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Yours TrulyYours Truly (Happily Ever After #2)
by Jen Meyers

Rating: 4 stars

Willow Truly doesn’t need a man. Never has, never will. At least, not in the long-term. She’s as keen for a roll in the sack as the next girl, but beyond that, a man’s usefulness runs out quick.

A girl’s got to take care of herself, Will’s learned, because as soon as you start to rely on a man, he breaks your heart. She’s bound and determined to never let THAT happen again, so she’s sworn off love, marriage, and living happily ever after. As the writer of a snarky dating column in Du Jour magazine, she’s pretty much guaranteed no man will stick around for long…and she’s totally okay with that.

Unless, of course, we’re talking about Josh. Her all-around favorite guy and best friend outside of The Girls, Josh is the only man Will can’t date. Not if she wants to keep him in her life—and she does. More than anything.

However, to keep him, Will may have to go against everything she believes to be true and take a chance on love again. And on Josh. Because if she doesn’t…Will just may break her own heart.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Wow this book reminds me why I enjoy Jen Meyers her books so much. This book was so good! I enjoyed it from the first page till the last and about the halfway mark there was this part where I just wanted to keep reading and I almost rushed through it as I couldn’t stop reading. This series follows a group of friend as each of them finds their happily ever after and it’s a lot of fun so far. The way the author describes this group of friends while also focusing on one romance at a time is great.

This book follows Will Truly, when the previous book ended she was the one’s who’s story I wanted to read next and I was so happy so see Will her story would be book 2. Will is a writer, she writes a column and romance books, but doesn’t believe in a happily ever after for herself. Instead she dates man who are all wrong for her and turn those fails into funny columns. She wouldn’t settle for a man who wasn’t good for her, but on the other hand also didn’t go for the men who were good for her. I really enjoyed how we got snippets of her writing, not a lot, but a few and it worked well. I really felt that she was a writer and it didn’t feel weird or overdone at all. In fact it felt very realistic and natural.

I thought Will was an interesting character, she loves those close to her strongly and I think that’s why she finds it so hard to open her heart to anyone as she can’t bear the thought of losing them. She’s very vulnerable as well and I liked that contradiction. She believes she doesn’t need a man in her life and is very independent. And seeing her slowly fall in love was great. There are some emotional scenes in this book, but overall it has a light feel and it’s also a wonderful love story. And the conflict felt realistic and in character, I can’t emphasize how much I like that. Although I did felt it got resolved a bit too easily. And I wouldn’t have minded if we had seen a few more chapters of Josh and Will as I just enjoyed their story so much and wanted more.

Then there is the romance, which is so well written. It’s exactly the type of romance I like, where you just know these two characters are perfect for each other. It’s a friend to lovers type of romance, one of my favourite tropes. And Josh is almost perfect, maybe a bit too perfect at times. He’s in love with Will and isn’t quite sure how to tell her that as she only sees him as a friend. But there are these scenes that are so heartfelt, where he is there for her and shows how completely he knows her. he gives and helps Will a few times and he just gave the perfect gift. Not traditionally perfect, but perfect for Will and I loved that.

Then there is the group of friends, we see them in multiple scenes where Will interacts with them and they text a lot. It’s great seeing these as a group, although it was a bit strange to see Ever (main characters from book 1) from Will her point of view now as she felt a bit different somehow, not sure why. I really like how these characters are so close and seeing them be there for each other and how close they are is great. And it’s fun seeing the other side characters their lives evolve even though you don’t get all the details. And I am so excited we’re getting Bliss her book next. There are a few hints that set-up the basis for the next story and it makes me curious to see Bliss her story. There’s also a scene with Will and Harmony that was very touching.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this romance book. It has such a well written romance with two characters who know each other so well and are perfect for each other. It just takes them some time to realize it. There are some emotional and touching scenes in this book. I love how Jen Meyers writes romance as they grab me form page one and I don’t want to stop reading. Will is a great main character and I enjoyed reading about her with how she was afraid to lose people and only dated man who were all wrong for her. I also liked she was a writer and how that was handled in the book. Her friends to lover romance with Josh was so awesome to read about it and I really liked these tow together. They really know each other and I felt like their romance was realistically written, even the conflict. Although I did think the conflict got solved a bit too easily. This was a great book and I am already looking forward to the next book and the next member of this awesome group of friends who will find her happily ever after.



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What’s the last romance book you read and enjoyed?

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12 responses to “Review: Yours Truly by Jen Meyers

  1. I’ve read a few books that were about authors and included some of the fictional author’s work. It was interesting to read. I read it in Stephen King’s Misery and in Tiffany Reisz’s The Siren. I think those are the only two. I really loved both of those books. I think it works, if it isn’t over done. Great review.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant Audiobook by Drew Hayes (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I agree I think authors in fiction books can work and it can be fun if you get to see some of their work in there as well, as long as it isn’t overdone. Here it was done just right and added a fun touch to the book.

  2. Willow sounds like a independent character, which I appreciate! I can’t remember the last romance book I’ve read, but I’m about to start Til’ Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it 🙂
    Priscilla recently posted…The DNF List: In One SentenceMy Profile

    • I hope it’s a good one! And Willow is an independent character indeed, sometimes a bit too much with how she sometimes doesn’t realize it’s okay to need help now and then. It was nice to see her change a bit over the course of the book.

  3. I’m glad this story worked so well for you and that the conflicts felt realistic and in-character, I know how important that is for you 🙂 I also like the friends to lovers trope as that one often feels the most realistic. And Josh does sound like a great guy, though he sounds like he might be a little too perfect for my taste.

    I completely get what you’re saying about the MC from the last book seeming different from this POV. I’m reading a couple series in which there was one MC for the first part of the series, then there was a spin-off or whatever with a different MC, but the old characters are still there. And it does always feel weird seeing the old MC from a different POV. They never seem quite right.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: My Zombie Boyfriend (The Undead Canadian Book 1) by T. StrangeMy Profile

    • Yes I loved how the conflicts in this one felt in character as that’s very important for me indeed. And the friends to lovers trope is one of my favorite tropes and it was handled well here.

      Yes Josh was great if a little bit too perfect. I would’ve preferred it I think if he had a flaw as well. But the focus was more on the main character and how she dealt with her flaws.

      I have read some series that did it well, but here it was just a bit off seeing the MC form the previous book form this MC her point of view. She didn’t seem quite right or the same as when we had her pov.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: How Do you Come up with Discussion Post Topics?My Profile

  4. This book sounds great! I love the friends-to-lovers trope because it always seems to add a bit more to the book. I liked my conflict to stretch out a bit longer, but this still sounds like a book I would enjoy.

    The last romance book I read and enjoyed would have to Debbie Mason’s newest book in her Christmas, Colorado series.
    Angela @Simply Angela recently posted…Audiobook Review: Old Haunts by E.J. CoppermanMy Profile

    • I agree it always seems the couple has a bit more depth and understanding of each other when they are friends first. The conflict could’ve lasted a bit longer, but I still enjoyed this one mostly. I think you might enjoy this series. I think the prequel to this series is free at the moment if you want to give this series a try.

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