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Hide or DieHide or Die (Secret Pack #1)
by Ember Blaze

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Omegaverse
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: Polamory

Since the Purge, omegas have three choices.
Slavery, sterilization, or hide their gender and hope for the best.

Thanks to a toxic cocktail of black market heat blockers and pheromone suppressors, I’ve managed to carve out a respectable life in the glittering world of beta politics. Maybe I can do some good here, but if my secret ever comes out, I’ll face a death sentence at the hands of the Committee—the shadowy international organization bent on crushing alphas and omegas under the bootheel of a ruling beta class.

Even in these dark times, there are still those in the world who value omegas the way they’re meant to be valued. Jax, Alex, and Flynn are subjugated alphas, assigned to the security detail protecting high level officials from the United Federation of North America—myself included.

Being around them is slow torture of the sweetest kind. If I ever gave in to my instincts, the three of them would destroy me, sending my house of cards tumbling to the ground. I’ve sworn they can never know about me, which is all well and good until terrorists capture my diplomatic contingent a week before my heat is due.

Now, this pack of misfit alphas may be my only hope.

* * *

Secret Pack is a human omegaverse reverse harem/poly romance trilogy featuring protective alphas and the omegas who love them, but no shifters. Strap in for complicated pansexual relationships set against a backdrop of social upheaval. Series HEA guaranteed. What happens between now and then… not guaranteed. 😉

My Review

I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I haven’t read an omegaverse book before, but when I ehard that RA Steffanw as writing one under her new pen name Ember Blaze I just knew I had to read this one. And so Hide or Die became my first foray into omegaverse.

I really enjoyed Hide or Die. At first it took me some time to get used to the concepts and idea of the omegaverse setting as this was my first book in the genre that I read. Even with me being new to this genre and needing to find my way this book grabbed my attention from the start. I liked the story and the way Leona and Kam are trying to make life better for the alphas and omegas. There are some interesting developments throughout the book. And the romance is what really sold me on this and the unique omegaverse romance dynamics.

I liked Leona as main characters, she fights for what she believes in and does this all with enormous cost to herself. She has a strong bond and romantic like relationship with her best friend Kam, both are omega’s and hiding that fact from the world, they’re pretending to be betas. In this world betas reign and alpha’s and omega’s have a tough life. They get put in breeding camps or are sterilized if they want to have a normal life. The world can be quite dark at times when you hear what these alphas and omega have gone through and what they are still going through. It broke my heart at times reading how cruel this world was for them. On the other hand this book has no darkness in the romance, the romance is sweet, touching and steamy. Which was a nice contract to the darker world.

I really liked the romance in this book. Leona and Kam are already a pack at the start of this book and along the way they meet a pack with 3 alphas. Leona and Kam are just so awesome together, they’re both a bit broken, but they’re fully there for the other. It was great to see how tight they are and how considerate they are of the other. I also loved how the alphas in this were so protective of the omegas. They aren’t the pushy alpha type. Instead they were really considerate and protective and I loved that. There are some great steamy scenes as well. I like how caring these characters are making sure their partner(s) enjoy what they’re doing and keeping their distance as well when necessary. I am looking forward to see where the romance goes next. I feel like they have a connection with all 3 of the alphas already and I am excited to see that turn into more.

I quite liked the whole omega and alpha dynamic. It feels a bit like they’re humans, but with more animal like tendencies. The omegas go in heat and only alphas can help them then. There is knotting involved and the omegas like to build nests. Only the omegas can become pregnant, but omegas can be both male and female. Same goes for the alphas and there are in fact both male and female omegas and alphas in this book. It made for a very different dynamic than most romance books as I hadn’t read any omegaverse books before. I really liked how this author handled the genre and also the poly type of romance that’s developing.

To summarize: Hide or Die was my first time reading an omegaverse book and I really enjoyed this one. There is a dark world where alphas and omegas have limited rights and horrible things can be done to them as the betas rule this world. The romance is very sweet and touching and with plenty of steam. I really liked the characters. Leona and Kam are already close from the start and you really feel the depth of their feelings. I enjoyed seeing them meet the pack of 3 alphas and how there is a start of a romance between the two packs. I liked how protective and caring the alphas are. I liked how the author handled the omegaverse genre and how this gave a different dynamic to the romance. I really enjoyed this book and was sad when it ended as I wanted to read more. I can’t wait for book 2!

4 Stars


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