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The Sorcerer's EqualThe Sorcerer’s Equal (The Cursed Soul #3)
by Lidiya Foxglove

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Following a fierce battle, Grau’s life hangs in the balance. Velsa, Sorla, and Kessily seek healing and refuge in the land of Laionesse, only to learn that Grau’s injuries may be beyond help – unless they can beg a favor from the great necromancer Dormongara, who lives alone in a castle on a mountain and is notoriously unkind to visitors. He demands a steep price indeed–a bride.

Kessily reluctantly accepts his offer, but meeting the necromancer leads to unexpected consequences, bringing an old nemesis back into Velsa’s life along with a notorious gang of bandits who see Grau as an intruder to be snuffed out.

The Miralem land might not quite be the refuge they hoped for, but it might be a safe home for their found family anyway, as they make friends with a family of wyvern breeders, stand up for local Fanarlem, and even catch the attention of a kind prince–but it all might end in tragedy. Velsa and Grau’s fate hangs in the balance in the final test of their love. Can a sorcerer and a doll girl finally find happiness anywhere in this world?

My Review

I love this series and was eager to see how this book wraps things up. I like how it continues in the same vibe as the previous books, but also was surprised as I had expected this book to up the stakes more and have the characters be more involved in the things that happened in the world. I do like the way the author decided to wrap this story up, it stays very focused on the characters and their journey and the things going on in the world are more the backdrop than the focus, which I liked.

This book started off a bit slower as Velsa, Grau, Sorla and Kessily arrive in Laionesse and have to save Grau’s life and then have to find their place there. While I had expected the book to focus more on how Grau would stand out here that wasn’t as much the case and the story very much stays focused on Velsa and her life as a Fanarlem and how others see her. There are some interesting developments and twists and turns. I was convinced something would happen and then it didn’t and then happened later on after all, which was an interesting twist. I would’ve liked to see more of the results of that and how they dealt with it.

The story kept my attention and I like how continues with the same themes and vibes as the previous books. Showing the way Velsa tries to live her life as a Fanarlem and how people treat her. There are some new characters they meet as well as some familiar ones that make appearances again. There are plenty are still sad moment as Velsa still doesn’t get treated well here either and she struggles with that, but I liked seeing how eventually they find a place for themselves and the ending was great. I do feel there are still some world threads left open as the story really mostly focuses on Velsa’s journey and I hope the author decided to write more books in this world.

I liked seeing more of the Miralem and another country in this book. It’s interesting to see the way the countries differ and the different place Fanarlam have in society. Here they aren’t slaves, although they are still aren’t treated as well. One thing that bothered me is that we don’t really see much of how these Miralem are different and how having telepathy changes their lives, I had expected it be a bigger part of their lives, but we don’t really see as much of it.

To summarize: This was a great ending to the series. The start felt a bit slow and I needed some time to get back into the story, but after that i was fully engaged and eager to see things progress. This book again has some sad and difficult moments as Velsa still isn’t treated well, but I liked seeing her stand up for herself and eventually find a place for her family. There are some great developments in this book and I enjoyed reading it. I am sad the series has ended, although I hope there will be more stories set in this world as there are some world related threads that are still left open. I like how this book kept the same vibe as the earlier books and mostly focused on Velsa’s story with the world events as the backdrop. All in all I really enjoyed this series, it’s one of the most unique series I’ve read and I really loved reading it and following Velsa’s journey.

4 Stars


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