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Sigils & SushiSigils & Sushi (Sigils & Sushi #1)
by Nia Quinn

My Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult

The sushi’s fresh, the demons are bickering, and I think that centaur just clotheslined himself…

I’m Immy. I suck at being a witch, but make up for it with mad style. What, you don’t believe me? Ask my demon roommates. Yeah, the plushie-loving softie and the one set on world domination.

I check in rental cars for supernatural customers leaving town, so I score whatever they ditch before they get on a plane home—and lemme tell you, they leave some weird stuff behind. Weird enough that sometimes it’s a toss-up if it’ll help pay the bills, or cause the next best thing to an apocalypse.

I really don’t wanna start an apocalypse, but c’mon, I gotta eat. What’s a girl to do?

Sigils & Sushi is a found family adventure filled with go-go-go action and slice-of-life coziness. Contains excessive humor, magic, chaos, and delicious sushi. Pack your chopsticks!

My Review

After listening to Wreck of Witches earlier this year I was excited to pick up this series as well. And as it has the same narrator as Wreck of Witches, I went for the audio version of Sigils & Sushi. I loved this book, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first, but I quickly got hooked. This book feels so fresh and original. It reads like urban fantasy, but also different than most urban fantasy books. Paranormal creatures are everywhere and the book is filled with them as well as magic. The world building was so well done and all the characters feel real and have their own personalities. I really like this author’s writing style and both of her books so far landed on my favorites of 2023 list, I can’t wait for more!

Sigils & Sushi follows the point of view of Immy, she’s a witch with chaotic magic that doesn’t always follow her wishes. She lives with 2 demon roommates. And she works at a car rental company, where she stumbles upon a dangerous looking artifact and takes it home and quickly she has a whole horde of tugs after her to steal the artifact. I really liked reading about Immy, she’s such a vibrant and interesting character to read about and I loved following her story. The ADHD representation was really well done, I really liked how being an ADHD’er is an integral part of her personality and the way it’s sprinkled throughout the book, with frequent scenes where it pops up, felt very realistic.

This book is also filled with amazing vibrant side characters. Every side character has their own personality and I could easily remember who is who. I like the narrator and how she conveys a different vibe for each side character and the way she voices them fits their personality, which is great. I really liked most side characters and how each interacted with Immy. I was especially fond of Bracchius and Cucumber was quite the fun character too and then there’s Aster who was so fun so read about as well.

The plot is well done and the main plot line about the artifact continues throughout the book and gets resolved at the end, making the book have a clear ending, while still leaving enough room for more stories. I am glad to hear this will be a series and there will be more books. There are side plot lines throughout, as well as these fun little seemingly random scenes, many of which still tie back to the main plot or character related plot lines. The world building is done really well. It’s like every possible paranormal creature exists and while there isn’t a lot of detail about each of them, the way they got described and how the city accommodates all these creatures made the world come alive and I really liked the vibe of it.

I really like Amy Hall’s narration for this book. She does the different voices really well and gives every character their own vibe to match their personality, which makes it even easier to tell everyone apart.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book. It’s well written with an engaging plot, awesome characters that each have their own personality and a vibrant magical world that really comes alive. I loved this book and quickly got hooked. It feels pretty fresh and original. I liked reading about Immy, she’s such a fun and interesting characters to read about. I thought her ADHD was well written and felt very realistic. All the side characters have their own personality and vibe and the narrator enhanced this by how she did the different voices, which made it easy to remember who was who. The plot was engaging and kept my interest, there’s some action as well as fun moments. The ending wrapped up the plot about the artifact while leaving enough room for more books. The world feels very vibrant and really comes alive with all the different paranormal creatures that live in the city and all the magic. I can’t wait to read whatever this author writes next!

5 Stars


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    • I agree it is really wonderful when you find that perfect combination for an audiobook. I really like this author’s books so far!

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