Review: Stolen Sorcery & Other Misadventures by Annette Marie and Rob Jacobsen

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Stolen Sorcery & Other MisadventuresStolen Sorcery & Other Misadventures (The Guild Codex: Warped #4)
Annette Marie and Rob Jacobsen

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Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

What’s a hardworking MagiPol agent need to do to get a little R&R?

Between Agent Söze, the treacherous Internal Affairs tyrant who’s taken over my precinct, and the super illegal sorcery my partner Lienna was hiding in said precinct—which is now missing—my usual routine of busting magical criminals has fallen apart in favor of hectic damage control.

But that went out the window too when a respected Guild Master was found dead. Agent Söze is trying to cover it up, which is all the reason I need to make solving the murder my top priority.

Except now Agent Söze is trying to arrest and/or kill me. Not entirely unexpected, but both dangerous and highly irritating.

With the clock ticking on the next mysterious Guild Master murder, Lienna and I have to find a way to prove Agent Söze is behind it all. We need rock-solid evidence to bring him down, which is kind of tricky when crooked agents, shady allies, and cutthroat assassins keep complicating matters.

And if we don’t get to the bottom of it fast, my next day off will be in the morgue as another corpse to be swept under the corruption rug.

My Review

I received a free copy and am voluntarily reviewing it.

Stolen Sorcery & Other Misadventures starts shortly after More Than a Little Warped. Kit and Liena are sent to investigate a mysterious GM death while Söze is still wrecking havoc in the precinct. It quickly escalates with Söze trying to cover up the murder and going after Liena and Kit. This book started off strong and kept going with a steady pace and plenty of danger.

Stolen Sorcery & Other Misadventure has a bit of a different vibe than previous books with Liena and Kit having to sneak around more and trying not to be caught by Söze. This book felt quite tense at times, but I liked how Kit often tried to lighten things with his humor. I really enjoyed reading about Kit and Liena. In some parts I felt like there was a lot of them reacting to things that are happening to them due to the nature of the plot in this book, but then they do start to figure things out and everything comes together at the end of the book. There’s also a clear set up for the next book with not everything fully getting resolved. I was able to predict a few of the twists/ reveals in this book before the character did, which was a bit of a bummer as it felt obvious to me now and then the characters figured it out later than I did.

I really like Kit as a main character, he’s fun to read about and he has some interesting magical powers too. I like reading about him. In this book there are a few more enemies that have a defense against Kit’s powers, which makes sense, but it also sometimes got in the way of him being awesome with his warp powers. There were less new warp powers in this book and mostly more of the same, but I still like reading about how Kit uses his powers to get through situations. I also liked the scene toward the end where he gets involved in a battle in a unique way.

The romance seems to be progressing a bit more in this book. There is less tension between Liena and Kit due to their opposing viewpoints at times and I felt like they became even more of a team and partners in this book. There is something Liena isn’t telling and I was curious to see when the truth would come out, I liked when she finally confided in Kit and how Kit handled it. I feel like they’re growing closer and I look forward to seeing where their romance goes.

There are some cameo appearances of characters form the Demonized and Spellbound series as well in this book. And I definitely recommend reading these series in the intended order as I think it’s more fun that way. Some appearances feel a bit forced, but it’s nice to see more of characters I already know and like. And the direction things take at the end of the book with Kit teaming up with a side character from one of those series is quite promising.

To summarize: This was another great read in this series, this book starts of strong and keeps going with a steady pace. There is a bit more tension in this book with Kit and Liena being on the run and not being able to move about as easily as in previous books. At times it felt like they were mostly reacting to what was happening, but I liked when they started figuring things out and piercing together what was going on. I enjoy reading about Kit and his unique warp powers, even though there are more enemies that seem to be able to withstand them in this book. The romance between Kit and Liena seems to be slowly building, with them feeling more like a team and there’s less of their opposing viewpoints. There are plenty of cameo appearances with characters from the Demonized and Spellbound series. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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