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Today will be a little bit different than my normal reviews as I’ve decided to review the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an animated series set in the Star Wars galaxy and takes place between the prequel films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The Clone Wars shows us what really takes place during those years. And I have to admit that I think it’s better than any of the movies as it shows us so much more from the characters to the world, the series has a lot of depth and adds a lot to the star wars universe.

Over the course of this summer I watched all 6 seasons of this series and I loved it. So I just had to feature it on my blog. I love Star Wars, but my favourite movies are the prequel movies, so having 6 seasons full of episodes take place in this time period was a true joy. Not only because it means seeing my favourite characters still alive and being their awesome selves, but also because Star Wars the Clone War adds so much to the universe, characters and story. I really enjoyed watching the whole series and am sad it’s over. I have written this review focussing on 7 reasons why I think The Clone Wars is an awesome series.

Beware if you haven’t seen the Star Wars movies there might be some spoilers for the movies. All pictures in this post come from the Star Wars wiki and are fair use, images are linked to the page I found them on.

AnakinPadme-DMAnakin Skywalker. So Anakin Skywalker is probably my favourite Star Wars character. If I was the type the swoon over fictional characters I would totally swoon over Anakin. He has everything I like in a character, compelx personality, weakness and strenghts and he’s willing to fight for those he cares about. So yeah I am a big Anakin fan and would probably watch this series if only to see Anakin in action. So lucky for me he’s in a lot of episodes :).
I always have preferred the prequel movies as I feel that in the original trilogy his character is much less interesting, being pretty much a standard evil guy, while in the prequel trilogy he is pretty awesome. I feel like he has much less personality in the original movies. Also I never really cared as much about the characters in the original trilogy, I never really cared about Luke or Hans Solo or princess Leila. I prefer the cast of characters in the prequel movies with Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé, Jar Jar and the Jedi council. Sure some of these are also in the original trilogy, but they aren’t quite the same then and I think they are more interesting characters in the prequel movie and have more personality and depth there, and ofcourse they are the main characters then.
So having this whole series focus on the characters form the prequel movies was a joy. Even though we get a good sense of Anakin’s personality in the movies, I feel that this series shows us even more. I like Anakin because of how deeply he cares, even though that’s against the Jedi code. I like how that makes him a complex character and how the walks the line between good and evil because of that. Or doing bad things for all the right reason. I like how he rushes into action, is a great pilot and prefers to be in the middle of the battle than on the sidelines, I like how he comes up with weird, but original tactics that somehow are a great risk and still work. And I like how he treats the characters around him. In The Clone Wars we see more interactions of him with other characters, I like his banter with Kenobi, his relationship with Padmé and how we fully see how that affects them both and his bond with his padawan Ahsoka.

AhsokaAhsoka Tano. If you haven’t watched any of the animated series you probably doesn’t even know this character exists, which really is a shame as she’s awesome. In one of the first episodes Ahsoka shows up as Anakin his padawan. Yeah I didn’t really expect Anakin to be good teacher and he isn’t at first, same goes for Ahsoka not being a good student. But their relationship changes and I really liked seeing them interact and see how much Ahsoka learned from Anakin and she takes over some of his personality and ways of dealing with situations and as that’s part of Anakin that I like it’s also why I like Ahsoka.
Halfway during the series her appearance changes a bit and she grows up more and start fighting with two lightsabers. She rushes head first into action, not always agrees with the Jedi Council and is very headstrong. She’s also has an unwavering faith in her master and believes in doing the right thing and helping others. She’s a wonderful character and in a way The Clone Wars series feel like it tells her story. There’s a reason why she isn’t in the third movie, but I won’t spoil that. I did think it was very well done and it really made sense. Although those last few episodes made me feel really sad for Ahsoka, but i did feel like the made the right decision.

Skywalker_Ohnaka_KenobiThe Characters. There is a wide variety of characters in The Clone Wars and there are episodes who focus on what in the movies are essentially side characters. Even the side character get the spotlight and we learn a lot more about them. I loved learning more about Padmé, JarJar Binks, but also Joda, Mace Windu, some senate members and we even meet lots of new characters, like Ahsoka and the clones. I love Ahsoka, she’s an amazing character and I can’t believe she isn’t even in the original movies as she plays such a big part here. We learn some backstory of Obi-Wan Kenobi and how there’s a women he loves, but he can’t be with. We see the easy camaderie between him and Anakin. Then there are some episodes which focus on Padmé and her role as senator, she goes on some dangerous missions and we see her fighting to end the war. Then there are side character like Captain Rex, other clone troopers, Cad Bane, Asaij Ventress, and Hondo Ohnaka. They really fill up this series with awesome side characters who all have their own personalities and story. They really do a great job with the side characters and at times it’s hard to tell who really are the main characters. There are episodes with Jedi Younglings, pirates storm troopers and so many more. The star wars universe really comes alive and knowing what happens next it’s a shame we won’t see more of many of these characters. Although I’ve heard some of them will make an appearance in the Star Wars Rebel animated series.

