Review: Mindfulness and Meditation by Whitney Stewart

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Mindfulness and MeditationMindfulness and Meditation
by Whitney Stewart

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Non-fiction
Age Category: aimed at young adults, but good for adults too

From hormones to homework, parents to peers, health issues to bad habits, life can be a pressure cooker leading to anxiety and even thoughts of suicide. How can we find relief? Author Whitney Stewart introduces readers to the practice of mindfulness. With its roots in ancient Buddhist teachings, mindfulness–the practice of purposefully focusing attention on the present moment–can change a person’s approach to stress, develop skills to handle anxiety and depression, and provide a sense of awareness and belonging. Stewart guides readers through how to get started with meditation as well as provides specific exercises for examining emotions, managing stress, checking social media habits and wellness routines, and setting intentions to increase happiness.

My Review

I received a free copy through Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it.

I started doing some mindfulness and meditation a while ago and wanted to read more about it and try different techniques. So when I saw this book on Netgalley I requested a copy. I am glad I did as I learned some new things and broadened my meditation and mindfulness techniques thanks to this book.

Mindfulness and Meditation is mostly about those two topics as the title suggest. It has lots of exercises you can do and tips to live with a calmer mind. There is also a section about things like mindful eating, mindful phone/ social media use and being kind and thankful. I think it’s a good book for people who are new to mindfulness and meditation. There were some things I already knew, but I picked up quite some new things too and I especially liked reading about the different ways of meditating and trying out what worked for me.

I do think the book is a bit dry. It reads a bit like a textbook and isn’t as exciting to read. It’s informative, but not as enjoyable to read, if that makes sense. It was aimed a bit toward young adults, but as adults you can read it too. It’s mostly that the examples and situations used are aimed at young adults.

To summarize: Meditation and Mindfulness is an informative read. I found it a bit dry to read at times as it reads a bit like a textbook, but it is informative. It’s about different techniques for meditation and ways of incorporating mindfulness. I tried out some of those for myself and found out a bit more what works for me, which is what I was hoping to gain from this book. I would recommend this to those who are new to meditation and mindfulness and want to know more or explore different techniques.

4 Stars


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Have you tried some mindfulness and meditation? Which techniques do you use more?

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4 responses to “Review: Mindfulness and Meditation by Whitney Stewart

    • I had the same experience at first and it took me quite some tries before I felt like it was doing anything for me. It’s not something easy to grasp and even now I have quite some days where I am not quite as successful as I would like, but I think the whole idea is to be okay with that as well.

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