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Risky WitchnessRisky Witchness (Haunted Haven #2)
Ada Bell

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Enjoy this enchanting second installment in the Haunted Haven series by award-winning author Ada Bell!

After her early days in Willow Falls nearly got her killed, Emma treats herself to a nice, peaceful day at a spa with her ghostly grandfather. With free coffee, fluffy bathrobes, and luxurious linens, this place is heaven for a thread witch. Or it would be, if not for that guy who won’t get off his cell phone. Darren is so rude, loud, and condescending, Emma is barely surprised when she finds him dead on the massage table. Unfortunately, after news of their disagreement spread, she quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Darren was a high-powered businessman. He didn’t care who got hurt on his way to the top. Investigating his death means following a trail of wronged business associates, hoodwinked partners, estranged relatives, and wrongfully fired employees. The more Emma digs, the more suspects she finds. To make matters worse, the local police officers have noticed her talking to people who aren’t there. Suddenly, helping Darren becomes a risky proposition. Can Emma find the real killer before she gets locked up?

Risky Witchness is a paranormal cozy mystery set in a small town, with ghosts, witches, and a talking cat. Oh my! Fans of Angie Fox, Amy Boyles, and Annabel Chase will love this bewitching series.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Risky Witchness is the second book in the Haunted Haven series and I quickly dove into this book after receiving my copy. Risky Witchness was an awesome read, I liked reading more about Emma, her powers and her house turned B&B as well as following her as she gets involved into another mystery.

The mystery in this book was excellent! While looking almost straightforward from the start, there’s a lot more to it than it seems at first. I really liked uncovering more layers and seeing more truths come out during the investigation. There is a solid feel of progression through the book as new pieces come to light, alibis are verified and Emma uncovers more clues. The resolution was awesome with a great twist and all the pieces made sense. I really liked seeing how everything played out and I also liked how Emma uses her magic as well as ghost speaking gift to solve this one. The paranormal element is intrinsically woven in with the mystery, which I liked. And the whole mystery was just so cleverly done, I liked how everything made sense and it made for a very satisfying conclusion.

I liked reading more about Emma in this book. She’s visiting a spa with her grandfather who is a ghost when she gets pulled into the murder mystery. She’s a likable character and I liked seeing her solve another mystery and deal with another ghost. I liked reading about Emma’s magic and the way her thread magic comes in handy as well. Besides that she’s very aware and notices fabrics which made sense given her magic.

As frustrating and annoying as Darren (the dead guy, who is now a ghost) could be, he did grow on my a bit during the story. He still wasn’t a nice guy, but he sure had a big personality that popped off the page. Seeing how Emma and Darren interacted and worked together to solve he mystery was fun. There’s also more of Walter, Pink and the cook. As well as the new guest T. And then there are the characters who are potential suspects in the mystery. The last chapter has a nice lead in for the next book and I look forward to the next book!

To summarize: This was an awesome sequel! The mystery is excellent, seemingly straightforward at first, with more layers and twists as they discover more. I liked how the mystery progressed with more things coming to light during the investigation. I also liked how Emma’s magic is part of how she approaches and solves the mystery, both her thread magic as well as her ability to see ghosts. I thought the resolution to the mystery was very cleverly done, a nice twist and everything made sense too. I liked reading more about Emma, her magic and her B&B in this book. The new ghost Darren wasn’t a nice guy, but her had a large personality that popped off the page and he did grow on me a bit during the book. I liked reading about how Emma and Darren solved the mystery. There are familiar and new side characters as well that round out the story and a nice set up for the next book. I can’t wait for the next one!

4 Stars


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    • I like how her grandfather’s ghost helps her out with solving the mystery, although in this book the other ghost played a larger role. It’s a good series so far!

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