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What happened this week?

This was a decent week. We’re still adjusting to the new routine thanks to my boyfriend’s new job, some days go better than others and then we run into something that worked previously, but not anymore and that takes some adjusting. Hopefully in a few weeks it all goes smoothly.

This was a busy week for work. I got plenty of assistant work done, I am working on a new tour sign-up for Lola’s Blog Tours and I announced a review opportunity discount that I am running. I did some social media posting and sent out a newsletter about the sale to promote it, so hopefully a few authors can make use of the discounted price.

I’ve been in a cozy mystery reading mood. I finished a cozie earlier this week, then tried a genre switch, but the romance book I picked up wasn’t grabbing me, so I put it down for now and went back to another cozie. The good things is that I am finally gettign to a few of my old netgalley ARC’s. When I first discovered the cozy mystery genre I went a bit overboard with the requesting on Netgalley and didn’t get around to reading them all. So now I have a nice amount of cozies I still need to review to pick from when I want to read another one. Just have to be careful not to buy too many new ones as all the cozies suddenly sound really good in my current mood. I already bought tow new cozy mystery books this week and requested another one on Netgalley. What is your current reading mood?

I got some baking done this week and made this delicious Coconut Semolina Cake, this is the second time I made this and it’s delicious. This time I took some pictures too and the recipe will be up on my blog eventually, it’s all written and scheduled already. I also tried out a new recipe for a dish that has cashews, red bell pepper and chicken in a salty, sweet and sour type of sauce, which turned out great too. Pictures are below. Still have to write the recipe post for that one, but it’s on the planning.

Coconut Semoline Cake


Review Opportunity discount

I am running a discount on my review opportunities over on Lola’s Blog Tours :).

Last chance to enter my Giveaway

This is the last chance to enter my giveaway for a chance to win an e-copy of Finding Tranquility!

Finding Tranquility
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What did I read this week?

Kneaded to Death

I had a fun time reading Kneaded to Death, I liked the characters and it had a good mystery. Only min point was the rushed ending and lack of clues to the murderer.

Food Corner

For today’s food corner, let’s talk about new recipes. Depending on my mood I can try no new recipes to up to 2 new recipes in a week. I usually have these weeks where I keep trying new things and then a few weeks where I only make already familiar recipes. When trying a new recipe I usually make sure to read the recipe once or twice before I start and plan some extra time for making it when possible. I just make it for dinner or when I would normally cook or bake and then hope for the best. I’ve had some new recipes turn into a disaster and then we had to have scramble for something else to eat, but most of the time things turn out decently. I make a note of any changes I made in the original recipe, which ingredients I skipped, what I added or what I changed. Then the next time I might make a few more changes if necessary and if I really like a recipe it joins the staple of recipe I more regularly make. I also have recipes I try once and even though they were okay I never make them again. I like trying out new things, but it’s also nice to make recipe you are already familiar with, so I try to vary between the two and don’t put too many new ones in the same week.

This week I blogged about:

Review: Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik
Lola’s Kitchen: Banana Cake with Nuts Recipe

Review: Polaris Rising by Jessie MihalikLola's Kitchen: Banana Cake with Nuts Recipe

What to expect next week on the blog:

– Review: Pirate Throne by Carysa Locke
– Review: Dear Writer, You’re Doing it Wrong by Becca Syme

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:

Review Opportunity: Brimstone by Justine Rosenberg
Review Opportunity: The Christmas Walk Caper by JB Michaels
Review Opportunity: Fighting Hearts by Annabeth Saryu
Book Blitz: Chloe Rose and the Enchanted Maze by Veronica Elle Butler – 25 till 31 March

Book Haul:

The Music of What HappensCancer Ships AquariusPleating for MercyIf We Were UsFractured Girl vs Reckless BoyThe Merchant's LoveA Harmony of Fire and EarthMurder, Malice and Mischief

The Music of What Happens sounded like a great read and it was discounted, so I grabbed this one. Cancer Ships Aquarius I got for review through A Novel take PR, I enjoyed the previous books so far, so I hope to enjoy this one too. Once I get out of my cozie reading mood at least, this is the book I read a few chapters of, but couldn’t get into. After I finished Kneaded to Death earlier this week I went in search for that author’s other books and stumbled upon her pen name and bought the first book in that series Pleating for Mercy. If We Were Us I got for review through Netgalley, almost had forgotten about this one as I had requested it a while back and then suddenly got approved this week. I like the sound of how this one has two romances. Fractured Girl vs Reckless Boy I got for review from the author. I love this series and I am so excited for this next book! I had won a gift card from NineStar press and they had a valentine’s day discount going on so I bought The Merchant’s Love and A Harmony of Fire and Earth. I’ve been curious about this author’s books, so I hope they are good. I couldn’t resist grabbing Murder, Malice and Mischief, not only has it 6 cozy mystery books, it also was only 99 cents and had two books that are on my to-read list in it.

