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wraithWraith (Debt Collector #10)
by Susan Kaye Quinn

Recommended: start with Season One.

*pre-order of the full season available

What’s your life worth on the open market?
A debt collector can tell you precisely.

Wraith is a shadow in the night, haunting the bedrooms of the rich “high potentials” who have stolen life energy from the desperate and dying. The justice and the sweet mercy hit that follow keep her from falling into her own personal abyss. Her secret nighttime work also keeps her on level for her real mission: carrying on her father’s legacy of attempting to bring an end to debt collection as a whole. But when a mysterious debt collector interrupts her in the act and discovers her secret, everything Wraith loves may be destroyed by the one thing she can never fix– the original sin of being a debt collector herself.

Contains mature content and themes.

Wraith is approximately 17,000 words or 68 pages, and is the first of nine episodes in the second season of The Debt Collector serial. This dark and gritty future-noir is about a world where your life-worth is tabulated on the open market and going into debt risks a lot more than your credit rating.

It is recommended that you start with the first season, but each season is a complete story for that debt collector and can serve as an entry point to the series. There are five planned seasons in the Debt Collector series, the first four each from the perspective of a different debt collector with the fifth season bringing all four together.


Season One – Lirium
(Episodes 1-9: Delirium, Agony, Ecstasy, Broken, Driven, Fallen, Promise, Ruthless, Passion)

Season Two – Wraith
10 – Wraith (10.20)
11 – Specter (10.27)
12 – Untitled (11.3)
13 – Untitled (11.10)
14 – Untitled (11.17)
15 – Untitled (11.24)
16 – Untitled (12.1)
17 – Untitled (12.8)
18 – Untitled (12.15)
BOX SET (Vol 10-18) – (12.15)

“The street-smart science of LOOPER meets the cold, just-the-facts voice of DOUBLE INDEMNITY in this edgy, future-noir thriller that will have you holding your breath, looking over your shoulder, and begging for more.” –Leigh Talbert Moore, author of The Truth About Faking, The Truth About Letting Go, and Rouge

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

I was so excited when I heard season two of the Debt Collector series was coming and I as soon as the first episode showed up in my inbox I decided I could put my current read on hold to read this episode first.

The first episode of season two certainly didn’t disappoint. It has the same fast pace and high action feel as the first season and I am so happy to be back in this world! It’s going to be a crazy 8 weeks, but I am going to read and review these as soon as I can get my hands on a copy, because I think this crazy style of reading fits this series and reminds me of how I read season one.

In this book we’re introduced to the main character for this season, Wraith. I immediately liked her, she a feisty female who struggles with being a debt collector, while on the other hand using it to do some good. I also liked how she met Lirium in this episode already, it was nice to see a cameo appearance from him. There also is a nice twist towards the end, I am pretty sure we will hear more about that in the next episode.

While a lot of the world building has been done in season one, it’s immediately clear there is even more to come in season two. New organizations and groups we’ve heard nothing about so far are introduced and even a mystery about someone’s death. It immediately got me intrigued and hungry for more.

To conclude: season two hits the ground running with this fast paced and action filled episode. I liked Wraith as a main character and how she struggles with being a debt collector. I also liked the glimpse we get from more world building and new organizations that are probably going to play a big part in this season. All in all this episode was a great start of season two and leaves me hungry for the next episode!


You can find Wraith on Goodreads

You can buy Wraith here:

If you haven’t read the first season yet, you can find Delirium (Debt Collector #1) on Goodreads and grab your free copy from Amazon.


2 responses to “Review: Wraith by Susan Kaye Quinn

    • Episode 1 is free, so you can at least check that out and see if it something you like. While I am not a big fan of serials in general, I love how Susan writes them. Each ending leaves you hanging for more, but there are no big cliffhangers. And with season 2 she choose to publish them every week, so yay for that!
      And can I say I just love these covers? They totally fit the feel of the book, dark and gritty!

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