Review: Snowstorms and Sleigh Bells by Kelley Armstrong

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Snowstorms & Sleigh BellsSnowstorms & Sleigh Bells (A Stitch in Time #2.5)
by Kelley Armstrong

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Historical Romance/ Time Travel Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

It’s a Victorian Christmas at Thorne Manor, and Rosalind Courtenay is staying far, far away from the door that leads to the twenty-first century. It took her four years to get back home, and she’s never going near the time stitch again. But her five-year-old son has other plans, and Rosalind finds herself plunged back into the modern world, where she decides to face her fears and give her family the holiday gift of a lifetime. Once again, Fate has other ideas, sending a blizzard to derail Rosalind’s cautious planning and toss them all into a whirlwind of savage snowstorms, spectral sleigh bells and, perhaps, a Christmas ghost or two.

My Review

With Christmas coming up I thought this was the perfect time to read this one and I am glad I did. It was great returning to this world and see how Rosalind, August and Edmund celebrate Christmas. They’re visiting Thorne Manor this Christmas and Rosalind is planning to stay far away from the stitch to the twenty-first century, but not everything goes according to plan.

This felt a bit like an extended epilogue, we get to see more of Rosalind and how happy she is back in her life with her husband August and her son Edmund. There are romantic scenes as well as touching family scenes and others where they’re enjoying being a family. I thought the Christmas vibe came across well and there’s a snowstorm and two ghosts as well.

I liked how this book delved a bit more into Rosalind’s happy ending, but also shone more light on the trauma she went through being stuck in the twenty-first century for years without her husband and kid. She finally comes to accept that she did go through traumatic and even deals a bit with her feelings. Besides that it also sets the stage for book 3 with Rosalind’s sister arriving as well as a ghost that I think will have something to do with book 3. I also liked that we see the main characters from book 1 and how they’re interacting with Rosalind and her family.

To summarize: This was an awesome novella that reads as an extended epilogue set around Christmas while setting the stage for book 3 at the same time. I liked the Christmas vibe and getting to see Rosalind spend some quality time with her husband and son. There are touching moments, sweet ones and romantic ones. And I just really enjoyed seeing more of this family. I also liked how this story adds something to Rosalind’s story as she has to come to terms with the trauma she went through while being stuck in the twenty-first century. I liked how supportive August is and how he’s there for her and wants to help her. I also liked the hints for what’s to come in book 3. This story is definitely worth the read if you like this series.

4 Stars


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2 responses to “Review: Snowstorms and Sleigh Bells by Kelley Armstrong

  1. I think it is great that she wrote these holiday in between novellas and gave the previous novels some good story extension. Glad you enjoyed it for a holiday read.

    • I think these in between novellas are great, they feel like an extended epilogue and give you more story and a set up for the next book too. I am glad I could fit this one in around Christmas.

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