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My Kind of WonderfulMy Kind of Wonderful (Cedar Ridge #2)
by Jill Shalvis

Unexpected and undeniable…

Bailey Moore has an agenda: skiing in the Rockies, exploring castles in Europe, ballroom dancing in Argentina. Now that she has a second lease on life, she’s determined not to miss a thing. What she doesn’t realize is that item #1 comes with a six-foot-one ski god hot enough to melt a polar ice cap. She doesn’t want to miss out on him either, but Hudson Kincaid isn’t the type of guy to love and let go. And as gorgeous as Cedar Ridge is, she’s not planning to stick around.

As head of ski patrol at his family’s resort, Hud thinks he’s seen it all. But never has he run into someone like Bailey. She might look delicate, but her attitude is all firecracker. And her infectious joy touches something deep within him that he’s been missing far too long. Now he’ll just have to convince Bailey to take a chance on her biggest adventure yet . . . something rare and all kinds of wonderful.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

I really enjoyed My Kind of Wonderful, it’s just as good maybe even better than the first book in this series and I enjoyed this book from the beginning till the end. This book focussed on Hudson, one of the Kincaid brothers who came to Cedar Ridge later. He’s a busy man with his ski patrol and police job. It’s winter and thus ski-season and I enjoyed returning to Cedar Ridge in the winter this time. Then there is Bailey who is there to paint a mural. It makes for a great story and awesome romance and it was just so much fun seeing these two fall for each other.

Bailey is a cancer survivor and know that she has her live back she’s determined to make the most of it. She’s so full of life, but also a bit young and inexperienced as she has spent so much time being sick. I really felt sorry for her and how much she had to endure already, but I really admired how she was trying to live now and didn’t led fear rule her. I really liked her and she was the perfect match for Hudson. Hudson has put his life on standstill, never really living and feeling guilty about his brother Jacob that left. We get the full story about why Jacob left in this book and I felt so sorry for Hudson an dhow he still felt guilty about it. But he had accept it wasn’t his fault and start to live again and Bailey helped him do that or maybe made him realize it.

These two where so good for each other and I loved their banter and interactions. And there’s just little bits of drama that impact them, but don’t get blown out of proportion. Until the one scene at the end, I wasn’t a fan of that one, but I did like how it got resolved and at the end of the book I had tears in my eyes as it was so perfect. Gah I just loved these two together. And even though Hudson tried to push bailey away she wouldn’t led him. They were quite the pair and I enjoyed every second of seeing them fall in love. There are also some really hot scenes, you could really feel the chemistry and passion between them.

The setting really comes alive in this book. I already loved the setting in the first book, but it feels like with this book it comes even more alive. The place and the people who live there. We get to see how winter and the ski season is for Cedar Ridge and I liked seeing the setting in another season and how that impacted it.

Then there are the side characters and the Kincaid family who are as much part of the place as the place is of them. And the awesome cast of side characters really brings this book and place come alive. We see Aidan and Lily from the previous books and there are some great scenes involving both characters and I liked how we saw how their lives continued as well. Then there is the rest of the Kincaid family and Hudsons mom and it was great seeing how they all interacted. It’s awesome seeing how close of a family they are who always have each others back.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book from start to ending. Hudson and Bailey are such an awesome couple and I enjoyed seeing them fall in love. They are so good for each other and have quite the passion as well. There are some hot scenes involving these two. The setting is done really well and I liked being back in Cedar Ridge this time during winter. We see the couple from the previous book and the Kincaid family makes for an awesome cast of side characters. All in all if you love a good romance series and haven’t started this series yet, I would definitely recommend it.



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10 responses to “Review: My Kind of Wonderful by Jill Shalvis

    • Hudson and Bailey were just perfect togther and I really enjoyed reading about them falling in love and working things out. I also liked Bailey’s artistic side and that mural she painted really looks awesome in my imagination ;).
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    • Yes she really wnats to make the most out of her live now that she’s free of the cancer, it was realy inspiring to read. It’s nice to read a romance book where the drama isn’t blown out of proportion, it stayed normal and realistic here. The setting is pretty cool too. This is the only series by her I’ve tried so far, but I am planning to check out her other series too!

    • I agree the cover wouldn’t put this one on my radar if I hand’t heard good things about this author already and in this case enjoyed the first book. Oh and the Uk covers are even worse, they make it looks like cheesy light romance books which doens’t fit, so I prefer this cover. It’s definitely a great romance series with it’s hard moments, but also the beautifull happy and uplifting moments and the romance is very well written. I hope you give it a try!
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