The_Gathering-YodaThe Jedi. While in the movies there are only a few Jedi that steal the spotlight, The Clone Wars shows us much more Jedi. Both on the light and the dark side and some like Vos and Ventress that sort of toe the line between those sides. We also see more about the force powers, The jedi temple, their decisions and we see more Jedi in action. There are a few episodes that focus on Joda, that really show more of his character and I have a feeling he might know so much more than he lets on. They also show Jedi Council members that aren’t even in the movies or only briefly and they have their own scenes and appearances here. I also liked the episodes with Mace Windu and how he is a much more complex and interesting character than I would have ever thought. We really get a feel of how the Jedi temple and the Jedi’s worked before the war and what being involved in the war does to Jedi.

R2-KT_meetingForeshadowing and effects of previous decisions. As the Clone Wars takes place in between movie 2 and 3, we see lots of foreshadowing for the next movie. One scene I especially liked is where Anakin uses a force choke on a seperatist to get info that could safe one of those he cares about. It shows him toeing that line between good and evil. There are lots of scenes like that, that hint to later events and what he will become. Then there is Senator Palpatine and we see how he tries to sway things to his hand and knowing who he really is gives a very unique perspective on al his actions and what he does. There are some episodes that really set the stage for what happens in the later movies. And also the results of some past decisions and how they play out and what kind of effects they have. Like how Padmé and Anakin have to hide their relationship and how that frustrates them both. Knowing what happens next can also be a bit frustrating at times, like when you know General Grievus and Count Dooku won’t be killed till the third movie and thus will survive all the encounters in this movie.

More Species, cultures, politics and worlds. The movies focus only on a few planets and species, The Clone Wars show so much more. We learn more about other alien species, their cultures and politics. We learn more about the Twileks, Mandalore, a race of blue skinned aliens, the hutts, bounty hunters, a pirate race and more. We see many different planets and see how the war affects them. We learn how they rule their planets and all the politics involving the war and the planets in this solar system. This series shows the true extend of the Star Wars universe and the people who live in it.

RexThe War. While in the movies the Clone Wars is shown with a few battles and hints that it is more, here we see the full extend of the war. We see the horrors of the war we see good people die, we see planets who try to remain neutral being swept up in the war. We see things change and we see lots of battles. We see the politics behind it, the call for more money and more troopers. We see how the clone troopers are more than clones and how they have their own personality. How they believe in what they fight for, but also question things. He they are individual characters and not just soldiers. Like Rex and commander Cody, then there are a lot of Clone Trooper who don’t make it, but still leave an impact. We see the trooper home world and how they are made and trained.

To summarize: The Clone Wars shows us more, a new side of the clone wars and more about what it means and who’s involved. We meet new characters, see more of familiar characters and learn more about their personalities. If you are a fan of Star Wars I would recommend you give this series a try as you are really missing out on a great piece of star wars lore and world building if you don’t. There is so much depth in this series and as there are a lot of seasons, we see a lot more story, world and characters. I loved this series and am really glad I watched it, it’s an amazing series.


What’s you favourite star wars movie? Do you prefer the original or the prequel movies? Have you seen The Clone Wars? What’s you favourite Star Wars character?

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18 responses to “Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars

  1. Ooooh, I didn’t know there was something like this! Star Wars is something I have never ever read despite its popularity, but something I make sure to read and watch when the perfect opportunity presents itself. It makes me happy to know that betweenthe movies, there is something like this so we can have a more intimate peek into the characters’ development and depth.
    Faye la Patata recently posted…Potato Strip #5: The Struggles of Writing a Positive ReviewMy Profile

    • I watched the Star Wars movies last year for the first time. I thought I wouldn’t like Star wars with all the sapcey stuff and such as I never liked sci-fi until last year, but my boyfriend convinced me to watch it and now I am a big star wars fan. The popularity also scared me a bit at first, but now I understand why it’s so popular.

      I own the prequel trilogy in book format and just started reading the first book. The books are actually based on the movies instead of the other way around, which is interesting. Not sure if I will ever buy the original trilogy in book format as I liked those movies less.

