Review: Murder at the Motel by Beth Dolgner

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Murder at the MotelMurder at the Motel (Nightmare, Arizona #4)
by Beth Dolgner
narrated by Petrea Burchard

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: m/f

Fear, Flooding, and Family in Nightmare, Arizona

Murder hits close to home for Olivia Kendrick when her annoying neighbor at Cowboy’s Corral Motor Lodge turns up dead. Did one of the other guests hold a grudge against Leonard Evers?

Even while she’s eyeing a few shady suspects, Olivia can’t help but blame herself. Maybe she really is a conjuror, and maybe she accidentally killed her downstairs neighbor with magic.

With the help of her supernatural friends at Nightmare Sanctuary Haunted House, Olivia will spy on a plumber, get an eerie prediction from a psychic, and face veiled threats.

At the same time, Olivia’s jerk boss, Damien Shackleford, learns a secret that will change the way he thinks of his family forever. Olivia must help Damien deal with the life-altering news, even while she tries to find the killer…

Murder at the Motel is book four in the Nightmare, Arizona paranormal cozy mystery series. This lighthearted series is about starting over, found family, and solving murders in a quirky old mining town with a secret supernatural community.

My Review

I received a free copy from Tantor and voluntarily reviewed it.

I really like this series and was excited to get into book 4! Murder at the Motel is another great read, there’s another mystery for Olivia to solve as well as side plot lines and character related plot lines that progress. It kept my attention and I enjoyed this one. I like reading about the town, the characters and the haunted house. The narration by Petrea Burchard was great again and I like listening to this series.

Olivia has another mystery to solve, this time a guest at the motel has died. She wants to help the owners and find out who killed him. There are some clear suspects and she gets to investigating with the help of some of her paranormal friends. I liked how the mystery progressed and it kept me guessing. There was an interesting twist toward the end and I liked how Olivia was again essential in solving the mystery. I wasn’t a big fan of how she solved the mystery though, it just felt a bit off to me.

I like reading about Olivia and seeing her interact with the other characters. There are some great side characters and they all have their own personality. In this book there is some more about Clara, Justine and Vivienne. As well as the characters from previous books that make appearances again. There are some interesting tidbits related to Damien that come to light in this book. I really like the found family theme and seeing how the characters are there for each other.

To summarize: I am really enjoying this series, it’s so fun to read! The narrator is a great fit and I enjoyed this book. The mystery was a good one that kept me guessing. I liked how Olivia was instrumental in solving the mystery, although I wasn’t a fan of how she solved this one. There’s more of the side characters and Olivia and I liked the new tidbits we learn about them. I like the found family vibe and reading about the haunted house and the town of Nightmare. I look forward to the next one!

4 Stars


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    • I hope the rest will be in audio too so I can continue the series, it’s a good one. And this one definitely had a lot going on.

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