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Shaun the Sheep MovieShaun The Sheep The Movie

When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it’s up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.
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My Review:
I really enjoyed the Shaun the Sheep seasons that I watched, so when I heard about there being a movie I was really excited. The trailers looked great and I couldn’t wait to watch the movie. Instead of watching it at the cinema we waited till it was released here and bought the dvd.

Shaun the Sheep the movie follows the story of Shaun, the main characters, and his flock of sheep. The movie starts to show their daily life on the farm, until things go wrong. They put the farmer asleep and in a caravan he goes to the big city. Eventually shaun and his flock and the dog decide to go after him and they end up in the big city as well. It was fun to see the sheep out of their normal environment of the farm and try to hide and fit in, in the big city. It made for great scenes and an interesting plot.

Shaun the Sheep The movie was an enjoyable movie. When I started watching I was a bit impatient for them to get to the big city part, as the first scenes focus on the farm. Later though it becomes clear what the reason for those scenes is and it made me think they are necessary for the plot, it was well done. The movie has the same feel as the series, with the same kind of humour, the sheep getting in trouble and all the familiar characters. There are also some new characters introduced in this movie, mainly other people and animals they encounter in the big city. There’s a stray dog that plays an important part and becomes friends with Shaun and the flock. And there’s an animal capturer, who was basicaly the bad guy. Only thing I was a bit dissapointed about is that there aren’t more scenes with Shirley (the fat sheep) as she’s one of my favourite sheep characters.

This movie can be watched as a standalone, so no need to watch the series first. There is a lot of humour and I laughed quite a few times while watching. The story and plot is well done and it’s pretty impressive how much emotion can be conveyed even while there isn’t a word being spoken in the movie. The scenes rely a lot on the music and the animation of the characters and their facial expressions. The movie is very well made. The pace is well done and there isn’t a dull moment. There is a clear plot, although some events might be slightly unrealistic, that makes it even more fun.

The movie is a bit more serious than the series. It’s not only fun and comedy, but there’s also a deeper message behind the story. There are alos a few scenes that involve danger and a few sad scenes. The ending was pretty perfect, it wrapped up the story and ended on a happy note. Don’t take the story too serious though, there are quite some things that wn’t work in real life, but that doesn’t disrupt the fun of watching it. In fact the slightly unbelievable scenes are what can make the movie fun at times. It’s not unbelievable in way that disrupts the plot line, but just toeing the line a bit to make the movie more fun.

To summarize: I loved Shaun the Sheep the Movie. It’s a great movie for people of all ages. There’s a lot of humour and comical scenes, but there’s also action and adventure. The story can even get a bit more serious at times, with some sadder and some dangerous scenes. It’s impressive how much emotion this movie conveys by using only music and facial expressions as there is no understandable spoken language in the movie, but it’s still perfectly understandable. The ending wraps it all up perfectly. All in all I really enjoyed this movie, I laughed out loud at some scenes and there wasn’t a dull moment.


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Have you ever watched any of the shaun the sheep episodes? Are you planning on seeing this movie?

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20 responses to “Review: Shaun the Sheep the Movie

    • I’ve seen the first two seasons of the series so far, still need to get my hands on season 3 and 4 once. The movie was so good, all the things I like from the series but then longer.

    • I can imagine you get enough from disney channel if you have to watch it too long. Moderation is key when it comes to things like that I guess.

      While kids are the primary audience I think Shaun the Sheep is a movie that’s enjoyable for all ages.
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    • I hope you and your family will enjoy this movie! I still have to watch Wallace and Gromit, might have to watch those movies soon too. I have heard of Timmy his show, but haven’t seen that one either.

    • That’s what I like about animated movies too, the humour works for both adults and children. I haven’t watched Shrek yet, but I might give it a try now that you mentioned it.

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