      I hope you eventually will watch star wars, it’s a great universe and The Clone Wars series is a fantastic addition to the world of star wars.
      The movies have limited time to tell the story and I felt that in the clone wars they take mroe time to focus on the characters and the story, so there’s more depth to everything. And seeing at it’s 6 seasons of all about 20 episodes that last 20 minutes, I guess it’s udnerstandable they can put more depth into the story and characters.

  2. You know, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. I’ve seen all the movies several times. I’ve never watched the Clone Wars all the way through. When I first started to watch them, it was when I think Cartoon Network was showing them in small segments and I tried to get all of them, but I think I missed some pieces. I never did go back and watch all of it start to finish. I really should do that.

    My favorite movie is still the original, before Lucas went back and added all the “extras” to it. I still have a copy of it on VHS. I keep hoping that Disney will release the original on DVD one day. I don’t know who my favorite character is, they all have there good and bad points. Maybe R2D2, he always seems to be the voice of reason and knows what is going on. I don’t know. Hard to say.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Claimed Audiobook by Rebecca Zanetti (REVIEW)My Profile

    • R2D2 is one of my favourite characters as well, my boyfriend I often joke he’s actually the main character as he’s the only one who’s in all the movies and series so far. There are some great Artoo episodes in Clone Wars were he goes on an adventure and even one were he saves lots of lives, some great Anakin and Artoo bonding scenes as well. Anakin never wiped Artoo his memory and goes to far lenghts to save his droid in one episode.

      I only watched star wars last year for the first time when my boyfriend convinced me to watch it. We started with the prequel movies, so I think that might be why those are my favourite. I think I’ve seen the original movies with the extra’s, but not sure. There are many great star wars characters and like you said they all have their good and abd points, that’s what I like about them.

      I hope you get around to watching the whole clone wars series eventually 🙂

  3. I watched the original Star Wars which became part IV at the drive-in when I was a kid and then saw five and six in the theater. I enjoyed the adventure feel to those and not so much the world building and ‘family’ drama though that was good. I actually avoided the three prequel movies for the longest time as a result. Then I finally watched them when they came on TV and enjoyed them. I still haven’t watched the Clone Wars though my brother who is a Star Wars fanatic has insisted that I need to do that. Based on your review, it sounds like I really do.
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    • If you enjoyed the rest of the movies I would say you probably will enjoy the clone wars too. I think the clone wars might be even better than the movies. It has episodes that are more adventure style, some action/ war episodes and some that are more emotional/ drama like. It has a great mix of all elements. I loved the prequel movies and watched those first, the original trilogy was a bit disapointing after that. I can imagine if you watched those movies first back when they were just released it would have a very different impact.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Star Wars The Clone WarsMy Profile

    • I hope they are on Netflix or Amazon over there! It’s a great series, so I hope you’ll have the chance to watch them. I feel like so many people don’t know this series exist or never watched it, while it just as good, maybe even better than the movies and by far not as popular.

  4. It has been a long time since I’ve watched any of the movies, but did watch one of the cartoon series years ago when my son was younger. I don’t remember which one it was though. The animation looks fantastic with this one. I should should binge the movies sometime.
    Christy recently posted…Bits & Pieces by Jonathan MaberryMy Profile

    • It probably was The Clone Wars you saw a few episodes of then as they only started airing Rebels recently. And those are the only two animated star wars series. The animation was really done well in this series, everyting looked great. I hope you get the chance to watch this series!

  5. I’ve thought of watching these, but I’m not sure I can, lol. I’m too attached to the actors in the movies, especially Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi that the different voice might bother me. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though!
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    • I think for quite some characters have the same voice actors or voice actors who are very similiar. I haven’t noticed many voices sounding different, they really did well with the voices of the characters. The animated characters take some getting used to in the first few episodes as they look a bit different, but after that it’s normal.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Star Wars The Clone WarsMy Profile

    • I love the star wars universe and it was so awesome when we discovered the clone wars and had a whole extra series of star wars to watch. I haven’t read/ watched many alinen and spaceship stories so far, although ever since I watched star wars and read a good sci-fi book i’ve been reading and watching more sci-fi.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Star Wars The Clone WarsMy Profile

  6. superior paper

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a pretty good show in my book. The first two seasons were a bit draggy for me as they just dealt with the effects of the movie of the same name. Things started to get really exciting entering the 3rd until the final season. We got to see a lot of interesting story lines, new characters and some characters we thought were long gone like Darth Maul. Overall it was a really good show. I just hope that Star Wars Rebels can live up to it as well.

    • I thought the first two seasons were good as well as there was still enough things like getting to know Ahsoka that kept my attention. But it did feel that it got better once things started rolling. I’ve watched the first two seasons of star wars rebels so far and thought they were good.

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