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Vanilla Frappe And Reasons To StayVanilla Frappe And Reasons To Stay (Cauldron Coffee Shop #6)
Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Distance threatens the thing Willow holds most dear.

Alone at the coffee shop, Willow has to face the reality of what her life has come, and try to uncover what she wants for her future, even if those things are becoming increasingly less clear to her.

With Azíl still in Morocco after they broke his curse, she finds herself without the person she trusts the most, and has to face what that means while still under threat from the Sect.

Will the distance prove too much for the relationship they’ve built?

Vanilla Frappe and Reasons To Stay is book 6 of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a cozy urban fantasy featuring a coffee shop-owning witch, an ancient warlock cursed to live in a teapot, and a cheeky cat. It includes an m/f romantic subplot.

If you love cozy urban fantasy, coffee shop settings, low-stakes adventures, cat familiars, and a warm and fuzzy feeling vibe, start the Cauldron Coffee Shops series with Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice.

My Review

I was looking forward to returning to this series and picked up book 6. I had fun reading this book. Willow is back in the coffee shop, while Azil is still in Morocco. Willow and Azil both are thinking of the future and what it is they want, Azil is no longer cursed and actually can think of the future now, while Willow is wondering whether the coffee shop still is what she wants.

I really like reading about these characters. I was sad to see the couple so far apart as I just like reading about them so much, but they still have contact and a visit later on in the book. I liked the theme of them both thinking what they want of the future. And it’s great to see their romance still doing well, they talk things through and communicate well. I also admired Willow for how she handled the whole situation with Azil and him wanting to be at the dig in Morocco. And how she loved him so much she wanted what was best for him even though she missed him. I still hope they’re together more in future books though as I like reading about them together. And I am curious to find out what Willow decides about what she wants work wise of her future.

This book progresses some of the character relevant plot lines as well as hints that The Sect is still keeping their eyes on them. While it doesn’t make big progression in the Sect plot, I really liked the more character focused scenes and seeing how they were dealing with everything. I also liked seeing more of Clover, as I liked the Broomstick Bakery series and it’s fun to see the characters make appearances here.

To summarize: I enjoyed this sixth book in the series. I like reading about Willow and Azil. I was sad to see them so far apart in this book, but they still stay in touch luckily. I like how they communicate and talk things through and I admired how they both handled the whole situation. There are some hints of the Sect still keeping their eyes on them, but not as much progression on that front, which I didn’t mind as I still had a lot of fun reading this one. I liked seeing more of Clover as well. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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