Review: The True Calling Short Story Collection by Siobhan Davis

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The True Calling Short Story CollectionThe Short Story Collection (True Calling #4)
by Siobhan Davis

Rating: 4 stars

This short story collection contains bonus stories set in the True Calling world, including:

Torn Apart – narrated by Cal Remus, this story explains what happens to Cal at the end of True Calling.

Endings and Beginnings – narrated by Anneka Skyee.

Perfect Moment – this story is set two years after the end chapter of Destiny Rising. Join all your favorite characters as they celebrate a very special wedding.

Under the Mistletoe – this story follows the main characters at Christmas, and it’s set four years after the epilogue in Destiny Rising. This story is the lead-in to The Skyee Siblings spin-off series.

NOTE: You should only read this collection after you have read Destiny Rising, the final book in the series.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

The True calling Short Story Collection is a fun collection of 4 short stories set in the true calling world. The first two stories were really short, a bit too short for my taste, but they do shed some extra light on two small, but important parts of the series. The last two stories were my favorite. They are almost over the top happy, but it’s just so nice to see some happiness after all these characters have been through and the last short story nicely sets the stage for the spin-off series. Then there is a sample of the first Saven Deception book included at the back as well. This book is best read after you’ve read the whole series. Now let’s share my thoughts for each story.

Torn Apart
This short story takes place at the end of the first book or maybe slightly after the first book ends. It shows Call his side of what happens here at the end and it was a bit difficult to imagine the situation as it’s been some time since I read True Calling. It gave us some extra information, but overall this is just a small piece. It’s really short though and before I knew it I was at the second story already.

Endings and Beginnings
This short story sheds some light on an event that happened in the past that the characters find out about later. We get to see from the point of view of Arianna her mom. It was interesting to see how things transpired there and get to see a bit from her point of view, but like the first story it really is a short one. It does fits nicely in a bundle like this though.

Perfect Moment
I really enjoyed this one. It features a special wedding and shows an important event. In the third book Destiny Rising we get an epilogue, but this one takes place between the epilogue and the ending of that book. It wouldn’t have fit into the book, but it is such a great scene, that I am glad we got it here. I really liked spending some more time with the characters of this series. I really enjoyed this one and it’s just such a happy and uplifting story.

Under the Mistletoe
This story is just as good as Perfect Moment and maybe even more important in the bigger scheme of things. But get to see the characters celebrate Christmas, this one takes place after the ending of Destiny Rising as well. It’s heartwarming and uplifting like Perfect Moment, but also a bit darker. We get to see Ari her two siblings who now have their own problems and it sets the stage for a spin-off series the author will be writing. And it makes me so curious about their stories. They both go through a difficult time and while all the other characters are enjoying an amazing Christmas Lilly and Deacon can’t enjoy it as much. It made me sad to see them so down, but at the same time it also made me really curious about these toe and I can’t wait to read their stories and hopefully see them find their HEA too! I really enjoyed this one.

To summarize: This is a great collection of four short stories. The first two are a bit too short for my taste, but the later two are both really good. The first two mostly shed some extra light on events that happened in the True Calling series. And the the last two stories show some happy scenes after the end of Destiny Rising. they were heartwarming and fun to read. It was nice to spend some extra time with these characters. And Under the Mistletoe sets the stage for a spin-off series about Ari her two siblings, Lilly and Deacon. I can’t wait to read their stories. All in all I would recommend this one to fans of the series!



What’s the last short story as part of a series that you read?

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  1. RO

    I used to read anthologies and short stories quite a bit, but now, not so much. I’m seriously behind on my reading, but when I do, I like for the book to be at least 300 pages long or more. Don’t know where that came from, but it’s the latest quirk, I guess. (lol) Your review and these stories sound fab. Hugs…RO
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    • I read quite some short stories and anthologies, they can be great if you’re in the mood for them. or are behind on your goodreads challenge, lol.

    • They were really short extra’s, still nice, but a bit too short. I like how these short stories give you a bit extra after the series has ended, it was nice!

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