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Wandering Girl vs Torn Boy (Forever Love #7)
by Jordan Ford

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemproary Romance
Age Category: Young Adult/ Adult
Type of romance: MF

He’s lost one too many times to trust in love, but can the sweet smile of a new schoolteacher change his mind?

This has to be a good year. After everything we’ve been through, I’m determined to make sure everyone on the farm is happy, healthy and safe.
No drama.
No stress.

But I guess I underestimated the Stacey factor. The little cupid is determined to set me up with this new teacher at her school.
What she doesn’t understand is that I’m not putting my heart through that again. I won’t risk another loss, another unexpected goodbye.

Unless I can’t help myself…
Sophie’s amazing.
She’s kind and sweet and all I can think about.
This is not good. This is dangerous.
Why is she really here? Why did she move from the city all by herself?
I’m falling too deep, too fast.
But I can’t seem to stop myself, and maybe the answers to my questions don’t really matter.
Until I find out that they do.

Wandering Girl vs Torn Boy is the final story in this Forever Love family saga – a YA contemporary romance series. If you like heartfelt romance filled with tender emotion and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s touching novel.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

It was both with excitement and a bit of sadness that I started this last book in the Forever Love series. I really love this series and it has easily become one of my favorite contemporary romance series. Seeing what all these characters have gone through and how they found love, happiness and a family has been amazing. This last book follows the story of Beck, their guardian and how finds his own romance.

I find romances where one of the characters is a widow always a bit hard to read. There is just something so sad about having loved and lost and in the case of Beck he basically had the perfect love and life and then it all got taken away when his wife and two kids died in a car accident. I have to admit I was more than a bit skeptical to see how he would find new romance as Abby seemed so perfect for him and how could any other women compete with that? I was happily surprised with how the author told this story. There isn’t as much sadness as I expected and it actually was a pretty upbeat and happy story. And Beck doesn’t replace Abby, his heart simply is big enough to love another women and I like the scene when he realizes that Abby would’ve wanted this for him.

I liked seeing Beck grow closer to Sophie, they made for a great couple and made each other happy from that first phone call to that last happy scene. Although I wouldn’t have minded seeing a bit more about Sophie, as we only meet her in this book, it feels like we don’t get to know her as well as the characters we’ve spent the rest of the series with. Nevertheless the author did a great job painting her personality and within a few chapters I had a good feel for who she was. And seeing how she and Beck interact was great. They really were so sweet together and the little bit of matchmaking the kids did to get them together was fun.

They do have a obstacles on the road to their romance. Yes there is a bit of miscommunication and heartbreak, but I liked seeing how it all got resolved and how they found their way back together. I liked how they were honest with each other and apologized and explained. And it was awesome to see how Sophie fits in so smoothly in the farmhouse. There is a bit of a difficult backstory Sophie has, we mostly see this all after the fact and while I wouldn’t have minded seeing a bit more of that and what she had been through, so we can better understand her. I also liked to see how she dealt with it afterwards and how she stood up for herself. And there definitely is enough information to get a good feel for what happened to her.

Besides Beck and Sophie’s point of view we also get Harper and Tane’s point of view again. I was a bit surprised and a slightly disappointed to see that their struggle in this book is the same one they struggled with in book 1. Namely how Harper is a city girl and Tane a country boy. They have different dreams and don’t communicate well. This topic creates a big rift between them in this book and it was sad to see them struggling and not being as close.

Although I did like what Harper decided as this way she could finally figure out what she wanted, but on the other hand I don’t get why they didn’t consider other options and talked through it. I never felt like we got a good feel for Harper’s best friends, but I was seriously impressed with how they talked some sense into Harper toward the end of the book and were there for her. I was less impressed with Dylan. I thought the author handled the whole ex thing in an interesting light in the series so far. Dylan never was the bad guy and Tane’s jealously was more about him and something he had to deal with, but in this book I didn’t like Dylan at all. I didn’t like how he talked to Harper and tried her to do certain things. He felt very pushy and I didn’t like him and couldn’t see how Dylan had been Harper’s boyfriend in the past.

I liked how the Harper and Tane plot line got resolved, but I am curious what they will do next and how their future will look like. If they manage to communicate this time and find a way for both of them to be happy. And while we see all the other couples be so happy in love I missed that a bit for them, although that scene at the end was wonderful to see them close again.

One of my favorite parts of this book was seeing all the characters we got to know throughout the series again and this time seeing them from beck and Sophie’s point of views. I almost wish this book was longer as I wanted to spent more time with them. I loved seeing how Stacey schemed to get Beck and Sophie together. How Willow talked with Beck and was there for him. And how all the couples were together and just seeing them be happy and in love, after all the trouble they’ve gone through they all deserved to be happy and it was awesome to see all that happiness.

To summarize: This was an awesome ending to this series. I was a bit skeptical about how Beck would find romance, as widow stories always seem so sad and Abby was so perfect for Beck and I couldn’t imagine how he would find love for a new women. But the author handled that perfectly, while there are some sad moments, mostly it was focused on beck and Sophie’s new romance and it was happy and upbeat. It was really handled well and I liked seeing their romance develop. They were so sweet together and fit together so well. There is also Harper and Tane’s point of view and I was a bit sad to see they’re on odds again in this book about Harper’s dreams of the city and Tane’s country dreams. It was hard to see how this created a rift between them and they really are bad at communicating and finding a middle ground, but I did like how it all got resolved at the end. I couldn’t put this book down as I had to see how they all would get through this. My favorite part was seeing all the characters we got to know throughout this series in this book and this time from beck’s point of view. It’s awesome to see them all so happy and in love and how close knit this new family they created is. All in all this had become one of my favorite contemporary romance series and while I am sad to see it end I am excited to see what Jordan Ford is writing next!

4 Stars


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4 responses to “Review: Wandering Girl vs Torn Boy by Jordan Ford

  1. I was wondering if she was going to give Beck a story. That’s great that he figured out he could have a second chance at love.
    Too bad that the first couple is still rehashing the same problems as before. I don’t think I’d like that, but good that her friends talked sense into her.
    Sad to see a series you love come to an end.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…The Book Report March 2020My Profile

    • I think it was great she gave Beck a story too :). I wasn’t too happy the first couple was still dealing with the same problem, but I do think it was good to finally fix it.

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