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Strangled SkeinStrangled Skein (Stitches in Crime #9)
by ACF Bookens

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

A three-hundred-year-old house should be full of metaphorical skeletons, not real ones.

But when Paisley Sutton is invited in to salvage the valuables from the attic of an old plantation house, she finds more than she expected amongst the Christmas decorations and trunks of old letters. As she begins to research, she discovers the story of this house has ties to almost everyone she knows, including her own family.

Can Paisley be brave enough to face the facts, and will facing them save her?

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Stitches in Crime is one of my favorite cozy mystery series and I happily dived into this newest installment. Strangled Skein was another awesome read, there were plenty of secrets and mysteries and I liked seeing how Paisley dealt with it all. This book touches upon some heavy and sad topics and I thought the author handled that all well.

In Strangled Skein Paisley has a new house to work on. She’s hired by the new owners to come and look through the house and salvage things she can sell. I like how these people really valued her work and paid her accordingly and how they became good friends as well. This book was filled with mysteries and secrets, some big and others smaller. Some came to light quickly and others piece by piece and even others took till the end to get resolved. I really liked figuring out all the stories of the people who had lived in this house in the past and also how that connected to the people still alive today.

This book kept my attention and I felt like I flew through this one, I wanted to keep reading and see what Paisley would discover next. I liked how many layers the mystery had in this book with new secrets and mysteries coming to light. There were constantly new discoveries about the house and new items they found that added to the stories of the people who had lived here. I really like the historical ties in this series and the way the mysteries have something to do with the past as well as the present. Here those stories and lives of the people of the past influences the lives of people who are still alive. And Paisley gets into danger again.

I liked seeing Paisley and her fiancĂ© Santi handle everything in this book. I like seeing how their romance progresses throughout the series. Now they’re living together and are engaged. I liked seeing how Santi interacted with Paisley’s son Sawyer. And I like how Sawyer he stays part of this series and we see him slowly grow up. I also like seeing all the amazing friends and family Paisley has around her and how they support her.

To summarize: Another great read in this series. Paisley has a new job in this one where she’s salvaging the valuables in a house. I liked how the new owners hire her and value her work and become friends as well. This book had plenty of mysteries and secrets and I liked seeing how it all played out. I liked figuring out what happened to the people who used to live in this house and I like how strongly these mysteries tie into the past, but also are relevant for the present and the people still alive today. This book touches upon some heavy and sad topics, I thought it was all handled well. I like reading about Paisley and her family and friends, she has an amazing group of people around her who are there for her and support her and it’s so fun to read about. I already look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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2 responses to “Review: Strangled Skein by A.C.F. Bookens

  1. Each time you describe how there is a historical element I know I’ll enjoy the series, but I also think it is neat how the series lets the reader see her relationships build and even her son grow up. Great review, Lola!

    • I think you would enjoy this series. The historical elements to the mysteries is very interesting and well done. And I like seeing the romance progress throughout the series and seeing her son grow up.

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