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Unfinished WitchnessUnfinished Witchness (Haunted Haven #1)
Ada Bell

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Everything’s coming up Emma…

Since Emma inherited her grandfather’s hearth magic, chores have never been so much fun. Her house is sparkling clean, dishes wash themselves, and her pancakes… Well, she’s a witch, not a miracle worker. Emma’s new mansion would make a perfect bed-and-breakfast, if she only she could deliver on that second “B”. It’s time to hire someone who can prepare a meal without burning the place down. The problems start when one applicant for the cook job turns up dead and the obvious culprit would be the other. But Emma can’t quite bring herself to believe this sweet, gentle woman would resort to murder for a job.

To make matters worse, Emma’s new home is haunted. Her ghostly grandfather knows exactly who killed the chef, but after thirty years alone, he’s a bit peeved she never came to visit. Unless she can help him settle his unfinished business, he’s not telling. Can Emma fix her grandfather’s broken heart, save her staff, and find the real killer?

UNFINISHED WITCHNESS is the highly-anticipated first book in the upcoming HAUNTED HAVEN series, a paranormal cozy mystery series with an amateur sleuth, a small town, and a talking cat. Fans of Angie Fox, Amy Boyles, and Annabel Chase will love these bewitching books.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I was excited to start this new series by Ada Bell that follows Emma. We already met Emma briefly in the Shady Grove series and I was looking forward to read more about her. Emma has inherited a large house from her grandfather as well as his magic, she’s turning the house into a B&B, but runs into trouble when her newly hired cook gets murdered.

This was a great start to this new series, I liked getting to know Emma and seeing her interact with her grandfather as ghost and her cat Pink. I liked Emma as a main character and seeing how this inheritance changed her life. It also was fun to read about the house she inherited and the magic. There’s plenty of instances of her using magic and I liked the magical feel it gave to the book. I liked how Emma wanted to help other people and how she want about that, how she wants to help Josie even though they don’t know each other well and how she keeps doing that even when Josie turns into the main suspect. She’s figuring out more about her magic and how to run a business while trying to solve the mystery as well.

The mystery was a solid one. I did feel like there weren’t as many clues and suspects. There also wasn’t as much investigating or progress at some points, but it still kept me reading. I struggled to figure out who did it as no one seemed right, there wasn’t enough information to add new suspects and none of the suspects Emma did find quite made sense given the clues available so far. There is a great twist at the end where everything falls on it’s place and it all makes sense. I really liked it, although I had wished she had solved the mystery instead of her figuring out because she hears the murderer admit it.

To summarize: This was a great start to this new series. I liked reading about Emma, her B&B and how she got invested in the murder mystery. I liked seeing Emma interact with her ghostly grandfather, her cat Pink and her new employee Josie. I thought Emma was a great main character and I enjoyed reading about her as she figures out more about her magic and solves the mystery. I liked how she wants to helpful other people and goes out of her way to do so with the way she sets up her B&B. The mystery was a solid one, although I felt there weren’t as many suspects and clues. It all makes sense with the reveal at the end, which was quite the interesting twist and I liked how everything fell on it’s place. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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