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The Heir and the HumanThe Heir and the Human (Saven #3.1)
by Siobhan Davis

Rating: 4 stars

Axton’s existence was a lonely one until his mother brought Sadie into his life. Now, she’s the center of his universe, and he’ll do everything in his power to protect her.

But Griselda’s evil plans cast a dark shadow over their love, threatening the future he so desperately craves. With separation looming, Ax is preparing to sacrifice everything for the girl he loves. It’s a high-stakes gamble, and he needs to stay ahead of the game if he’s to outsmart his conniving mother.

Sadie has been his savior.

Now it’s his turn to save her.

Note from the author:
This optional novella relays Axton and Sadie’s backstory, and it is narrated solely from Ax’s point of view.

Provisional release date September 2016.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

I was so excited when I saw we would get a piece of Ax and Sadie their backstory and wow this novella sure didn’t disappoint. It’s an optional read, but I think it really adds something to this world and story Siobhan created. You can skip it and still follow the story, but I feel like this novella adds another layer and some depth and background to some characters.

We learn more about Ax and Sadie their past and their time on Tor in this novella. W see through Ax his eyes and really get how much Sadie means to him. It’s quite the emotions read and it’s so bittersweet! It was such a great read and at the same time it made me also very sad. If you read the first 3 books in this series you know what will happen and reading this novella knowing that is hard. I just felt so sorry for these characters, knowing what they will have to go through.

The Heir and the Human gives us a view into Ax his mind and until now I don’t think I ever fully understood him. I liked Ax form the beginning and his love for Sadie was obvious, but here you really get to see the extend of his love. How much he is willing to do for, how much he is willing to risk, how much he is willing to give up, how desperate he is. And it’s just awesome to get and understand his character better and if only for that this is a novella worth reading. I also think his behavior in book 3 makes more sense after reading this novella.

But it offers so much more. This novella shows us an important part of the backstory of some characters. And while we get some hints and bits and pieces in the books, I think this novella did a great job of having us be there and seeing things play out. We get to see Sadie, who’s slightly different here and it was interesting to see how she dealt with everything. And there’s Izzy and this novella explains so much about her as well. If I am correct she will get her own novella as well, but this one already gave some insights in her character. And some other side characters as well. And I even dare say we get a bit more understanding in Griselda, although I still think she’s pure evil. We do see a few glimpses that might have been something. It also explains Ax his connection with his mother and how he feels about her.

There’s a lot of story and events in this short story, a lot happens, but it doesn’t feel rushed. I also feel like it adds something to the series. Yes it’s mostly background and in the past, but it also explains a lot and gives you more understanding of some of the characters.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this novella, it was such a great read, but also bittersweet. I just felt sorry for the characters knowing what I do from the books. We get to spend some time on Tor, with characters we already know and get to see some of their back story. It’s written from Ax his point of view and I feel like I understand his character and the depth of his feelings much better after reading this one. I also enjoyed seeing some of the side characters and felt like this novellas gives me a better feel for them. All in all I think this is a great addition to the series and it you’re a fan of this series I would recommend you pick this one up!


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What’s the last book you read that felt bittersweet?


14 responses to “Review: The Heir and The Human by Siobhan Davis

    • I am not a fan of the really dark books, but bittersweet can be great to read when well done. It really was a great novella and fun to get this addition viewpoint!

  1. And this is why I don’t always dislike novellas. I love it when they are used to fill in the backstory for characters and even give me the story from their perspective so I can know them better. Sounds ominous that you mention bittersweet feelings since you know what happens to this pair, but that can be a good story feeling, too.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Manaconda by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott #ReviewMy Profile

    • Same here, I actually quite like novella’s and this author sure knows how tow rite them. This backstory wouldn’t have fit into the full length novels and it was perfect for a novella. It was great to get Ax his point of view and it made me understand him much more. The bittersweet feeling worked here, but it’s also a bit ominous as well.

  2. The last book I’ve read that felt bittersweet, hmm, probably Stars So Sweet by Tara Dairman! It’s a middle grade novel and the last book of the series. There’s a gigantic plot twist towards the climax and I felt bad for one of the characters. On another note, I’m no longer blogging at my book blog, Priscilla and her Books. Thanks always for stopping by, Lola! And yep, I just started a completely new site 🙂
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    • Oh a bittersweet MG novel, now I am curious. Will have to look it up. I am sorry to hear you are no longer blogging at Priscilla and her Books, but that’s good you got a new site!

  3. That’s great that this novella added so much to the experience for you! It sounds like you really enjoyed getting to see this character’s perspective. It’s nice when an extra novella/short in a series is about a character you actually are interested in learning more about. And that’s interesting that knowing what would happen made it even more bitterweet and emotional for you. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!
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    • This novella really added something to the series, especially as we always only get Sadie her point of view in the novels, it was great to get to see Ax his point of view now. It made me understand his character a lot better. And in this case knowing what was going to happen just upped the emotional and bittersweet factor. It was really well done.

  4. The book with the most bittersweet ending was “Gone, baby gone” by Dennis Lehane (one of my fav authors by the way). Without revealing too much, the hero had a difficult choice with something that what was lawfully right but morally wrong. He had to choose between his head and his heart. And the epilogue showed he chose wrong. Totally heartbreaking.

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