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Stolen PrincessStolen Princess (Pirates of Felicity #2)
by Kelly St. Clare

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Fantasy

Certainty is slipping through my fingers like pirates’ gold.

After escaping to our secret sanctuary, I’m haunted by the guilt of my decision. And the close call with Malice left me with more than doubt—I’m now harboring a magical fugitive.

When Cosmo reveals a darkness is spreading from his wound, our crew must brave capture by our enemies to cure him. But will saving his life leave me in fragments?

Answers to questions I’d rather ignore are forced savagely into the light. An ancient, tribal magic squeezes from all sides, leaving one treacherous path that I must walk beside my crew. Except, for the first time in my life, I’d rather walk alone.

Secrecy is becoming too much like normalcy.
Normalcy has become too much to bear.

What will be left when all is undone and I’m left in tatters?

Prepare to journey into seas of dire adventure, complex characters, magic with a twist, and slow-burn romance. A story full of heart, with a dollop of humor, scroll up and one-click to continue this riveting new series by USA Today Bestselling author, Kelly St Clare, today!

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

After reading book 1 in this series last month, I couldn’t wait to return to this world and see what Ebba-Viva, her fathers, Cosmo and Jagger would get up to in this book. Stolen Princess was a great sequel. The main plot line develops, there is more adventure and reveals. More about the characters and more magic. I really liked where the story went and seeing the direction things went. It was awesome!

Stolen princess continues the story of Immortal Plunder. I liked seeing how the events of book 1 changed the characters, but there is more change and reveals coming in this one. And I am sure there will be even more changes and reveals in later books. There’s an important reveal about Ebba in this book, which was great. I was thinking in the right direction, but hadn’t quite predicted that. I thought everyone’s reaction to it was pretty realistic and I am actually kinda happy it ended how it did as it felt realistic. There’s also a twist at the end of the book, that I had predicted since book 1, it was awesome to discover I had predicted that right. And there’s some nicely done foreshadowing about both reveals.

I also have a bunch of guesses and theories about some things that I am curious to see if they are true. There are enough hints and foreshadowing going on, but it’s not always quite clear where things are going, which makes it fun to read and see how things develop. I am really curious where the story goes next.

Ebba-Viva is slowly changing a bit and I actually like how she is still the same girl who would rather stick her head in the sand than ask questions that might upset the balance they have. But she also is thinking about things a bit more. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t get a choice and some questions get answered in this book whether she wants to or not. I like how she stayed true to herself, but also found it interesting to see her struggle with this new knowledge and what to do with it. She’s such an interesting character and she has quite a lot to deal with. I like how she stands her ground and fight for what she cares for. I did wish she would be more interested in the magic as I am interested about that, but she does seem to be more open to learning about it, which is great.

There are also some reveals surrounding her fathers that come to light here. I had a much easier time remembering who was who in this book. I feel like their individual personalities and traits are clearer in my head by now. And I liked seeing more of them. Cosmo has a sickness in this book that they need to deal with and it’s great to see how everyone handled it and how they did their best to help him. There’s also some pieces we learn about Jagger that shed some new light on his character and I hope we eventually learn the truth about his motives.

And there’s a bunch of more information we get about the world and the magic and what’s happening to the realm. I liked how we got a better feel of the danger that’s approaching and what’s going on with the magic. It’s quite interesting to learn more about the magic. It was a bit much to take in, especially when we get a bunch of information toward the end, but I was excited to learn more and I am really curious to see how this will develop throughout the series. I feel like we got the first pieces of a bigger plot and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. The whole culture of the tribes people was also interesting and how we learn a bit more about some of the magic items.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this sequel! This is shaping up to be an amazing series. I really liked seeing the direction the story took in this book. There is more adventure, magic and more about the characters. There are some great reveals and even one reveal I had managed to predict, yay! I enjoyed following Ebba-Viva as she handles everything that gets thrown at her in this book. I like how she stays true to herself and stands her ground, but also changes a bit and has some trouble dealing with what she learns. I liked learning more about the world and the tribe we meet was interesting to read about. I especially liked leaning more about the magic plot line and what’s happening to the realm. All in all a great read and I can’t wait to get my hands on book 3! And I want to find out if my guesses and theories surrounding some things are correct.

4 Stars


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What are some of your favorite fantasy worlds you read about?

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8 responses to “Review: Stolen Princess by Kelly St Clare

    • The fantasy world really is great and I like how they are pirate,s but still decent people too. The main character is great and it’s realistic how she struggles with things in this book.

  1. IT does seem like you’re really enjoying this series! Sounds like you’re especially having fun with predictions. That’s fun that there was one you were close to but not quite right and another you were right about. And that is great you were able to tell the fathers apart better this time and that they seemed more unique. First books can be difficult when there are a lot of characters, especially in similar roles.

    • There’s a lot going on and a bunch of foreshadowing, so it’s fun to make guesses as to what is going to happen.

      I agree first books can be tough when there are a lot of characters and indeed even more here with multiple who have the same role, but the author did a great job giving them all their own personality and now that I spend more time reading about them it’s easier to tell them apart.

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