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The CatchThe Catch (Huntress of the Star Empire #3)
by Athena Grayson

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Science Fiction

He’s her captive…and her best chance to discover the truth.

Micah’s mission to strike at the Union takes on dangerous complications when his suspicions about Treska’s mysterious past are confirmed. Treska’s secret could hold the key to breaking the Union’s uncanny stranglehold on the star system…but at the cost of her mind.

The Union gave Treska an identity and purpose she could believe in, but outside of its influence, she’s forced to question not only the official policies, but her own beliefs about psypaths, especially Micah. Rather than laying her doubts to rest, the arrival of a Union battle cruiser pulls Treska into a web of deceit with her identity at its center.

The line between allies and enemies blurs when you can’t even trust your own mind.

My Review:
After reading the first two books in this series I knew I would return to read book 3 soon. This series is so addictive and the books are so good! I am really enjoying this series. It’s well written, with great world building, a bit of romance sprinkled throughout and a compelling plot with some secrets hidden in there.

In book 3 we find out more about Treska. It’s a big revelation and I was excited to find out if my theory about her was correct, it was. The author had done well with the foreshadowing in the previous books. There is still a part of my theory that wasn’t confirmed or denied yet, but I hope we get to discover the truth about that in the next book. I can’t wait to read book 4 and see how it all gets wrapped up.

Also slowly we discover more about the Union, what they’re doing, the lies they tell and what’s going on in the galaxy. The cracks and things that aren’t what they seem. And I liked how toward the end Treska finally is seeing this too. She’s such an interesting character who keeps believing in what she knows and holds steadfastly to those beliefs even when people try to dissuade her otherwise. Which totally fit her character, but eventually something happens. It’s heartbreaking in a sense and I did feel bad for her as it’s a hard truth to discover. I am curious to see how she gets through this.

We see less of Micah in this book, he is present in the first part of this book, but later the focus shifts more toward Treska and due to what happens there is less of Micah there. I am hoping that in book 4 we get to see more of him again, but it totally fit this book to have the focus on Treska and she slowly begins to turn into a more likeable character.

There is something about this series that really works for me. I just want to keep reading and I love discovering more about this universe she created and the characters in it. Secrets come to light and I think even more revelations are waiting in this next book. The plot is great and keeps my attention and all the characters we meet seem so realistic. And I am so impressed by the world the author build here and I like how with each book we learn a bit more about it. I am very curious to see how this series ends and also a bit sad this series is almost coming to an end as I am really enjoying these books.

To summarize: book 3 was a great book in this series. Secrets and lies come to light and I found out that parts of my theory surrounding Treska were correct, but more questions remain. The focus in this book shifts to Treska, her identity and the planet where the government resides. We get to see a bit more of some great side characters and others get a more important role. I really liked how character focused this book was and what Treska finds out about herself in this book. The plot is great and kept my attention the whole time. I hope to pick up book 4 soon as I am so curious to see how this series ends. If you love a good sci-fi read with a bit of romance, awesome world building and interesting characters then I can’t recommend this series enough!

4 Stars


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14 responses to “Review: The Catch by Athena Grayson

  1. Neat how your guesses about the series were spot on. I enjoy speculating like that, too. I like how the heroine seems to be discovering herself and growing during this book and that each series installment has you wanting more.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Review: Embrace the Romance: Pets In Space 2 by SE Smith, MK Eidem, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Cara Bristol, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Sabine Priestley, Jessica E. Subject, Carol Van Natta, Alexis Glynn LatnerMy Profile

    • It was fun to speculate and have my guessed be correct. There are still some theories I don’t know about if they are correct or not as there will be more books. The character development is done really well and the whole series is just so good.

  2. It’s fun when your theories are proved right – so long as it isn’t because it was too easy to guess… though judging from what you’ve said about the writing in this excellent review – this isn’t the case here. I do like guessing where the story is taking me, sometimes… Other times I’ll just relax and go with the flow:).

    • The author writes the little hints and foreshadowing really well. I think most people would probably be able to predict one or two things, but probably not all. There were some surprises especially in the last book that I hadn’t predicted.

      Same here, sometimes I really like to guess and think about it and other times I just relax and don’t think about it too much and see where the story takes me.

  3. I’m glad you’re continuing to enjoy the series, Lola. I do love trying to figure out things about books, especially when an author can keep making me second guess myself. 😉 It’s fun when you think you have things figured out and maybe you do partially but are wrong on other counts. 🙂

    • It’s really an amazing series. It’s fun to try and guess what’s really going on or have theories when reading. I did guess some things right, but the last book had some great twists too.

    • The covers for this series are great!

      It’s such an addictive series, so well written and I wish the next season was available already!

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