Review: Shifter’s Truth by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

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Shifter's TruthShifter’s Truth (Purple Oasis #5)
Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: FF

Stella has never felt ready to accept the shifter side of herself…until now.

Stella has always struggled with accepting her inner self, which is why she never went through her shifter ceremony and got her tattoo. But now she’s determined the time is right, she can’t get the bewitching tattoo artist out of her head.

As one of the resident tattoo artists at Purple Oasis, Carly has done plenty of shifter tattoos before, but something about Stella’s feels different.

Can Stella find her inner animal and love all at the same time?

Shifter’s Truth is part of the Purple Oasis paranormal romance series. It includes a sweet f/f romance involving a nervous deer shifter and a confident cat shifter.

If you enjoy light paranormal romances, coming-of-age storylines, post-apocalyptic settings, sweet moments, guaranteed happy endings, and casual magic systems, then start the Purple Oasis series today with Witch’s Trust.

My Review

I was in the mood for another book in this series and picked up Shifter’s Truth. I really enjoyed this latest installment and am really enjoying this series. Shifter’s Truth is Carly and Stella’s story, both characters we already met as side characters in earlier books and I was excited for their story!

I really enjoyed Shifter’s Truth and how much more I got to learn about shifters, their bond with their familiars as well as the shifter tattoos. I really enjoyed following Stella on her journey to discover what type of shifter she was and find her first familiar. I was so excited to find out what type of shifter she was and I liked seeing her interact with her familiar.

I liked Carly and Stella, seeing them interact and fall in love was great. And it was nice how I already knew these these characters from previous books. I liked how Carly helped Stella with her shifter journey and guided her, then they fall in love along the way. Their romance was sweet and I really liked seeing them work things out and give their romance a try.

There are plenty of mentions of especially Zoe, Stella’s best friend, as well as other characters I got to know throughout the series. There is an interesting event involving characters later on and we meet a bunch of new characters at the end, one of which will be the main character in the next book.

The hopeful tone of this series is awesome especially as it’s set during the post-apocalypse. Seeing the world rebuild, character feel safe again and romances blossom is great. I like how the post-apocalyptic setting gives the series an unique vibe.

To summarize: Another great read in this series. I liked how I already knew Stella and Carly from previous books in which they’re side characters. They made for a great couple and I liked seeing them grow closer. I especially liked learning more about shifters and how their magic worked i this book. Stella goes trough the process of finding her first familiar and going through the Shifter ceremony. The post-apocalyptic setting makes for an unique vibe, especially with the hopeful tone. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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2 responses to “Review: Shifter’s Truth by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

    • It’s a great series so far. It has the post-apocalyptic setting, but then not many of the usual themes and instead focuses on rebuilding and hope. It has a much lighter tone and the romances are great too.

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