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Tangled TruthsTangled Truths (Death Before Dragons #3)
by Lindsay Buroker
narrated by Vivienne Leheny

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Dealing with dragons is hard. Dealing with a teenage daughter is even harder.

My new mission involves both. Weird things are happening in Northern Idaho, and my boss is sending me to investigate. Unfortunately, my daughter and ex-husband are vacationing in the town that’s at the center of the trouble. Coincidence? Or is someone targeting them to get at me?

I’m a wanted woman right now. Not only by the criminal werewolves, orcs, and trolls that I’m often hired to kill. But by the Dragon Justice Court.

An organization full of arrogant, powerful dragons is exactly as horrible as it sounds. They’re the last beings you’d want after your family. If I can’t get to the bottom of the mystery and convince the dragons I’m not their enemy, I stand to lose far more than my own life.

My Review

I am enjoying this series so far and decided to listen to the third book as well. This continues to be a good series. I like the pacing and the way Val gets involved in a new mission in each book, but there are also overarching storylines. In Tangled Truths she’s to investigate some weird rumors close to where her ex husband and daughter are vacationing. So she has to figure out what’s happening there and also see her daughter again for the first time in years and navigate that. Then on top of that there is a new dragon again that is interested in her and finding out what she had to do with a dragons death in book2.

I liked following Val along on this new adventure. It was interesting to see her deal with everything going on and I liked she came up with some peaceful solutions as well to some of the problems, but there is still plenty of action as well. I was feeling a bit mixed about the direction some of the plots where going in, but I was happy a certain plot line didn’t go in the direction I feared, although I am not sure what to think of the new solution. I liked seeing Val’s daughter in this book and the way they awkwardly interact after years of not speaking. I am curious to see how that develops in future books.

Val and Zav’s romance progresses a bit again and in some scenes I really like them together. There is some great banter between them and I can start feeling the romance a bit. Then in other scenes they act in such a way I just can’t see a relationship work between them or maybe only after some changes in both of them. I am curious to see how this will develop and where things go next.

One thing that bothers me is how overly powerful the dragons are. It just feels that even Val can’t do much against them. I do appreciate she still tries to stand her ground against them, but I don’t find it as interesting how overly strong they are and how all the other races don’t even come close. We do get to know a bit more about their political system in this book to understand the dragons a bit more, but I just don’t like the power imbalance and the dragon’s attitude.

I was happy I listened to this on audio as the narrator really fits this series well. She does all the different voices and emotions well and it’s fun to listen to it.

To summarize: This was another good book in the series. I listened to audio again which was great, I like the narrator. There is a new mission for Val in this book and she gets to see her daughter again whom she hasn’t seen in years and the overarching dragon plot line is continuing as another dragon is coming after Val. There is enough going on and I thought the pacing was done well. I liked seeing Val deal with everything that came her way and even find a peaceful solution to some problems. I found it interesting to see how Val and her daughter interacted. The romance between Val and Zav continues and while I am liking their romance more than in book 1 I am still a bit on the fence at times. There are some great scenes with them and other times I just can’t see a romance working between them unless they both change some things. I am enjoying this series and look forward to the next book.

4 Stars


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4 responses to “Review: Tangled Truths by Lindsay Buroker

    • I like to fit these in between other audios when I need a lighter read. I always like the banter and easy to follow plots with plenty of action in this series. I hope you can get around to the next book soon!

  1. A lovely review, Lola:)). I love most of Lindsay Buroker’s series that I’ve read so far, though I haven’t started this one yet. So I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it – thank you for sharing.

    • Same here, I’ve enjoyed the Lindsay Buroker series I read so far. I am slowly making my way through this series and it’s a good one so far.

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