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WantedWanted (Legacy of Magic #7)
by Lindsay Buroker
narrated by Vivienne Leheny

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: m/f

Half-dwarven craftswoman, enchanter, and badass hammer-wielder Matti Puletasi has achieved most of her goals and even found the love of the handsome elf assassin Sarrlevi.

Unfortunately, there’s still a bounty on her head. That makes it hard to return to a normal life, start a family, or even visit the Coffee Dragon without being shot at.

Worse, one of Sarrlevi’s old elven lovers shows up, hinting of changes back home that mean his exile could be lifted and his nobility returned—if only he’ll dance to her tune.

Matti knows Sarrlevi loves her but worries he’ll be tempted. A chance to return home and be a hero instead of an outcast. Who wouldn’t long for that?

My Review

This is book 7 in the Legacy of Magic series and while book 6 wrapped up the big overarching plot line, book 7 wrapped up those few side plot lines that remained. I enjoyed this book and seeing how it all got wrapped up, although it definitely felt on the lighter side and less urgent than some of the previous books. It wasn’t as engaging as some of the previous books, but I still enjoyed listening to this one.

It was fun to spend more time reading about Matti and Varlesh as well as the big group of side characters. I like seeing how Matti has changed and discovered her enchanting powers during the series and how much she can do with her powers now. It’s also nice to see some scenes with her parents now. And I like seeing how Matti and Varlesh are doing together and planning their future. I like reading about these characters and I was excited to see Tinga’s plans for an urban goblin sanctuary progress. Like the rest of the series there’s plenty of action, banter and fun scenes. I liked the addition of The Wrench in this book, he sure was an interesting character.

This book deals with Matti still being on the assassin’s guild radar and trying to get the bounty removed, clearing her father’s name and then there is an elven political plot she and Varlesh get involved in. I wasn’t a fan of the elven ex princess making another appearance and how some of those scenes went, but the wrap up and how the eleven plot line got resolved was satisfying.

To summarize: While book 6 wrapped up the main plot line, this one does a good job of wrapping up the few side plot lines that remained open. I liked seeing how these got resolved as well as a new plot line involving the elven ex princess pops up, I wasn’t a fan of those scenes, but I liked seeing how Matti and Varlesh dealt with the situation. I liked reading more about the characters and the addition of a new character The Wrench was interesting. I like seeing how Matti has changed and learned more about her enchanting powers throughout the series and how she is now building a future with Varlesh.

4 Stars


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    • It was nice the author wrote two more books after the main plot was wrapped up to finish wrapping up the minor plot threads. And it was so fun to spend more time with these characters. I just finished the last book as well.

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