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Pretend to Be My CowboyPretend to Be My Cowboy (The O’Sullivan Sisters #1)
by Sophia Quinn

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

The only way to keep her safe is to make everyone think she’s his…

Inheriting the ranch in Montana after her estranged father’s death is a surprise, but finding out she’s one of seven daughters is the real shock. And now Emma has to track them all down in order to sell? Oh yeah, this short trip to the middle of nowhere just got a whole lot more complicated. At least the foreman of the property is kind enough to make her feel welcome. Nash might be a gruff, stoic cowboy, but when he agrees to give her a taste of country living and introduce her to the lovely people of small-town Aspire, she’s done for. This cowboy is so sweet and handsome, he’s almost too good to be true…

His father is after her land…

Nash doesn’t know what to expect from the city girl who’s just inherited his ranch. But it definitely isn’t Emma. He knows what his family wants—her land. And he knows he should be doing whatever it takes to get her to sell. But one look at the way she lights up beneath the big sky and all he can think about is how to protect her from his father’s ambitious determination. Convincing his family and the town that she’s his girlfriend is a temporary fix. Until his heart gets involved. And then all bets are off. Because family is complicated, but love? Love is everything.

My Review

I received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Pretend to Be My Cowboy is the first book in The O’Sullivan Sisters series by Sophia Quinn. Cowboy romances or fake romance aren’t my favorite tropes, but I love small town settings and as I already knew one half of this writing duo and enjoyed her books I knew I had to give this series a try. While I was a bit hesitant when starting this one, I quickly was won over. This is a sweet and romantic read. The small town setting really comes alive and I liked the set-up with how 7 sister inherit their father’s ranch and have to figure out whether to sell or not and fall in love along the way.

Pretend to Be My Cowboy follows Emma as she visits the ranch she inherited when her father died. To her surprise it’s not only she and her sister who inherited, but 5 other sisters she never knew of as well. While there she meets the handsome cowboy Nash and the two grow closer. She has to figure out how to get in contact with her other sisters and convince them to sell so she can return back to her life, but the more time she spends in this lovely place and gets to know the people the more she has to convince herself returning home to Chicago is what she really wants. There is horse riding, seeing more of the ranch and the land as well as the town. Then there is Nash’ father who is eager to get his hands on the O’Sullivan ranch and the complications with her getting hold of her sisters and it all makes for a great read.

I liked both Nash and Emma, they are great characters and I enjoyed reading about it. I liked how cheerful Emma was, how much joy she seemed to find in everything and she was just so nice. She does have a tendency to put other people’s needs above her own, so that makes it even more wonderful when Nash really sees her and also focuses on what she wants. Nash is hardworking and capable. He never had an interest in romance and marrying, but that changes when he meets Emma.

I liked how there was that instant spark between them, which slowly build into more. I liked that they already developed a bit of a crush on the other before the fake dating started. The fake dating and them spending time together has that spark blossom into something more. There are a lot of great scenes with them spending time together and I really could feel their connection. There is a bit of drama and heartache when they both struggle with the fact their relationship is fake and not real and neither admits their real feelings for a long time, thinking the other only sees it as pretend. I really liked the moment when they overcome that and finally open up to one another and really starts their romance.

I liked the set up for the next book. There are plenty of side characters introduced in this book. As well as some likeable cowboys, that I assume will be love interests in future books. We also get to see a glimpse of most of the sisters. Which has me eager for the future books and getting to know all 7 sisters and their love interest. I wasn’t sure which sister would be next at first, but I liked how the last few chapters set the stage for the next book and introduce the next sister. It’s still unclear who her love interest will be, but I have a few guesses of which cowboys will become love interests for the 7 sisters

To summarize: Pretend to Be My Cowboy is the first book in this new small town romance series. If you like small settings, sweet romances and likeable characters I would definitely recommend this book. Emma flies to Montana to take care of the ranch she and her sister inherited and she discovers she has another 5 sisters she didn’t know about. Emma and Nash have an instant connection that slowly builds into more. I really liked both characters and enjoyed reading about them. Their romance was very sweet and I liked seeing them grow closer. I am not a fan of the fake dating trope, but still really enjoyed this book. The small town setting really works and I liked getting to know the town and it’s inhabitants. We get to know some cowboys who I guess will be love interests in future books as well as get a glimpse of most sisters. The end of the book sets the stage for book 2 and I am looking forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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    • This series is really off to a good start with this one. The small town setting and characters were lovely and I liked how there was a bit of conflict too. I already got book 2 and hope to read that one soon.

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