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Hidden IntentHidden Intent (Imprints #7)
by Teyla Branton

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

A fiery revelation has Autumn rethinking everything

When Autumn Rain’s friend begs for help in clearing her doctor boyfriend of negligent homicide, Autumn dives willingly into the case—right along with her fiancé, Detective Shannon Martin.

Autumn’s ability to see scenes and read emotions imprinted on physical objects soon uncovers a list of suspects. She will go to any lengths to save her friend, even if that means calling a screeching halt to her own wedding plans.

Meanwhile a talented young music prodigy is accused of vandalism that will ruin his chance at a future if Autumn doesn’t find the real culprit. But the boy isn’t talking, and Autumn must figure out why. Who is he protecting?

Someone wants to stop Autumn from digging too deep, and she’ll need all her abilities and maybe even a new one to fight back.

My Review

I really like this series and I bought this one one release day. It’s always fun to follow Autumn along as she solves another mystery with the help of her ability of seeing imprints. Besides a solid mystery there is also plenty about Autumn’s life and each book continues to be great and leaves me looking forward to the next one. This is definitely one of those series that keeps going strong!

In Hidden Intent Autumn gets involved in another mystery when a man dies in the hospital. At first it’s seen as negligent homicide and the doctor gets blamed. Paige is a good friend of Autumn, Paige her boyfriend Matthew was the doctor responsible. Autumn wants to help Paige and figure out what really happened and the company the dead man worked for also hires her. It slowly becomes clear there was foul play involved and Autumn becomes deeper involved into a dangerous mystery. The main suspects become clear quite quickly, but even so I had a hard time figuring out who was the killer. I liked seeing the mystery play out and how everything fell on it’s place. It’s also great to see how we learn more about the company, the man who died and the people around him as the mystery progresses and this helps paint a better picture of what happened.

There is also a secondary mystery from a mother who ask Autumn and Elliot for help. Her son is accused of vandalism and this can ruin his future. As Autumn and Elliott investigate they find out what’s really going on and it was a nice way to switch a bit between this smaller mystery and the main mystery. As well as the two mysteries there is enough going on in Autumn’s personal life as well. She has two big things that happen to her in this book to deal with. One happy and one sad one.

I like seeing what’s going on with Autumn and how her life progresses throughout these books. The usual group of side characters is present as well. There are some sweet scenes of Autumn and her fiancé Shannon. As well as plenty of Tawnia and Destiny. I like seeing how Autumn is working together with Elliott a bit as well. And there’s more of Cody too and how Autumn doesn’t quite see him as her father yet, but they are growing closer and it’s interesting to see the whole situation play out.

The imprints are as usual an important part of the mystery solving process and I like how the author weaves this paranormal aspect into the story.

To summarize: this was another great read in this series. This series continues to be a great one with each book having a new mystery for Autumn to solve as well as Autumn and her life progressing throughout the book. I liked the mystery in this one, it was interesting to slowly figure out more of what happened and I was never sure of who was the killer until the reveal at the end. And it made sense who had done it, which I like in a mystery. There is also a smaller mystery going on as well and it’s nice to see both mysteries play out. As well as plenty of things going on in Autumn’s personal life. She has one happy event coming up, but also a sad one that happens later in the book. All in all I really enjoyed reading this one and already look forward to the next book in this series! I would definitely recommend it if you like mystery/ suspense books with a paranormal twist.

4 Stars


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