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The Stag and the BaronessThe Stag and the Baroness (The Shifter Season #3)
Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

A widowed deer shifter discovers that the new Baron is more than she could ever have hoped for.

After a loveless marriage, Lady Lydia Ferrington has thrown herself into throwing events that are the talk of the shifter social calendar.

But when Jonathan returns from abroad to take his place as the new baron, Lydia finds herself unwilling to give up hers.

Despite knowing they shouldn’t, the two of them soon find themselves constantly drawn together…

The Stag and the Baroness is a paranormal Regency romance with deer shifters, a capable widow, a newly invested Baron, and a whole new way of life. It is part of the Shifter Season series and includes a sweet m/f romance.

If you love shifters combined with courtship, formal balls, witty courtships, and all the trappings of a Regency setting, you should start The Shifter Season series today!

My Review

I’ve been really enjoying this series and decided to go back and read the books I missed, this was the last main book that I had missed and I was excited to finally read Lydia’s story. I already read about her in the other books in this series and I was excited to finally know all the details of her story. I did feel that not reading this book in order caused me to enjoy it a bit less than I could have as I felt like I already knew the main details of her story.

Lydia is the baroness and handled the barony after her husband passed, when the new baron Jonathan returns from war two years later he find that Lydia has handled things very well and the barony is thriving. I liked the interesting set up of this book and how different it was form the other books in the series. And with them living in the same house it was much easier for them to spend time together, which made for a different dynamic than most of the other books in this series. I liked how it is clear from the start how capable Lydia is and how well she handled running the barony as well as organizing shifter only balls. I also liked how Jonathan notices and appreciated all the Lydia has done for the barony.

I liked reading about Lydia and Jonathan, they made for a great couple and I liked seeing them grow closer and figure things out. There are also some fun scenes with the two of them in their deer form which I liked. It was fun to read more about Lydia and how she organized her balls and such from her perspective. I liked how Jonathan becomes part of her life and appreciated her help and opinion. I liked seeing them relationship deepen and their romance develop.

To summarize: I went back to read this book after reading most of the books out in the series so far. This made it so I already knew the main details of Lydia’s story and I felt that diminished my enjoyment of the book a bit, but I still had fun reading this book. I liked how capable Lydia is and how she handled the barony so well in the baron’s absence. When Jonathan returns from abroad he immediately realizes what a great job Lydia did. I like how he appreciated her help and keeps asking her for feedback. I liked seeing their romance develop and thought they made for a great couple. The scenes where they are in their deer form where fun to read as well. I really like this series and the mix of historical romance with shifters is so well done. It’s fun and lighthearted with great romances.

4 Stars


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