Review: The Alien’s Shepherd by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon

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The Alien's ShepherdThe Alien’s Shepherd (Aliens and Animals #4)
by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: FF

What if home is a person, not a planet?

After getting transported to an alien planet, shepherd Heather has trouble adjusting to her new surroundings. When a chance to visit Earth for supplies comes up, she jumps on the opportunity, hoping it might help her understand what home really means to her.

Daring pilot Atina from Kyven loves nothing more than to soar through the galaxy without ties to anyone or anywhere… until Heather steps on board of her spaceship and shows her what she’s been missing.

Despite being from two vastly different worlds, they sense a connection between them – but will their love be enough to overcome their challenges?

An out-of-this-world f/f alien romance between an animal-loving human woman and a headstrong alien female. This is a standalone sapphic love story with a guaranteed happy end. If you love lesbian romance, cute animals, and humorous science fiction, this series will make you laugh, swoon, and wish you had your own alien mate.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author through Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.

I was in the mood for a light and fun read, so it was perfect timing when I saw this book on Booksprout. It was a perfect fit for my mood and I was a lot of fun reading this book. The Alien’s Shepherd follows Heather, she’s the cousin of the human main character from book 3 and moved together with her to Kyven. I thought it was fun to see more of Heather and get her point of view now. She’s trying to find a place that feels like home and joins a supply run to Earth, on the ship she meets pilot Atina and they grow closer.

This series has such a perfect mix between the light and fun vibe, but I also like how it touches upon some topics like finding home, falling in love and figuring out what you want from life. There are some fun misunderstandings/ differences between the alien Kyven and the humans and I like those scenes where they communicate and try to explain the differences. There are also some cute animals that play a big role. This book had sheep as well as alien sheep and I really liked seeing Heather in her element and herding sheep. I thought Heather’s struggle to find her home was interesting and I liked seeing her figure things out.

The romance was a great one. I liked how Atina was a pilot and not connected to the three Kyven sisters we know so far, the tie with the previous books is the human this time. I liked seeing how Atina and Heather got to know each other and started spending more time together. They were so cute and fun to read about and I liked seeing them grow closer. There are some fun scenes aboard the space ship as well as on Earth. I only wish there was a bit more of an epilogue or something as I wanted to see more of them as a couple.

To summarize: This was another fun book in this series! I was in the mood for a light and fun read and this one fit my mood perfectly. I like the vibes of these books with the light and fun tone, as well as the romances and cute animals. This book was a great one. I liked reading about Heather and Atina. And it was interesting how Atina was a pilot and unconnected to the previous alien main characters. I liked spending time aboard the space ship as well as on Earth and seeing the differences between the Kyven aliens and the humans. There are some fun scenes with misunderstandings or them explaining differences. I liked the sheep, as well as the alien sheep and seeing Heather as a shepherd. The romance was cute and I liked these two together, I would’ve liked to see an epilogue of some kind to see more of them as a couple and of their future. I would definitely recommend this series if you like sweet scifi romances.

4 Stars


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