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ParagonParagon (Legacy Code #2)
by Autumn kalquist

Tadeo Raines knows what they say about him. It’s all lies.

But lies are better than the truth.

He broke the rules once and swore he’d never do it again. Now traitors plot against the fleet, and he’s tasked with hunting them down and stopping them. Permanently.

Tadeo was born to command, born to lead the last remnants of humanity to a new Earth. He knows there’s a better world out there: Daylight at the end of humanity’s long night. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the fleet there.

Even if it means walking the line between loyalty and treason. And breaking the rules… Again.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

After reading Legacy Code, the first book in this series, I was really curious to see how Paragon continued this series. I found paragon to be a little bit slower then Legacy Code, but it was still a good book. It continues some plot lines from the first book and introduces a few new ones. There are some surprised and it ended with a bang!

This series has me intrigued, it feels realistic, real and frightening at the same time. Humanity is alone in space in their fleet of ships and they have nowhere to go, they try to find a better earth, a new home. I want to know if they ever find it. The book felt a bit depressing at times, due to the heavy themes. And sometimes I had trouble continuing, but I was invested and I wanted to know what would happen next. The pace really speeds up towards the end and I have to say that was one of my favourite parts of the book.

I had some trouble adjusting to the new main character in this book and how it switched to a multiple point of view. The beginning was good and then it slowed down a bit for me. I didn’t connect with Tadeo as much as with Era. Tadeo isn’t a bad person, but he has done some bad things and he was struggling with himself. He isn’t a really likeable person, although he did make a good main character. There also is a side plot about a side character that I felt didn’t really tied into the rest of the storyline, although the ending hints that he might be more important in the next book. I wasn’t a fan of his point of view, because while I was routing for him, I also felt like it slowed down the pace and I rather go back to the other pov’s.

There isn’t as much world building in this book as in the first book, some bits and pieces are added and we learn more about the president and the board thanks to Tadeo his higher position. I also liked what we learned about the other ships in the fleet, this book focussed a bit more on the fleet as a whole then only on the Paragon, although the focus was on the events on the Paragon, it felt like the other ships were involved as well.

To conclude: Paragon was a good book and a great sequel. It was a bit slow at times and I had trouble adapting to the new point of view, but I did like the book. It can be a bit dark and depressing at times. The ending was fast paced and leaves me with so many questions that I wish I had the next book already.


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14 responses to “Review: Paragon by Autumn Kalquist

    • I do think the new POV in this book works and I understand why the author made the descision, but it just took some getting used to. The different POV’s do add something in most acses, with the exception of one. It is certainly a fun sci-fi series and both books so far are novella lenght, so it’s a quick read, but the pace is done well.

    • I agree the ending of Legacy Code was a big surprise, I did like the risk the author took by writing an ending like that. I had some trouble getting used to the new point of view in this book, but beside that it was just as good as the first book. And the end was full of surprises!

    • I don’t really see how the author could’ve made the switch smoother, but the pov switch made the start of the book a bit slow. It was an enjoyable book and I certainly plan on checking out the author her other books as well.

  1. I started it but then stopped, because of basically the things you said: the POV change, and the slowness. Now I am wondering if I should pick it back up. I mean, I liked the first one, but I didn’t love it (I do, however, LOVE the Defect series by Autumn!) and I really only finished the first one because I liked Era so now I am really torn! Great review though, I am glad you liked iT!
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    • I hope to read the Defect series soon as well, I got the first two books for review.

      I have to say that I considered putting it down for a moment, but I really enjoyed the first book book so I decided to keep reading. The ending makes up for a lot, but I still think the first book was better. The pace in this book is a lot slower, while Legacy Code was much faster paced.

  2. I’m glad the new POV didn’t throw you off too much–I HATE when that happens, LOL. Anyway, with the pacing issues, and the tendency towards depressing, I’ll be waiting to see how this series ends before adding it my TBR 😉

    • In this case it was more a I need to get used to this new pov for a few chapters. It wasn’t too bad, but it did made the beginning slow. I am really curious how this series continues and how that will influences my general opinion of the series.

    • I really like this series so far and would definitely recommend it. Although the endings are a bit cliffhanger like so be prepared for that.

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