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Home Is Where The Cowboy IsHome Is Where The Cowboy Is (The O’Sullivan Sisters #6)
Sophia Quinn

My Rating: 3 stars

Genre: Contemproary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Can a feisty loner teach this cowboy what it means to find home?

Sierra O’Sullivan never got anything from her father when he was alive, and considering she wasn’t even told he was dead, she doesn’t have any expectations there either. So imagine her surprise when it turns out her deadbeat dad left her a ranch in Montana. Well, he left it to her . . . and the six sisters she never even knew she had. But her father’s attempt to make peace with his firstborn is too little too late. She has a life, and a future, and there’s no room left for a family that never wanted her.

The only saving grace in this blink-and-you’d-miss-it town of Aspire is the hottie ranch hand with the killer smile. His easy humor and laidback charm make it hard to remember that this is just a pit stop. And his kisses . . . they could make even a jaded drifter dream of happily ever afters.

The eldest O’Sullivan sister is shrouded in mystery to everyone in Aspire . . . except Cody Swanson—everyone’s favorite, dependable cowboy. He met the feisty redhead before anyone knew she was the long, lost daughter they’d been searching for, and that meeting wasn’t one he’ll forget anytime soon. Like a burst of fireworks, Sierra comes into his life with passion and intensity. But more than that, she brings questions. Like, does he really want to be tied to a ranch for the rest of his life? For a guy who’s spent every day as a devoted brother, son and uncle, the question isn’t so simple. But every time he holds the outcast O’Sullivan sister in his arms, he can’t help but feel like he’s found the answer.

As tensions rise on the O’Sullivan ranch, Cody finds himself caught between two worlds—the one he’s always known and the one that sets his heart on fire…

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Home is Where the Cowboy Is is the sixth book in this series where 7 sisters find out their dad died and they inherited his ranch, the decision about what to do with it must be unanimous. This book is about Sierra, the oldest daughter.

Home is Where the Cowboy Is started off very differently than the other books, Sierra thought her father was long dead as her mother never told her about him. When she realizes that he is alive and maybe he did care as he sent cards and she goes to find him and then finds out that he recently died. I could really feel Sierra’s emotion in those first few chapters. And then her first meeting with Cody was very fun to read. I also thought it was great how Sierra actually wants to know more about her father and how she tries to find April as well. I liked finding out a bit more about the father who left them the ranch. I didn’t like how Sierra stormed into the ranch and started spewing things like that Frank owed her the ranch, it was obviously the emotions talking, but it didn’t really mash for me with the person she was for most of the story and I felt it was a bit of forced drama. I didn’t like how it brought Sierra at odds with the rest of the sisters and I was happy when that got resolved.

I liked Sierra and Cody’s romance. Their first meeting was fun and I liked how Cody sees through her tough exterior and realizes she was hurting. I liked getting to know more about Cody and Sierra and seeing their romance develop. Although I felt like their big conflict namely she wants to leave and Cody wants to stay hung over their romance like a dark cloud and I couldn’t fully relax and get lost in their romance because of that. I figured out how they would resolve it long before the end which made the ending feel less satisfying. And I just wished they would really talk it through instead of both stating their standpoint and not dreaming and speculating and seeing how it might work. Nevertheless I thought these two made for a great couple and I liked how Sierra got Cody to experience adventure and finally step up for himself while Cody becomes a home for Sierra. It was obvious how deep their feelings ran even though they both tried to fight it.

Cody is the reliable son and brother, but never really chased his own dreams or figured out what his dreams where. I felt like there where was some great potential for a nice character development arc, but felt most of it waited till the last chapter and felt kinda flat. I wanted to learn more about him and see the change. For Sierra I liked seeing how she came to terms with her havign 6 half sisters and even how her mother got some closure.

I wasn’t a fan of the hostility between Sierra and the other sisters at first as I said before the drama felt a bit forced. I wish they had talked things through earlier and even when things warm up the threat of Sierra’s attorney keeps hanging over their heads, and I don’t think she ever called him off in the story either. I did like when the sisters started to get to know Sierra and she got more involved in their lives. There are developments from the previous couples and we get to see all of them again. There’s also the set-up fro April’s story which was well done and makes me excited for her story.

To summarize: I enjoyed this sixth book in the O’Sullivan Sisters series. This time we get to know the oldest sister Sierra and I liked how the set-up was different with her not knowing who her father was and trying to find him and then hearing he died shortly ago. I thought it was interesting how we find out a bit more about their father and even April in this book. I liked the romance between Sierra and Cody, but the conflict didn’t really work for me. I figured out the resolution to the conflict earlier than the couple did, it bothered me how they never really talked it through and it felt like this dark cloud over their romance to me. Nevertheless I thought they made for a great couple and liked seeing how they met and grew closer. It was fun seeing more of the previous couples and after the bit of drama with Sierra they all grew closer and got to know each other, which was fun. The ending sets up the story for April and I look forward to her book!

3 Stars


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