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Witch's LessonWitch’s Lesson (Purple Oasis #3)
Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: FF

Reese finally feels like she’s found a home amongst her fellow witches at Purple Oasis, and while working in the medical bay is challenging, she’s keen to prove she belongs there. When a patrol finds an unconscious tea witch outside the oasis, all of Reese’s skills are put to the test.

Annabelle has never learned how to use her magic, but now she’s found herself at Purple Oasis and in the care of a gorgeous witch who is determined to teach her everything she knows, she realises that might change.

Can Reese teach Annabelle how to use her magic, or will their lessons break them apart before they’ve even started to explore the connection between them?

Witch’s Lesson is book three of the Purple Oasis series. It is a standalone f/f paranormal romance set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s starting to rebuild.

My Review

Witch’s Lesson is the third book in the Purple Oasis series and I really enjoy this fun paranormal romance series with a post-apocalyptic setting. This book is about Reese, the sister of Zoe, who was one of the main characters in book 2. And the other main character is Annabelle, the women who the patrol found at the end of book 2. I liked how this book started of right after book 2 ended and we see Reese and Annabelle grow closer.

Reese is a tea witch and Annabelle doesn’t know what she is. I liked how Reese wanted to help her discover what type of supernatural she was. I liked that we got to see more about tea witch magic with how Reese uses it for healing and she can create a flame on her finger. They’re also trying to make a new dream tea blend so they can communicate with their parents. Reese works together with her friend Hayley who is an empath witch and we see a bit about how that works as Hayley becomes friends with Annabelle too and helps her. It’s been fun seeing more of the world and the different types of supernaturals.

I liked reading about Reese and Annabelle. Their connection was clear from when they meet in the medical bay, but I liked how it took some time to develop and only got more serious once Annabelle was no longer Reese’s patient. I liked how their romance developed and how there’s no drama, just a bit of them figuring out how they feel and how to communicate. I also enjoyed reading more about the characters from previous books and getting to know Hayley as she’s the main character of the next book.

To summarize: This was another fun read in this series. Reese and Annabelle are the main characters here. Reese is a tea witch and I liked seeing more about the tea witch magic and how it could be used for healing. Annabelle doesn’t know what she is and I liked seeing how she discovers what she is and how Reese helps her and is there for her. I liked Reese and Annabelle and seeing how their romance developed. It also was fun to see some recurring characters from previous books and get to know Hayley whose book is next.

4 Stars


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    • Yes I really like her books. They’re shorter reads too, so they’re easy to fit in between other reads. I try to space out my reviews a bit, so I don’t have 3 reviews for her books in the same week.

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