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The ReleaseThe Release (Huntress of the Star Empire #4)
by Athena Grayson

Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Science Fiction

Only her enemy can set her mind free!

When Micah’s incarceration brings him face to face with the head of the Union itself, he discovers a devastating weakness in the Union’s stranglehold on the star system…and a shocking truth about his people.

Now a fugitive from the Union she so loyally served, Treska is forced into uneasy alliance with the Restoration. As the lies holding the Union together at the top begin to unravel, so do the thin threads maintaining Treska’s false identity.

With her world shattered and her identity in crisis, Treska’s only ally is the man whose mental powers terrify her. It’s going to take all of Micah’s mental talents to set her free, but her fear of his gifts may make Treska a prisoner of her own mind.

My Review:
Gah this series is so awesome! This is exactly the type of sci-fi I want to read! It has great characters and a slow burn romance, but also an engaging story and so well done world building I can almost convince myself this world is out there somewhere. It all makes sense. And the characters are as much shaped by the world as they shape the world.

There are few books or series that hook me as completely as this series did. I read all four books in this series in about a month time, I don’t binge read series, but this is what it looks like when I do. I kept thinking about this series and after a short break I always came back to this series. And now that it’s over I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy because wow this series was amazing and there will be a season 2 and we get more Micah and Treska. And sad because it’s over and now I have to wait on new releases by this amazing author. And I just want more!

The Release is the final book in this season. I thought it would be the final book of the whole series, but it turns out there will be a season 2. As the book progressed I was afraid the ending would be rushed because there was so much still unanswered, but then I found out there will be more books. And the ending is great, is has a satisfying ending of the season while still leaves you craving for more. And as well as The Release wraps up this season, in a sense this only feels like the beginning and there’s so much more still to come and this makes me so happy and at the same time I just wish all those books were already out there.

The Release was a great read! It continues the story of Treska and Micah, with a bit more focus on Treska, which makes sense which what she’s going through in this book. The story kept my attention every second and I just wanted to keep reading. It’s brilliant at times, seeing things come together and developing and I loved every second of this book. Then there is this plot twist I didn’t saw coming and wow I had trouble wrapping my head around it because it’s so wrong and sad and explains so much. And I have to know more about this and what’s going to happen next.

If I have to give one complaint it’s that there was this scene I really hoped to see in this book and it wasn’t in this book. And there’s this theory I have that I want so badly to know if it’s true and we don’t find out in this book. But I can’t even be angry about that because the author writes such a great slow building romance and yes I can wait and be patient until we get that scene. And there will be a season 2 which hopefully answer all those questions and proves my theory. I am pretty sure I am right, but I want to see how they find out that truth and how they react.

The Release gives us answers, things fall on it’s place and there are these side characters that become much more relevant and it all makes sense! And while we get answers, we also get way more questions. And gah I want to know more and read more about this world and see what’s going to happen next!

Like I mentioned before the focus of this book is mostly on Treska and I loved seeing her character development in this series. We get to know more about something that happened to her and it’s so sad and wrong and it also explains so much about her. It was hard to see her struggle, but I also loved seeing her have the chance to develop and chance herself and find her own way even though it was hard and she didn’t know what to do or where to go. But I have faith that she figures it out and there are these parts of her personality that stay the same throughout it all.

And the scenes with her and Micah just warm my heart, they are so great together and he’s so patient and careful with her. And another scene I was patiently waiting for does happen in this book and it was just as impactfull as I thought it would be. The slow building romance between them is beautiful to read about and I just want more Micah and Treska and their adventures. I also liked how we get to see a bit of Micah’s powers in this book and learn a bit more about the psypaths.

This book was pretty character focused, but there’s still a lot of story as well and we learn more about some of the alien species and get to visit a new planet. So the world building and story are still present as well. We also learn new things about some of the side characters and get to see more of already familiar ones. It was great how it felt like a lot came together and fell on it’s place in this book and at the same time set the stage for more adventures.

To summarize: this book was awesome! This series totally sucked me in and I can’t say enough good things about this book and series. This is exactly the type of sci-fi i want to read, with character focus and depth, romance, a story that keeps me reading and world building that’s so well done and realistic and it all makes sense and fits together. This book is full with revelations and plot twists and things fall on it’s place and it’s wonderful. It turns out this is only season 1 and there will be a season 2 eventually. And while that makes me happy I am also sad because I want more now and I can’t believe I finished all four books already. I liked the focus on Treska in this book and seeing what she goes through. And the romance between her and Micha is so well done, slow building and beautiful to witness. Questions are answered and more questions pop up. We see more of the characters and the world. We learn a bit more about some of the aliens and the psypaths and visit a new planet. To anyone who loves a sci-fi book, I can’t recommend this series enough!

5 star rating


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What was the last series that totally sucked you in?


12 responses to “Review: The Release by Athena Grayson

  1. Now this is exactly what happens when I really get into a series, too. I don’t usually binge and then I find myself doing that- or nearly that.

    I like the sound of the world and the progressing romance. Oh, I do hope you get your scene that you want and also have guessed right about things.

    Even better that you get even more with a new season of stories.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Review: Dangerously Divine by Deborah BlakeMy Profile

    • I don’t binge read series, but I did came close with this one. I did read it in a pretty short time. And I so rarely start series that already have so many books out, so it was nice to read them all so close together.

      The world and romance is so well done! I really hope the author will write/ publish the next season soon!

  2. Ooo… this one sounds great – I’ll have to track down the series, Lola. Many thanks for sharing:). As for the last series that sucked me in – I’m looking forward to getting hold of S.J. Pajonas latest and having recently read Chris Beckett’s 2nd in the Dark Eden series – I’m not going to rest until I read the third book.

    • The first book in the series si free when you join the author’s newsletter :). It really is an awesome series!

      Pajonas’s sci-fi series is so god. I really enjoyed book 2, looking forward to hear what you think of it once you read it!

    • I hope you get the chance to read it soon! It really is an amazing series. She’s definitely one of my favorite sci-fi authors now. Her first book in her other sci-fi series Scandal, was great too.

  3. Yay 5 star book!!! It sounds like this series just has everything! It’s great when you find one that just grips you like that. And that’s good news that there will be more books since you’re loving it so much 🙂

    You know I like slow burns as well, and all your talk about these twists and diff scenes and a theory you have and everything has me curious about this series!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles Book 2) by Anne RiceMy Profile

    • I was so happy to have found this series, it gripped me and was exactly the type of read I like. I am glad to know there will be more books!

      The slow burn romance worked so well in this series and I liked how well done the story was with all the twists.

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