What’s your current reading mood like? How/ when do you try out new recipes?


18 responses to “Sunday Post #374

  1. I love putting cashews in my stir fry. I’ll see a new recipe and try it out when the mood hits. That cake looks good.

    I’m always in the mood for PNR it seems. It’s not often that I read anything else but sometimes I will.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Apartment Life #120My Profile

    • Cashews are a great addition to stir fry dishes. The cake was great.

      I also like to read PNR, it’s a great genre. My mood seems to vary from genre to genre and sometimes I am in the mood for something specific type of story, but not a specific genre. And sometimes more than one genre works.

  2. Oh my goodness – a new Space Pirates book… when did that happen?? I really enjoy this series, I need to get hold of it. After payday though *sigh*. I am largely a mood reader, though I do make a point of getting the review copies read first. Other than that, I bounce around between some historical and crime, but mostly SFF… Fortunately I have enough of a variety in my large and very extensive TBR pile so I don’t need to go looking for more – unless something new and shiny jumps up and begs to be bought…

    • It released in December if I remember correctly. I hope you can get hold of a copy soon. I also am a moodreader, but try to prioritize review copies unless it interferes too much with my current mood as happened this week. SFF is one of my favorite genres as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was fun to be in a cozy mood as I hadn’t read them for a while. I bought a few new ones as well this week.

      I am glad it’s going as well as it is, but change is always hard to deal with.

  3. I’ve been baking up a storm this past week which is what I tend to do when I want to get out of my head. Next up on my list of things to attempt are home made cinnamon rolls. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve never really tried a cozy mystery. I’m not a huge fan of mysteries but there are so many different kinds of cozy mysteries that I’m almost certain I’d find one I loved. Maybe at some point after I’ve whittled down the current TBR!

    Hope you have a good week!
    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted…Weekly Update #99My Profile

    • Same here. I love baking as a way to get out my head, it’s so relaxing. let me know how your cinnamon rolls turn out. I haven’t made those in a very long time.

      There are a lot of different cozies so there might be a series that works for you. Or maybe a paranormal cozy mystery if you like some paranormal in your stories? Then again there are so many books in every genre, that I can imagine you have plenty to read without adding another genre ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yes that’s exactly the problem I have, I was in a contemporary mood a while ago and now I finally get approved for those ARCs and all I want to read are cozies. So unhandy. I like moodreading, but it doesn’t go well with ARcs at times.

  4. New jobs and schedules really do take a bit for the adjustment period. We went through that a little last August when my husband’s job got new hours.
    Looks like work is going well and probably will get busier now that you’re hosting a sale. Hoping it does well for you.
    Fun that you got in the mood to try some new recipes. You make me want to get out my stuff and start playing with a stir fry since you tossed in cashews and vegetables. I probably only try a handful of new recipes a year and usually its one that I already saw someone else make.
    Nice haul of books and that’s funny about the cozy mystery mood. I’ve been in a romance mood lately, but I do have a stack of cozies when I get back in the mood because I kept clicking on them a few month’s back. Oh well, I know I’ll be in the mood soon enough.

    Have a good week, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Review: Ride the River by Louis Lโ€™amourMy Profile

    • It really takes some adjusting, it goes well enough, but also some things that still don’t go as smoothly and our sleep schedule is all over the place.

      Thanks! I hope the sale goes well, I already had one new review opportunity booked this week so I call that a win ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s nice when one of those moods for new recipes hits. For a few weeks in a row I keep having the urge to try new things. It probably will go over again soon.

      I had a romance mood shortly before this and now all those contemporary romance ARCs are arriving and I am in a cozie mood now. But I think my mood is shifting again.

    • I can imagine they are a nice break from the thriller and horror books. I don’t read thrillers or horror books usually, cozies are the only mystery type of books I read :). Although I am reading a thriller at the moment.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed that book. I look forward to reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

      I hadn’t been in a cozy mystery mood for a while now, so it was fun to get some read in a row now.

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