Review: The Alien’s Veterinarian by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon

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The Alien's VeterinarianThe Alien’s Veterinarian (Aliens and Animals #2)
by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: FF

No space adventure is complete without a cat

Abby prefers animals to people, which comes in handy since she’s a vet working long hours at a cat rescue. She can’t say no to a critter in need, so when she’s offered a quick and well-paid job to look after a pregnant leopard, she accepts it. Problem is, she didn’t read the small print…

Sahra has travelled to Earth to find a healer who can help with the animals back on Kyven. But how do you persuade a human to leave their planet without revealing that you’re an alien? It’s time to twist the truth a little and abduct an unsuspecting vet.

Throughout the journey, their ability to work together is tested. When a storm and a dangerous beast threatens their lives, can they make it out together?

An out-of-this-world f/f romance with a cat-loving human woman and a determined alien female willing to do anything to find her mate. Part of the Aliens and Animals series. This is a standalone book with a happily-ever-after.

My Review

I was in the mood for a fun and lighthearted book and picked up the second book in the Aliens and Animals series. The Alien’s Veterinarian features another alien and the human female she falls for. This was a again a fun read and I really liked reading about Sahra and Abby as well as the animals.

This time it’s alien Sahra who finds her mate. Sahra travels to earth to find an veterinarian to help with a pregnant earth cat on Kyven, she gets human Abby to sign a contract to help and off they go back to Kyven. Abby gets quite the surprise when she realizes it isn’t just a house cat and house visit, but instead a visit to a whole other planet that she signed up for.

I really liked visiting Kyven alongside Abby and Sahra and seeing how they dealt with the pregnant cat as well as another surprise when they inspect the cat. It was fun to learn more about Kyven and see how Abby experienced her visit there. There is a bit of danger they encounter which brings them closer. There is a bit of miscommunication toward the end, but I was happy with how quickly it got resolved. I though Sahra and Abby were cute together and I liked seeing them get to know the other and their alien characteristics.

It also was nice to see a bit of the couple from book 1 and toward the end there’s the introduction for the next sister who will get her romance in book 3. All the animals are fun to read about too.

To summarize: This series is perfect if you’re looking for a fun, light and sweet scifi alien romance book with animals. I liked reading about Abby and Sahra, they made for a great couple and it was fun to read about how Sahra convinced Abby to come with her and the surprise Abby got when she realizes they’re going to another planet. I enjoy seeing how the alien Kyven are different from humans and seeing the characters figure these things out. Seeing the alien planet Kyven through Abby’s eyes was fun and I also liked seeing more of the couple from book 1 as well as the introduction for book 3. There are some fun animals that play a part as well.

4 Stars


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