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Trading Names For Polite SpritesTrading Names For Polite Sprites (Obscure Academy #6)
Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 3 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: MF

When Essie breaks things off with Byron, she says it’s because she doesn’t want things to get complicated. But in reality, she has a secret she doesn’t want him to expose.

Byron isn’t about to let Essie go without a fight, especially when even she admits they’re good together.

Can Essie learn to trust Byron before the truth comes out and ruins their chances of being together?

Trading Names For Polite Sprites is a light-hearted fae academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It is Essie & Byron’s complete story.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author through Booksprout and voluntarily reviewed it.

Trading Names for Polite Sprites is the sixth book already in the Obscure Academy series and I am really enjoying the series so far. I was in the mood for a light and easy read and decided to pick this up. I enjoyed returning to Obscure Academy and following Essie and Bryon. Essie broke up with Bryon without telling him why, but they both miss each other. A group project forces them to talk to one another again and once they start talking again they grow closer again.

I thought this was an interesting set up with how Essie and Bryon had already been close in the past and when their relationship started to evolve Essie broke up as she was afraid of her secret coming out. I liked seeing them get together again and how they still have feeling for each other. I liked the second chance romance trope in this story. I thought it made sense why Essie broke up with Bryon and I liked seeing how they moved beyond the hurt of the break up and get together again. I liked how Byron made it clear he still cared for her, but was waiting for her to admit that too. I like seeing Essie figure out her true feelings and eventually tell Bryon the truth about why she broke up with him. They made for a great couple and I liked seeing their romance develop.

I liked the romance and seeing them deal with everything and grow closer again, although it did feel a bit different from the other romances in this series with how they already knew each other and had been close before. I found the other plot line about why Essie is here and how she traded names with her twin wasn’t as interesting for me. I liked the concept, but I missed the tension for some reason. Maybe because the swap happened in the past already and there didn’t seem to be as much of a danger of people finding out her secret. Nevertheless I liked seeing how it played out and I look forward to her twins story.

It was interesting to read about sprites in this book, although I would’ve liked to learn more about them. I felt like the story focused mostly on the romance and not as much on the other parts. I thought it was neat how Essie found her familiar, but there isn’t much about how it all works. There’s one instance where she uses her magic and some mentions about water, but I still felt like I didn’t get as good of a vibe of what sprites are all about.

To summarize: Trading Names for Polite Sprites is another sweet paranormal romance book in this series. I liked returning to Obscure Academy for another story. I liked reading about Byron and Essie and I felt their connection and romance. I liked how they interacted with each other and how they grow closer again after Essie broke up with Bryon when a group project forces them to work together. It was a well done second chance romance, it made sense why Essie broke up with him and liked seeing them clear it all up now and growing even closer. I did feel that the trading names part of the plot lacked some tension, it just didn’t grab me as much, I think because it didn’t really feel like there was much danger of people figuring it out. I liked reading about sprites, but would’ve liked to see more about them and their magic. There are some details like the familiars and one scene where Essie uses her magic, but I wanted more.

3 Stars


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  1. I like 2nd chances after a break up sometimes in a romance. I’m glad her reasons made good sense and she just had to figure things out with him waiting for her to do it.

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