Review: Mischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies by Laura Greenwood

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Mischievous Familiars For Cordial FairiesMischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies (Obscure Academy #11)
by Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 3 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: m/f

A mischievous corgi, a fairy who just wants to help, and a dryad who doesn’t want to put up with any of it.

When Posey wakes up to flowers covering her room, she knows she needs to find an outlet for her fairy magic and finds herself drawn to Obscure Academy’s FlowerSoc where she meets a dryad who doesn’t seem to have any patience for fairies.

The main thing that Cedric knows is how to grow flowers, and the last thing he wants is for the new fairy suddenly telling him what he’s doing wrong, and worse, using magic to help her grow flowers.

When Posey’s mischievous corgi ruins Cedric’s display, the two of them have to work together in order to restore it – but can they manage to find a way for their methods to work in tandem?

Mischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies is a light-hearted fairy & dryad academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It features a corgi with a penchant for trouble, a fairy who needs an outlet for her magic, and a dryad who isn’t all that pleased about any of it.

If you enjoy upbeat and light-hearted paranormal romances with new adult characters, an academy/university setting, guaranteed happy endings, and quirky supernaturals, start the Obscure Academy today!

My Review

I received a free copy from the author through Booksprout and voluntarily reviewed it.

I love this series and always am excited when a new book releases. This one follows the point of view of a faerie with a corgi familiar and a dryad. I liked reading about these two characters and the corgi Onion was a fun addition as well as well as a plot point.

I struggled a bit to get into this one with Cedric disliking fairies in general and being quite grumpy and then Posey causing some accidental trouble, but once that was over I started enjoying it more. Cedric realized he was wrong about fairies and grows to like Posey. While Posey actually owns up to her mistakes and tries to make things right, which I appreciated. Then they really start working together on this cool flower sculpture for a competition, which was fun to read about.

I liked reading about Posey and Cedric and how they grow closer. Especially how they worked together on the sculpture for the competition was fun. I also liked how Cedric grew fond of Onion, the corgi. It was a fun and lighthearted read and I quickly got through it. I like how low on drama these books and how fun they are to read.

I liked reading about a faerie and a dryad in this book and learning a bit about their powers. I liked how Posey could change to a smaller size and actually uses that a few times in the book. While the dryad’s powers seemed pretty neat to with how he could encourage plants to grow. I am still not sure though why faeries have a familiar and what they are for, but the corgi was a fun addition.

To summarize: This is another fun book in this series. In this book Posey and Cedric meet when Posey joins FlowerSoc and they have to work together to complete a flower sculpture for a competition. Cedric isn’t happy when Posey joins and is quite grumpy, while Posey accidentally causes some trouble. I struggled a bit with the start, but I enjoyed it more when they moved past that. I liked them together and seeing them work together. The corgi familiar is a fun addition, although I am not sure what exactly having a familiar entails. I liked seeing a bit of the fairies and dryad powers in this book. It’s another fun and lighthearted read in this series.

3 Stars


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