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Stone HeartStone Heart (The Gargoyles of Arrington #3)
Jenn Burke

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MMM

Maybe his heart isn’t made of stone after all…

Centuries ago, Teague O’Reilly and his brothers were cursed to be gargoyles, and their only hope for freedom was to find their true loves. Teague knows he’ll be cursed forever—who would love someone who doesn’t want sex?

Chris Holt does. The bear shifter tricked Teague into binding their souls together in hopes of ending the Holt family curse. He didn’t realize how that jeopardized Teague’s chances to find true love, except… Chris is pretty sure he might be it. Him and Frankie.

Younger than the two other men, Frankie’s had a difficult life as an orphaned mountain lion shifter. He knows he belongs to both Teague and Chris, and Chris knows it too. But they’ll need to work a certain type of magic to convince the asexual gargoyle that there’s more to love than sex.

When the dark, fae-like creature who’s been tormenting them for months resurfaces with a new plan to subjugate them, Frankie will do anything to protect his men.


Stone Heart features a male/male/male triad relationship between an oblivious asexual gargoyle, a gay himbo bear shifter, and a fierce gay mountain lion shifter. There’s also a cabin with only one bed, lots of self-discovery, and a huge found family. It’s the final book in the Gargoyles of Arrington series and has the hardest-won happily ever after, I promise.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Stone Heart is the third and last book in this gargoyle paranormal romance series and I was excited to see the last brother find his happy ending. This book has a MMM romance and I was really curious to see how the author handled it. I thought Stone Heart was an awesome ending to the series. It wraps up all the ongoing series plot lines and has a great romance for Teague as well.

This book had quite a bit of plot to wrap up. There’s the Fomori that cursed the three brothers and still has her sights set on Teague. Then there is Chris and the rest of his family who are still cursed and unable to shift in their bear forms. I liked seeing how these plot lines got resolved. There was an interesting twist and I was glad to see how it all got resolved. It bothered me how the Fomori kept interfering in their lives and I got annoyed with what she was doing, but I think that’s the goal here to show how nasty she is. I did feel at times that with so much plot there wasn’t as much space as I wanted for the romance, but I still really enjoyed this book.

I have to admit I hadn’t seen the hints that this would be a MMM romance in earlier books, but I thought it worked really well here. And Chris and Frankie are both introduced in earlier books already so that helped as I knew a bit about them already. This book has the point of views of all three of the guys and I liked the way they got together. I appreciated how it was low on drama, but there were things they had to figure out and work through. It felt very realistic. I liked how Chris and Frankie were so understanding of Teague being ace and never pushed him for more. And it was awesome to see how they helped each other out. I also really liked how Chris and Teague were there for Frankie when he needed their support. And how Chris took his best to apologize to Teague at the start of the book and showed he was really sorry and this led to some funny situations. There are some great scenes with the three of them and I really liked seeing how they interacted together and formed a throuple.

My only complaint was that I just wanted to see even more of them. They get together relatively early on in the book and then the plot shifts to dealing with the curses for a bit, till at the end there’s the wrap up and epilogue where we see a bit more of how they’re dealing with everything. I just would’ve liked to see even more of the romance and how they are together. The epilogue was awesome and I really liked seeing where it left things.

To summarize: I enjoyed this last installment in the series where the lats brother Teague finds his romance with Chris and Frankie. I liked the way the author handled the MMM romance in this book and I thought they made for a great throuple. With the book being quite plot heavy as well I did wish it was a bit longer so there was more time for the romance and to see them all grow closer. There are some great scenes with the three of them and I liked how they’re there for each other. There isn’t much drama, but they do have things they need to work through. The fomori who cursed them is still there and causing some serious problems in this book and I was really annoyed with her and how she interfered in their lives. I liked seeing how the plot lines regarding the curse got resolved. The epilogue was great and I liked how this book wrapped up the series.

4 Stars


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    • I definitely felt the goal was for her to get on your nerves with how nasty she is. I hadn’t expected the threesome, but I thought it worked well here.

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