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TrolledTrolled (Legacy of Magic #3)
by Lindsay Buroker
narrated by Vivienne Leheny

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: m/f

Busy looking for her missing mother and dodging enemies that are after her magical hammer, Matti Puletasi doesn’t need any more problems. She definitely doesn’t need the person who hired an assassin to kill her mother to show up—and target her.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the handsome elven ally she’s falling in love with… may be working for the other side.

My Review

I started Trolled right after Betrayed as I wanted to continue the series. Trolled is a solid third book in the series, this one mainly continues the main plot as well as a few plot lines that get mostly resolved in this book. There are some interesting developments regarding the main plot line and I like the continuity this series has with a strong ongoing main plot, but each book still feeling like a whole book and resolves some things.

Trolled has plenty of action and things going on as usual for Lindsay Buroker’s books. There are still enemies after Matti’s hammer and now her aunt has heard of her existence and is coming after her hammer too. Then there is Matti’s plan to speak to her father, but she has to break into a prison to do that. Luckily Sarrlevi is there to help her. And then there is Matti’s hammer and her magic that she’s trying to learn more about, which is interesting.

The romance also continues, but it’s a pretty slow burn. In fact I wished things sped up more. I feel like each book brings them closer, but Matti still keeps doubting Sarrlevi and whether she can trust him. Not without reason, but still it bothers me. I am getting at the point where I wish I could lock these two up together so they can resolve things and talk things through. Nevertheless I do feel like the romance is going somewhere and there are some new truths about Sarrlevi and some interesting reveals and hints as well. There are so many sweet little gestures as well as large gestures Sarrlevi makes, which to me makes it obvious how much he cared about Matti. I like them together, but just wish these doubts Matti has will get addressed and resolved. I definitely look forward to seeing them as a couple.

There also is more of Val as well as other characters from the first series. This is a spin-off with very heavy cross over and lots of recurring characters from the first series and I really like this. In this book there’s more of the vampire alchemist and Val’s half sister as well as more of Val and Zav ofcourse. Besides that Tinga and Abass, Matti’s friends, also make appearances as well.

To summarize: This was another solid read in this series. I listened to this one in audio and the narrator is awesome. There is plenty going on in this book with the ongoing main plot continuing as well as some plot lines related to the main plot line that get mostly resolved in this book. There’s plenty of action and danger and banter ofcourse. I like seeing Matti and Sarrlevi grow closer, but am getting a bit frustrated with how Matti still doubts whether she can trust Sarrlevi. This is not without reason, but I just wish they would talk things through instead. There are some great scenes with Sarrlevi and Matti and some sweet gestures both small and big Sarrlevi does for Matti. I just look forward to seeing them as a couple and having these doubts resolved as the back and forth is frustrating me. It was fun seeing more of Val and Zav as well as Val’s half sister and the vampire alchemist. There’s more of Abass and Tinga, Matti’s friends, as well.

4 Stars


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8 responses to “Review: Trolled by Lindsay Buroker

  1. Haha, I get that way about couples who are dragging their feet. Where’s the nearest lockable closet? 😉

    The action does sound good the way its escalating all around people wanting her magic hammer.

    • They really needed some time to talk things through, luckily it was worth the wait as they are awesome together in the later books, but this book did have me frustrated with the slow pace of the romance. The plot is really well done and it makes sense why people are after her magic hammer.

    • The romance is definitely on the slow side, but it’s really great in the later books when they finally get together. I hope you keep enjoying the series, I am on book 7 now.

    • The slow burn romance was a bit frustrating at times. I like the later books when they’re finally together. It’s a good series.

    • It was great I picked up this series when it was already complete so I could read the next one as soon as I wanted. I do take breaks in between books usually, although sometimes I read 2 right after one another.

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