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The Griffin FlockThe Griffin Flock (The Griffin Sanctuary #6)
Arizona Tape

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: FF

All of Charlotte’s previous experience working as an apprentice veterinarian at the Griffin Sanctuary is put to the test when a massive collection of illegal mythical animals is dismantled. Unicorns, kitsunes, dragons, griffins, and many more all need new homes. She’ll have to work together with friend and frenemy to make it happen, not an easy feat when everyone is already overworked, tired, and has their own motives for which animals they want to keep.
The Griffin Flock is book 6 in the Griffin Sanctuary series about apprentice veterinarian Charlotte as she learns how to care and handle mythical animals. Every book has a new animal case and can be read out of order. The series contains a slow-burn sapphic romance.

If you enjoy mythical creatures, zoo documentaries, slow burn sapphic romantic sub-plots, and a heroine who loves animals, start The Griffin Sanctuary series with The Unicorn Herd.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author through Booksprout and voluntarily reviewed it.

The Griffin Flock is the sixth book already in this series that follows Charlotte who is an apprentice veterinarian at The Griffin Sanctuary for mythical animals. In this latest book she’s helping out once an illegal private collection of mythical animals is found and the sanctuary is sending people to help as well as take care of some of the animals.

This book was really tough to read at times as these mythical animals have been treated really badly by the previous owners. It was heartbreaking to read and made me sad. The first half or so was pretty tough to read as there wasn’t as much hope or lightness. Luckily the second half gets a lot lighter as it focuses on the animals they transport to the sanctuary and how they try to help these animals and introduce them to their already existing nimals. It was fun to read about the kitsunes and seeing whether they would click with Kiki. And I enjoyed learning about the griffins and seeing whether the griffin they saved would fit in with the flock.

I ended up enjoying the second half a lot more and liked seeing the more hopeful and light tone return. I felt like the author made a good balance between showing the horrors of what happened to these animals as well as the hopefulness of the second half with people who want what’s best for these animals and help them. There also is a bit more of the romance and I liked seeing Charlotte and felicity together. It did bother me a bit how hard they were both working as it just didn’t feel healthy and even when you love your job, you still need rest and breaks.

To summarize: I enjoyed this book. The first half is pretty tough to get through and was heartbreaking as it shows some animals in very bad states who have been treated really badly. Luckily the second half is more hopeful and light as the Griffin Sanctuary tries to help some of the mythical animals and integrate them with the animals they already have. I liked seeing how Charlotte handled it all and I enjoyed learning more about the griffins. There’s a bit more of the romance between Charlotte and Felicity and I like seeing them together. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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    • The first half was really sad, but the latter part of more uplifting luckily. It has a bit of the Fantastic Beasts vibe with lots of interesting mythical creatures.

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