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Lost Girl vs Wounded BoyLost Girl vs Wounded Boy (Forever Love #5)
by Jordan Ford

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Young Adult
Type of romance: MF

They’ve crossed the line from friendship into romance, but can they figure out how to navigate this new terrain without losing what they once had?


I kissed him too quickly.

Why am I always so impulsive?

Hayden’s the greatest. My best friend. And now we’re… well, I don’t know what we are.

He wants to be my boyfriend, but after everything I went through with Jonas I don’t know if I’m ready, especially after our disastrous first date. Are we jumping into this too soon?

I wish I could tell Hayden some of what I’m feeling, but I can’t stand the thought of him knowing what Jonas did to me. It’s so humiliating, and I don’t want Hayden to start looking at me differently.

But he’s jumping to the wrong conclusions. And maybe I’m letting him, because maybe it’d be easier to be just friends with a guy who’s really not my type.

I wish my heart wouldn’t hurt so much when I think that.

I don’t want to lose Hayden.

But I don’t know how to keep him either.

Lost Girl vs Wounded Boy is the fifth story in the emotional Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like family dramas where secrets are challenged and relationships are put to the ultimate life or death test, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s dynamic romance.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Lost Girl vs Wounded Boy is the fifth book in the Forever Love Series. I really love this series, it’s been awesome following these characters around and seeing them change and develop, make mistakes and find love. In this book the focus is on Stacey and Hayden, who have started dating, but things don’t go as smoothly. And we also get Willow’s point of view, while she has been a side character from the start, this is the first time we get her point of view.

This was another great read. I didn’t want to stop reading and had that urge to keep reading. I had to know what would happen next. Would Hayden and Stacey manage to make their romance work and how? Would Willow realize the lies she’s telling will catch up with her one day and that the boy she loves has a dark side? Will she salvage her friendship with April?

I really enjoyed this book and following the characters along. This series is so addictive and I think this is one of my favorite contemporary romance series. It’s just so awesome and the character are so realistic and I enjoy following their stories.

A lot of the focus in this book is on Stacey and Hayden and their beginning romance, which seems to end before it has even started. Stacey likes Hayden, but does she like him as her boyfriend? He is nothing like the guys she usually goes for and with what she has been through she wants to keep their relationship a secret. Hayden is a boy who doesn’t love the typical manly stuff and sometimes feels like he’s not good enough. And that gets even worse when his new girlfriend seems to have doubts. Really their relationship goes from bad to worse and I kept wondering how they would fix this and what would bring them closer again. I won’t spoil it, but I have to say I liked how the author handled it and it was realistic.

We haven’t seen as much of Willow in the series yet, at first she didn’t talk and now she’s talking again and going to ballet and even admitted to Stacey about a hot guy. In this book we find out all the details and while I thought things were going well with her form what we saw in the previous books, now that we get the whole picture it’s obvious that’s not quite the case. She’s lying to a lot of people, neglecting her best friend and the guy she loves obviously doesn’t treat her how she deserves. But she doesn’t realize any of that, she thinks she’s doing better and she has emerged form that place she landed in after their parents deaths.

While Stacey and Hayden’s struggle was tough to witness and I really wanted them to find a way to be together. Willow’s part probably was the hardest part of this book. I did think her actions feel realistic and I am sure she will learn from her mistakes, but she isn’t there yet and it’s so sad to have her believe she’s doing the right thing while from an outsider’s perspective it’s clear she isn’t. She has to go through this herself and make those mistakes, but I just wanted to reach out and help, but she doesn’t listen to those who do. And I just know she’s going to get hurt and watching that slowly happen is sad and painful. But there is also hope. I am pretty sure we got to see a glimpse of her love interest in this book and I really like the idea of these two together. I want to see how they will get together and grow closer.

This book is full with great scenes, especially some toward the end. The whole camping trip had some great parts and I love how close this family is. Even with the individual struggles the character go through the family bond between them is strong. I also enjoy seeing the previous main characters in this book and the role they still play. We see Harper as the big sister in this book to Willow. We see how Harper and Thane are together. And Cam and Bianca, they are just so sweet!

I like how throughout this series their parents death has been one of the themes and seeing how everyone deals with it. We see how it impacts different characters differently and also the mistakes they make and the struggles they go through. But even with the sadness and struggles there is so much hope and positivity as well. The way the all stick together and form a new family is so beautiful to see. And how they slowly all find true love and happiness after all they’ve been through. And I can’t wait to read the next few books and see how those wrap up this amazing series.

To summarize: this was another awesome book in this series. I had a hard time putting this book down as I just wanted to keep reading and find out what would happen next. This book focuses on Hayden and Stacey who started dating, but things don’t go smoothly and they have to figure out if they should be together and how. We also get Willow’s point of view and it’s been great to see how she’s doing, but also sad as she struggling through things and not even realizing the mistakes she’s making. I love how realistic these books feel. I really enjoyed reading it and seeing things progress. Willow’s part of the story can be hard to read at times as her boyfriend isn’t treating her right and she thinks he loves and it’s okay, but there’s also hope and I think we see her love interest as well and I think they will be great together. There are some great scenes in this book, especially toward the end. It also was great to see more of the previous main characters and how they’re doing. It’s great to see how they’re all becoming a new family together. I can’t wait for the next book as I love this series!

4 Stars


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    • I really felt for Hayden, he’s such a nice guy and already has his doubts about himself and now Stacey was doubting their relationship as well. I am really worried about Willow and just know things will get worse before they get better, but I look forward to see her fall for the right guy.

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