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Wild GameWild Game (Wilding Pack Wolves #1)
by Alisa Woods

Rating: 4 stars

Her pack is being hunted. He’s a bodyguard with a secret. The Wolf Hunter is targeting them both.


Owen Harding hasn’t shifted since he was in Agent Smith’s experimental cages—the only thing this ex-Army Texas boy is afraid of is what kind of beast he’s become. But with a hate group issuing more threats against the Wilding pack than you can shake a stick at, Owen’s doing what he can as a personal bodyguard. If only the Wilding girl he’s tasked with keeping alive wasn’t so damn sexy… and completely off limits.

Nova Wilding’s father was assassinated, leaving her a gaming company to run, a new game to release, and a pack full of wolves who want her for a mate… including a beta who’s determined to have Nova and her company. Choosing someone outside the pack will tear it apart, but Nova can’t stop watching the hot shifter who’s keeping watch over her.

When Nova barely escapes an attempt on her life, she finds herself in Owen’s arms… but her sexy new bodyguard is absolutely the wrong man at the wrong time. While Nova fights to keep her father’s business afloat, and Owen fights to keep her alive, the Wolf Hunter is playing a dangerous new game that might destroy them both.

WILD GAME is a complete novel with HEA, the first in the Wilding Pack Wolves series. All stories are standalone, but for maximum reader enjoyment, start with the River Pack Wolves trilogy.

Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha military heroes, and sexy female gamers. Only readers over 18 should dive into the dangerously hot world of the Wilding Pack Wolves.

My Review:
Ever since I picked up Alisa Woods her River Pack series I’ve been a fan of her books, she writes paranormal romances so well and I was happy to start her Wilding Pack series now. This series is a spin-off from her River Pack series and in some ways it feels like a direct continuation of the previous series, but in other ways I think it could work as a standalone as well as everything you need to know to follow this book gets mentioned here. I still would recommend to start with the River pack series as then you know a bit more about one of the main characters and some of the side characters.

At the end of Jared the plot line for this series got set-up and here we get to see what exactly this means for the Wilding Pack. A person who calls himself the Wolf Hunter is encouraging people to hunt wolves and kill them. All the personal information of the Wilding Pack wolves has been posted online. It’s quite nasty and we get to see how this impacts wolves everywhere. Nova her father has been killed and Nova is probably next on the list. Owen, who we met in the River series already, has been assigned as her body guard to keep her safe. The Wolf Hunter plot line seems to be a set-up for the overarching plot line of this series and adds a bit of a suspense element to the series. But each book also has it’s own and the ending of this book nicely wraps a few things up while also leaving some things open for the rest of the series.

Nova is quite stubborn and even with the treat she wants to continue on like normal with the planned release of her upcoming game. She is afraid, but does her best not to show it, she doesn’t want to let the Wolf Hunter see that he’s getting to her. I liked that she was a game developer and it’s obvious the author knows what she’s talking about as all the talk about the game felt realistic to me as a casual gamer. I thought it was a nice touch. Nova has more problems than just the wolf hunter, with her father dead she is expected to choose a mate and lead the pack. She is torn between what’s best for the company and what she really wants. She wants to continue the company how her father wanted, but to do that she has to keep the pack intact.

Owen has been through a lot of difficult stuff and we got to see some of that in the River series. I liked that we got to see his story in this book. He is afraid to shift as he isn’t sure what he would turn into. Both characters have their own conflict and issues that stood between them and I enjoyed seeing how they worked through it. I liked Owen and Nova together, they had a lot of chemistry and even though there was a lot standing in their way, it was obvious they belonged together.

It also was fun to see some characters again from the River Pack series, mostly Noah and Jace. And it seems Noah his story is next. All these books have a similar set-up, but I don’t mind as each book is still a lot of fun to read even when you can predict the broad lines. And the details really make these books shine. The characters really come alive and each book is well written and after finishing this one, I just hope I can read the next book soon.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this author to people who like a good paranormal romance book with a bit of suspense thrown in. This series is a spin-off from the River Pack series and while I do think it’s best to read that first, it can also be read as standalone. One of the main characters Owen was already introduced in the River Pack series and I liked getting to see his story. There’s someone out there who encourages people to act against wolves and it’s a difficult time to be a wolf. I liked Nova and Owen together, both were fun characters to read about and they were great together. I also liked how Nova was a game developer. It was fun to see some characters from the River Pack series again. There is an overarching plot line for the series introduced in this one, but this book still has a good ending where the main plot lines for this books are wrapped up while leaving enough open for the rest of the series. All in all is this a great start of the Wilding Pack series!


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14 responses to “Review: Wild Game by Alisa Woods

  1. Great review, Lola. I haven’t come across this particular series – I really enjoyed Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten, but the other series that immediately comes to mind that I’ve loved is The Silver series by Rhiannon Held – Have you read it?
    sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

    • I’ve read Armstrong her Otherworld series, I am sure that doesn’t come as a surprise. Bitten was actually the first book I read by her. I haven’t read the second series you mentioned.

  2. Glad to know that this is a spin-off even if it works well as a standalone. I like starting at the beginning and working my way forward (even if sometimes I accidentally pick up a book in the middle). That is neat that she is a game designer and I like the body guard element. Glad the new series is off to a good start for you.

    My very first shifter favorites were Patricia Briggs’ wolves in the Mercy Thompson series, but now I’ve added Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Eve Langlais, Paige Tyler, Eileen Wilks, Kendall McKenna, Cecy Robson, and Mary Calmes along with many others to the growing list.

    Happy New Year, Lola!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Sophia’s Challenge Wrap-Up Post for 2016My Profile

    • I think it’s most fun if you have the River pack Wolves series first as then you understand a bit more of the background. But most important things do get explained. I also prefer to start at the beginning and then work forward.

      I recognize most of those authors names. Kelley Armstrong her otherworld series was one of my first introductions with shifters and still one of my favorites.

    • Yay! So glad to hear you got hooked on her books. She really writes good books. Once you have read the River series, I would recommend reading this one.

  3. That does sound terrible for the wolf pack that their info is being posted and they’re being hunted :-/ How cool that the MC is a game developer though! I’ve never read about a character did that. And I’m curious about Owen and why he’s afraid to shift and what it is he’ll turn into. I’m glad this was a good paranormal romance for you, and it’s always fun seeing characters from past series whenever there’s a spin-off series!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…The Weekly Update: 1/1/17My Profile

    • It really is a nasty situation and I felt bad for them :(. I really liked that she was a game developer, even though it was only a small part, it was still cool. His fear to shifter was understandable with what he had been gone through. Yes seeing character form past series again is one of the things I like about spin-offs.

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