporary fix should hold for a year or so I think the dentist said, so that should hopefully be plenty of time for the permanent fix to occur.

  2. Glad the temporary tooth patch is in place though I’ve been through similar and it isn’t fun. Way to go getting all that work done and getting a new idea to add to your business offerings.
    Oh no, that is a bad reading week, but hopefully this week will go better. I got Cursed Luck, too.

    Have a good week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…🎧 Vixen by Rebecca ZanettiMy Profile

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been through something similar. It really isn’t fun. I hope the new idea pans out for my business.

      I am really looking forward to Cursed Luck. That’s great you got it too :).

  3. Sorry to hear about your tooth. Part of one of mine crumbled right off but it doesn’t hurt so I haven’t tried fixing it since I don’t have dental insurance. The fix would cost me hundreds of dollars I don’t have.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Apartment Life #251My Profile

    • Sorry to hear about your tooth, it’s hard to get it fixed without insurance. I paid for dental insurance as I always seem to have things go wrong with my teeth. Dental stuff sure is pricey.

  4. I broke a tooth a few months ago though luckily mine didn’t have much pain – just the very clear feeling that something was definitely not right! I ended up having to have a crown and it was much less scary then I thought it would be though if you have to go that route be sure to double check the bite and call if it starts hurting. One tiny part of the crown was higher and it was throwing my bite off and the pain was crazy. Luckily it was an easy fix and it hasn’t hurt since. Good luck! Glad your week went better and hopefully this coming week is even better!
    Katherine recently posted…Life with Leukemia (And Some Reading) – May 9My Profile

    • Sorry to hear you also broke a tooth. It really feels weird when something isn’t right with a tooth. I probably have to get a crown too, I’ll hear more about that later this month. Thanks for the tip about the bite and to call them if it hurts.

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