Review: Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus A Study In Mischief by Lydia Sherrer

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Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus A Study In MischiefLove, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: A Study In Mischief (The Lily Singer Adventures #2.5)
by Lydia Sherrer

Rating: 4 stars

Wizards are born, witches are made, and they mix about as well as oil and water. So when an introverted wizard and a troublemaking witch cross paths, what could possibly go wrong?

Lily Singer is a conscientious librarian who just wants to practice her wizardry and be left alone. Sebastian Blackwell is a ne’er-do-well witch for hire who enjoys getting under peoples’ skin but always gets the job done in the end. When circumstance forces them to band together against a common enemy, there’s no telling how the dice will fall.

A prequel to the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series, this meeting of opposites—and the mischief that follows—is a roller coaster of laughs and life lessons. The only question left is, what’s a girl to do when she finds out her arch rival isn’t so bad after all?

My Review:
A Study in Mischief was a fun a novella that provides a bit of extra background information to the series. I wasn’t quite sure where the novella was about, just grabbed it when I grabbed the first book as it was free. the author told me it chronologically took place between book 2 and 3, so that’s where I decided to read it. I was delighted when I found out the novella is about how Lily and Sebastian met.

This novella is about Lily and Sebastian who are cleaning his house and they come to the topic of how they met and then we get basically go back in time an actually get to read their meeting. So the current time takes place between book 2 and 3 and the flashbacks actually before book 1. So it could serve well in both places, either as introduction to the series or read between book 2 and 3. There is one small thing that could be said to be a spoiler for something that happened in book 2, but only the result of it, you don’t actually get to know what happens. And there is enough explanation that those new to series can follow the story. But I am glad I read it after book 2 as I felt like I could appreciate it more as an extra piece of background information. I already have grown to care about these tow characters a lot and going back to see how they met was a lot of fun.

his novella is a fun addition to the series, it mostly adds a bit of backstory of both characters and we get another adventure to enjoy. There is a small adventure they go on in this book and I liked reading about their initial impressions of each other. And also how those impressions slowly change. I also liked how we got to see Lily and Sebastian their personalities shine again. They are so fun to read about. We also meet a side character that I wonder if we’re going to see again. So overall I would totally recommend this novella for fans of the series.

To summarize: this was a fun novella that tells the tale of how Lily and Sebastian met told through flashbacks. I really like these two characters and I liked how this novella gave some addition backstory about them both and it was just delightful seeing how they met. I would totally recommend this novella to fans of the series, but it could also serve as introduction to the series as there is only one minor spoiler in it for book 2. It gives a good taste for the series and for those who already read book 1 and 2 more of the things they’ve come to expect from those books.

4 Stars


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At the moment the author is running a kickstarter campaign to publish the third and fourth book in paperback. And this is a neat way to get signed copies of the books if you’re interested. You can check out the kickstarter here.

Do you read novella’s that are part of a larger series?


18 responses to “Review: Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus A Study In Mischief by Lydia Sherrer

  1. Oh how fun for you! Love it when a book can go back and show how it all began like that. It’s good that you were able to read them in order when it made more sense to read it. Fun-sounding series each time you mention it or share a review.

    Yes, I do read the novellas and even short stories or vignettes if I can. I try to read them in order. I love it when the series order is made clear like on GRs or the author’s page so I know how they should be read to most appreciate them.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Crazy Over You by Carol Thomas #TGPUL #GiveawayMy Profile

    • Yes it was great to be able to go back and see how they met as you don’t get to see that in the main books. You can also read this as prequel, but I preferred to read it after book 2.

      I also like it when on Goodreads or on the author’s website the correct order is listed with when to read the short stories. Really helps a lot. I often find they add something to the series. And especially with favorite series I always take the time to read them.

  2. I like novellas like this – especially placed within the series – where we get more background on characters we’ve already grown to love. I like this format as well – with the flashbacks. It sounds like you were delighted in getting to know this extra info about Sebastian and Lily, and I’m so happy you’re enjoying this series so well, Lola! 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Release Day Review ~ With Ties That Bind #3 ~ Trisha WolfeMy Profile

    • The format really worked well for this story, how it’s set in the present time and goes back through flashbacks. And it really adds a nice piece of background information to get to know how they met and seeing how they already had that banter going on back then. I am really happy I discovered this series!

  3. Yes, I do. But sometimes they can be a little out of place and feel incomplete. Lately authors are writing novellas on characters that we want to know about, but it’s not a finished story. They’ll release the full novel later. I find that I don’t enjoy those as mush. ~Aleen
    Lampshade Reader recently posted…Comparing Covers #1: Jude DeverauxMy Profile

    • I like novella’s like this one that give an addition piece of interesting background or information that wouldn’t fit in the full length books. It definitely depend son the novella whether it works or not. Although usually I am willing to give them a try and with series that I really like I read everything I can get my hands on.

    • Thanks! It’s been so fun discovering this series and reading the first two books and the novella so quickly after each other. Luckily the wait for the next two books isn’t too long.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed this! I love getting to know more backstory and whatnot when I’m loving a series. And I always read prequels or extra things after I’ve started the series unless maybe if it said I was supposed to start with the prequel. It just seems to work better if you already know the characters.

    • I sometimes start with a prequel if the author says that works bets or the prequel gets published first. But often prequels or novella’s like this one are even more fun after you already read the series. Already knowing these two characters made it even more fun to see how they met.

  5. You’ve really piqued my interest about this series with each review, Lola. A novella that rated 4 stars is always a good sign, as frequently they can be disappointing. I do sometimes read novellas for larger series, it depends how much I like the series. If it’s just pretty – I don’t expect the novellas to be that good and I skip them. But if I LOVE the series, I do tend to read the novellas (desperate for everything I can get from the series!).

    Great review 🙂
    Berls recently posted…Do you think of books and authors as a business?My Profile

    • I had some good luck with novella’s so far this year, but there are a lot of novella’s I rate 3 star, a novella has to be great to get a 4 star from me. As I loved this series I was happy for anything extra I could get my hands on and I am glad this one didn’t disappoint 🙂

    • I am a big fan of novella’s! I like how I feel like I read a book very quickly and they often are fun reads. It was fun to get to know a bit more about these two and how they met 🙂

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