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Mortal TrinityMortal Trinity (Pirates of Felicity #7)
by Kelly St. Clare

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: MF
Age Category: Young Adult
Type of romance: MF

The battle is over.

My fathers are insistent that we keep fighting and end the pillars’ evil reign. As far as I’m concerned, the battle was lost when hell burst open and someone I loved died.

But Mutinous Cannon didn’t just take the root of magic when he broke free, he took Jagger.

No matter that I’m lost to grief. No matter that I’m floating in an abyss. The thought of Jagger in the suffocating grip of the taint won’t let me give up.

I’ll get my flaxen-haired pirate back.
Whatever the cost.
After that?
The realm can save itself.

Join the Pirates of Felicity as they race to sail across the finish line and save the Exosian Realm. Filled to the brim with humor and action, embark on this exciting pirate adventure by USA Today Bestselling author, Kelly St Clare, today!

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Since book 1 this series has been a lot of fun to read and I was both excited and sad to see it come to and end. But what a great ending it was. Mortal Trinity is all I wish for in a series ender. Plenty of action, all the big plot lines resolved, a few more hurdles for the characters to overcome, emotional impact and a satisfying epilogue.

Mortal Trinity starts off on a sad note, with Ebba-Viva struggling to go on after what happened at the end of the last book. While it was hard to see Ebba-Viva so down, it did make sense and the book continues onward showing how she deals and gets up to save Jagger. This book felt a lot more emotional than previous books and I think that’s partly due to this being the last book in the series and partly due to the events that are happening. There are sad events and difficult scenes, but also some very touching and uplifting ones. It’s a good mix.

Mortal Trinity has plenty of action, with them having to fight some big battles in this book to save the realm. There are plenty more reveals in this book . There are so many things that only get explained in this book, it was great to have all those gaps in the characters knowledge about the pillars and the root of magic get filled in. Although I would’ve liked some more information early on, I also think that there are a lot more hints and clues in earlier books than I’ve noticed. This is one of those series I would love to re-read one day to spot all the clues and build-ups for later on as there are so many things that make sense now looking back and I know I didn’t spot all the clues.

There is a big battle at the end and I liked how it all played out. It was well written and paced, but also didn’t get dragged out too long. I also like that there are some things they only realize then and how they have to adjust their plans. The epilogue was perfect too. I like to see how all the characters end up and almost wish we could sail along for a few more of their adventures.

One of my favorite parts of this series is the main character Ebba-Viva. I probably say this in almost every review for this series, but the character development in her character is amazing. And at the same time she still stays true to herself and is still so Ebba-Viva. Even at the end that core of who she is is still there. She goes through some big changes, but also stays true to herself and I love that. I also liked the author’s note at the end about the character. There are some things about Ebba-Viva that only make sense in this book. And she really shows the full colors of her personality here. It was great to see how she handles everything in this book.

As for the romance, while I was on the team for the other guy of most of the series this book proves the one she picks if perfect for her. Their chemistry and love is palpable and while I still like the other guy, I think this one’s the better fit for her. I like how things end up for the other guy and how he finds peace with her decision. It’s perfect and I liked how while it’s difficult for him, they find a way to deal with it. It was very mature and realistic and they made for great friends despite what happened.

The title for this book is so fitting too as this book really focuses on the mortal trinity or the watchers and their role in all this. I like how we see a lot more of Ebba-Viva and Caspian their roles in this book. The background of the mortal trinity and some aspects we didn’t know before. And there’s more we learn more about the root of magic too. It all makes sense and falls on it’s place perfectly.

This series has a big cast of awesome characters and the author does an awesome job giving them all their own personality. Everyone comes alive and I rarely had trouble remembering who was who. And even in this book there is more we learn and see of most side characters. And many of the side characters play a role in this last book. I love seeing how Caspian grows in his role as king and his role as the bearer in this book. It was awesome to see. And all of Ebba-Viva’s fathers and seeing how much they care about her and also how close they’ve grown to each other. I liked how even in this last book there were moments of downtime and fun where we see the characters relax a bit.

To summarize: Mortal Trinity is an amazing ending to this series. Filled with action, the build up to the big battle, danger, romance, emotions, awesome characters and more. While there are some sad and difficult scenes there are also some fun, happy and touching ones. I like the pace of this book and how the plot of the book moved forward, with in between the battles also moments of pause or preparation. This book still had plenty of reveals and more information we learn. It was great learning more about the trinity and their roles. Seeing Ebba-Viva change, develop and grow into her own is one of the best things about this series. I love seeing how much she changes, but also how true she stays to herself. I also am happy with how the romance got resolved, while I was rooting for the other guy than the one she chooses this book made me realize she picks the right guy as he’s the best match for her. And things with the other guy are resolved well too. The side characters in this book are awesome. I liked getting to know all the different characters and they really all come to life and almost all of them play a role in this final book. If you like fantasy series with pirates, magical creatures, a quest to save the world and a great cast of characters you don’t want to miss this series. I can’t recommend this one enough.

4 Stars


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    • I am really happy with this series ender. The growth of the main character and the side characters too was so well done and it really was a great series form start to finish.

  1. Many, many thanks for a cracking review that makes it clear this is a worthwhile series to get stuck into – I always love it when the ending really works!.

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