Review: Peppermint Tea and Nothing is Free by Laura Greenwood

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Peppermint Tea And Nothing Is Free Peppermint Tea And Nothing Is Free (Cauldron Coffee Shop #3)
by Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

With Azíl now severed from his teapot, Willow faces the biggest challenge of them all…teaching him how to be human in the modern world.

While their friends and allies have grown in number, Willow can’t forget that their enemies are out there, and that they’re determined to reinforce the curse on Azíl and force him back into his teapot.

And with her heart on the line, she’s determined not to let that happen.

Peppermint Tea and Nothing is Free is book three of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a witchy modern fantasy series with a romantic sub-plot, a mysterious teapot, and a cat who might be up to no good.

My Review

I really like this series and not long after reading book 2 I picked up Peppermint Tea and Nothing is Free, the third book in this series. Azíl and Willow are closer than ever and their romance deepens even more in this book. There’s also a sense of looming danger throughout the book as descendants of those who cursed Azíl are after him and want to put him back in the teapot.

Peppermint Tea and Nothing is Free was an awesome read. It feels light and fun, but there’s also an undercurrent of deeper topics and danger as well. Now that Azíl is severed from the teapot he becomes more fully integrated in the real world. I really liked seeing how Azíl adapt to the modern age and it’s one of my favorite parts of this series. It’s really fascinating to see how he adapts and with which things he struggles and the jokes he makes about the abundance of choice.

The romance between Azíl and Willow is really well done. They are really there for one another and I can really feel their connections and feelings for the other. I really like how they act with each other and how they respect each other. I like how Willow explains things to Azil and shows him things about the modern world.

This book had some undercurrent of danger as I kept waiting for danger to pop up. They meet someone that Willow feels off about and I wondered what was going to happen. It’s quite the shock when things happen and I am eager to see how they will resolve this, but it’s clear they’re in this together and I loved how Azíl made sure Willow knew it wasn’t her fault.

To summarize: Another great installment in this series. It’s fun seeing how Azíl adapts to modern life, the things he struggles with and the things he really likes about the modern world. Willow and Azíl make for such a great couple and I really like the way they act around the other. The way the respect the other, care for them and support them. There is an undercurrent of danger as there are people who want to redo the curse on Azíl and there’s quite the shock at the end. I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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  1. Refreshing that they are together and making a team effort to help Azil adjust to modern life and facing the danger coming after them. Good that the author took the time to have Azil struggle and learn and Willow patiently teaching.

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