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The Long-Forgotten Winter KingThe Long-Forgotten Winter King (The Guild Codex: Unveiled #2)
by Annette Marie

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Everyone is keeping secrets.

Zak won’t reveal what really happened between us ten years ago. Ríkr’s been hiding so much I scarcely recognize him anymore. But the biggest secret belongs to my parents, and it’s the one I’m most desperate to unravel.

Finding out who they really were, and who I am, means solving their eighteen-year-old murders. For reasons unknown, Zak decides to join me—and that makes me nervous, especially when the trail leads us into the most dangerous fae territory in the lower mainland.

The questions keep piling up, but as I realize too late, my parents’ killer is no mystery. He’s been lying in wait all along.

But not for me.

I’ve led Zak and Ríkr into a hell with no escape, and I need more than answers now. I need power—because without it, none of us will make it out alive.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I had mixed feelings about book 1 and was going back and forth about whether I wanted to read book 2. I am glad I decided to read book 2 as I enjoyed this book, now that the introduction is over and the some big reveals hit at the end of book 1 this book dives deeper into the mysteries of Saber’s past as well as who Rikr is. There’s plenty of action, lots of reveals and twists and I enjoyed seeing more of the Fae and learning about druids.

I liked seeing where the story went in this book. There’s a lot of things that come to light, twists and turns and interesting reveals. There are some well written action scenes with plenty of danger and cool magic. I liked learning more about Saber’s past and it gave me better insight into why she is the way she is. I also liked learning more about the Fae and druids.

I still didn’t really like saber, but I do feel I understand her better. She’s broken and has gone through a lot and there’s more she has to go through as well. With the insights we get in her past and personality it made sense why she acts the way she does, even though I still wouldn’t call her likable, I did enjoy following her story more in this book. There’s also more of Zak, the love interest and I liked to see more of them working together. I am bit peeved that even with all the reveals we still don’t find out the full truth about what happened between then when they met as teenagers.

With two druids as center stage in this book there is a lot about druids and Fae that we learn in this series and I enjoyed that. There isn’t as much about druids and Fae in the other series, so I felt like this series really fills in that gap and expands me understanding of the world. I like seeing more of Saber’s familiar Rikr and seeing how they interact together, they make for a good team. There’s plenty of more we learn about Rikr and I liked learning about who has was and his past.

To summarize: While I had mixed feeling about book 1, I enjoyed book 2 a lot more. The story is fast paced with plenty of action as well as twists and turns and reveals. I liked learning more about Saber’s past in this book and I feel like I understand her better now, although I still don’t like her. I liked seeing where the story went and how what they learn impacts the characters. It was fun to learn more about the Fae and druids and I like how that expands my understanding of the world. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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