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The Unicorn HerdThe Unicorn Herd (The Griffin Sanctuary #1)
by Arizona Tape

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Age Category: New Adult/ Adult
Type of romance: FF

Charlotte knew her first day at Griffin Sanctuary wasn’t going to be boring, but when a unicorn without a horn arrives, she realizes just how hard it is to look after endangered mythical creatures.

The Unicorn Herd is book one in the modern fantasy Griffin Sanctuary series. It is packed full of adventure, mythical creatures, and an f/f romantic sub-plot.

My Review

I just loved the concept for this series, it’s all about a sanctuary for magical creatures. So I picked up The Unicorn Herd and I had so much fun reading this one. The Unicorn herd follows main character Charlotte as she starts her internship at the Griffin Sanctuary. She and two other interns are assigned to the unicorns, but only one will get a spot as keeper for the unicorns.

This book was so much fun to read. I liked learning about the unicorns. The author really makes the unicorns come alive and feel like real animals. There are all these behaviors we learn about from what they eat to how they form herds and how they have a hierarchy within the herd. The unicorns have to accept their keepers and it was fun seeing them all work with the unicorns.

Charlotte is a likeable character. She works hard and is dedicated to the animals. It was great to follow her along. And also see her slowly make some friends here. There is a slow burn romance going on and I am excited to see where that goes.

There is an interesting development at the end of this book, which makes me eager for the next book. I did find the ending a bit rushed and would’ve liked to see more of Charlotte’s thoughts as well as other people’s reactions to what happened.

To summarize: I had a lot of fun reading this book. The author gave a lot of details about the unicorns, which made them feel real. I liked reading about the sanctuary and the animals there. Charlotte was a great main character and I liked her dedication to the animals. There is an interesting development at the end of the book and I am looking forward to book 2!

4 Stars


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    • I am really glad there were so many scenes with the animals, they really are a big part of the book. I am looking forward to book 2 🙂

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